Avianca Airline Baggage Policy

Enter the Details to Know the Baggage Policy of Avianca Airlines Flight

Avianca Airlines Baggage Policy

Everything You Need to Know About Avianca Airline Baggage Policy: A Comprehensive Guide

Whenever we plan a trip, we tend to get overexcited and pack more staff, which later on gets us into trouble, and we have to pay extra money for overpacking. To get this situation under control, passengers need to know about the Avianca Baggage Policy beforehand. Usually, Baggage refers to luggage in the form of suitcases & bags carried during trips & migration. Thus, it is better to understand the baggage policy for Avianca Airlines to assist passengers in avoiding confusion while boarding the Avianca flights.

Avianca Airline Baggage Policy For Carry-On Baggage

Carry-on or hand baggage is the type of luggage passengers can carry on the flight. However, it can be stored under the passenger’s seat or in the overhead bin. Here are the carry-ons items that one can carry:

  • HandBags

  • Laptops

  • Walking Frames/Cruthes

  • Diaper Bag

  • Photo Equipment

Carry-On Weight Limit

  • The maximum weight for carry-on Baggage is around 10 Kg or 22 lbs.

  • However, travelers can transport one piece of carry-on luggage in the upper compartment and also personal items under the seat without exceeding its weight limit.

Carry-On Size Limit 

  • Regarding carry-on bags stowed in the overhead bins, the size limit should be 55x35x25 CM.

  • However, when personal items are stored under the front seats, the maximum height, length, and width measurements can be 45x35x25 CM.

Avianca Carry-on Allowance

  • Carry-on Baggage can be shipped for free when the weight & size limits are met under the Avianca Baggage Policy.

  • In some cases, the prices can differ depending on the fare type of your ticket, which can include XS, S, XL, and XXL.

  • The overweight Baggage can be charged around COP 5,000 per kg and might get transported in the hold.

Avianca Checked Baggage Policy

Checked Baggage means the checked-in luggage that is transported in the hold of the Airplane. However, this Baggage is deposited with the Airline during departure and may not be available for passengers during the flight. Passengers can later collect their luggage at the arrival airport. 

As per the Avianca Airline Baggage Policy, the ideal weight & size should be: 
Checked Baggage Weight Limit
  • Per the Avianca Baggage Policy, the maximum size limit should be 50 lbs; 23 kg.

  • Passengers in the economy class can carry one item of luggage up to 23 kg or two items without exceeding the size limit.

  • As for travelers in business class, they can bring two items of luggage weighing around 32 kg; 70 lbs.

Checked Baggage Size Limit
  • The limit of the external dimensions should be around 158 CM, 62 inches.

  • However, the Airline can accept suitcases up to 230 CM or 90 inches on the payment of extra costs.

Checked-Luggage Fees
  • The first bag of Checked Baggage can be free of cost if it’s within the weight limit.

  • The fees for the second bag can begin from $60.

  • Avianca baggage fee for extra luggage can differ depending on your additional weight.

Avianca Airline Additional Baggage Policy 

The extra Baggage includes the pieces of luggage that can exceed the standard weight and the size limit rules. However, the charge for such Baggage is not included in the ticket fares; thus, the passengers have to pay an additional amount for their transport.

Additional Baggage Weight Conditions
  • Your luggage might be categorized under Avianca Additional Baggage when the limit exceeds 46 kg or 101 lbs.

  • For the flights traveling back & forth from Europe, the baggage weight should be around 32 kg or 70 lbs per piece. Anything over this limit is considered additional Baggage, and the fee is charged.

Extra Luggage Guidelines
  • The passenger must only pay an additional baggage fee when their luggage weighs more than 158 CM.

  • According to the Avianca Baggage Policy, the Airline considers all the Baggage additional if they exceed the size limit of 230 CM, 90.5 inches.

Avianca Airline Extra Baggage Allowance

  • The additional baggage fee for the first item can be around COP 65,000 & for the second piece, COP 95.00, and for the lounge, carry-on COP will be 100 for the domestic flights.

  • However, the additional fee for the extra Baggage can be around $60, followed by the second piece at $75 and the boarding carry-on at $30.

  • But, the Avianca additional baggage costs may change in the case of flights to Spain and within Ecuador.

Avianca Airline Special Baggage Allowance Policy

According to the Avianca Baggage Policy, passengers traveling to international regions can access special items. And these items can be transported only when they meet the terms and conditions of the baggage policy:

Multiple Items that Passengers can travel with Under special Baggage:
  • Sports types of equipment: Bowling, fishing items such as nets, tennis, and archery items.

  • Infant Items: Baby stroller, seat, and umbrella car, which should weigh less than 20 pounds; 9 kg.

  • Musical Instruments:- Guitars, trumpets, and drums not exceeding 10Kg; 22 lbs

  • Electronics Items:- Tablets, iPad, electronic vapes, and lithium batteries within 10o WH may be allowed depending on the airport.

Weight & Size Allowance for Special Items

According to the Avianca Baggage Policy, the special weight limits are similar to the Avianca economy allowance mentioned earlier in this blog. The weight limit for an instrument should be 45 kg or 99.2 lbs.

However, the linear measurements of the special luggage item should be at most 158 CM, 62 inches.

As for the pieces with an assigned chair, the weight should be around 75 kg; 153 lbs.

Special Baggage Items Allowance

  • The passengers must pay an additional price for all the items exceeding the size or weight limit.

  • However, the price can be COP 65,000 for Columbian domestic flights and $60 for international flights.

  • The Avianca Overweight Baggage Fee depends on the type of ticket that you have purchased by the passengers.

Other Avianca Airline Baggage Irregularities & Services

Per the Avianca Baggage Policy, the Airline must deliver the traveler’s luggage as soon as possible. However, if passenger faces any issue regarding their Baggage, they can easily connect with their Airline to get their Baggage checked. 

Some of these conditions may apply during the delay or misplacement of your Baggage as follows:-
  • To claim your delayed Baggage, the passengers must submit their original ticket & travel documents. Once all the procedure is done, the Airline will deliver your Baggage within 24 hours.

  • However, for any lost items, you can report it at the Airline’s call center and then claim you’re lost at the baggage center after submitting your boarding pass.

  • Therefore, you can show any claims related to the damage to your luggage within seven working days.

  • The Airline will provide you with compensation for the misplacement of the luggage. This rule only applies to the following items;-

However, if you have any other queries or want to know more about policies such a Avianca Airline Name Change Policy , cancellation policy, or many more, visit our official website for more policies.

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