Allegiant Air Carrier Baggage Policy

Enter the Details to Know the Baggage Policy of Allegiant Airlines Flight

Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy

Allegiant Air Carrier Baggage Policy: Know Your Allowances and Restrictions for Hassle-free Travel

Do you have any baggage-related issues? If yes, then no, look no further. This guide will give you complete details about the Allegiant Air Carrier Baggage Policy.

As per Allegiant Airlines’ permits, passengers to fly with one personal item for no extra fee. Therefore, one has to pay for baggage charges for taking checked luggage on the plane, depending on the size and weight. Briefly, if you have booked your flight with Allegiant flight, navigate to the airline’s site to settle your doubts regarding the Allegiant airlines baggage policy.

Overview of Allegiant Air Carrier Baggage Policy

The allegiant airline takes every step carefully to make the trip hassle-free and simplify the procedure. If the passenger travels in this airline/then he & she could enjoy the leverage to carry one personal item as carry-on Baggage and one checked-in Baggage while flying with Allegiant airlines.

However, if you plan to take checked-in Baggage, you must pay for it. Per the Allegiant Air Carrier Baggage Policy, every passenger can carry up to 4 bags per ticket, and the maximum weight of one bag should not exceed 18 kilograms. Allegiant Airlines baggage fee would only apply if the Allegiant airlines checked baggage size exceeds the allowed weight.

Allegiant Air Carrier Baggage Size Requirement

Per the Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy, every passenger can carry one free personal item and carry-on Baggage, which has to fit right above your seat in the overhead space or front of the seats. Then, one checked-in Baggage has to be paid for.

  • The passenger can carry any of their items for free, which must be stored under the seat. However, the maximum dimensions for any personal item should be at most 7x15x16 inches.

  • However, if a flyer takes a piece of carry-on baggage with them, it would be stored in the area above the seating or overhead space. Then, the passenger has to pay for it. The maximum size for the carry-on Baggage should be 9x14x22 inches.

  • If the passenger plans to take their checked-in baggage while flying, you must pay for it. The maximum limitation for every passenger is four bags. The maximum size for every checked-in Baggage will be 203 centimeters in total height, width, and length exceeding, which may result in a penalty charged per kilogram.

  • According to the Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy, passengers cannot carry additional luggage.

Allegiant Air Carrier Baggage Weight

The baggage weight depends from luggage to luggage, and every passenger can take up to 4 checked baggage as well as one free personal item and one carry-on Baggage; the weight limit for the luggage is considered for the checked-in luggage.

Furthermore, the checked-in luggage can be at most 40 pounds or 18 kg; the passengers can carry on Baggage and personal items that a passenger is carrying. A passenger should be considered Allegiant airlines’ baggage measurements before taking the flight.

Allegiant Air Carrier Baggage Allowance

Allegiant baggage fees may vary due to the routes. You will be able to check the price for the Baggage at the time of your ticket booking. If you book your ticket through an agent, ask him about the baggage fees. The baggage allowance is as follows:

  • If passengers pre-book their luggage, they would be charged around 10 – 75 USD.

  • Also, if the passenger is booking the carry-on Baggage at the airport during the time of the flight, then the charges will be around 50 USD – 75 USD.

  • The oversize fees for your carry-on Baggage will be between 50 to 75 USD.

  • And, if you are one of those users planning to take their luggage with some online offers, you will be charged around 14 USD – 39 USD.

  • The first checked bags weighing around 40 lbs would be charged 18 to 50 USD.

  • Also, if the flyer plans to take third checked-in Baggage, you must pay around 75 USD.

  • Suppose the checked-in Baggage exceeds its weight limit and weighs around 41 to 70 lbs. Then the passenger can pay more than 50 USD, including the original fees.

  • Furthermore, if the checked luggage exceeds its weight limit and weighs around 70-100 lbs, you must pay more than 75 USD for it, including its original allowance.

  • Again, if the baggage fees exceed its dimensions and the weight limit, you must pay more than 50 USD, including the original fees for the checked-in Baggage.

Allegiant Air Carrier Baggage Rules & Regulations

The airline’s baggage rules are straightforward, and any carry-on or check-in luggage will be charged accordingly. Also, passengers must abide by the Allegiant airlines baggage policy to avoid it last minute.

  • The airline provides one free personal item; any carry-on or checked-in luggage will be charged. If the passenger is pre-booking their luggage, they will pay less. But, if they book their tickets directly from the airport, the charges may increase significantly.

  • Also, the personal item would be stored under the seating area, so it must stay within the dimension, and not following the rule might make the airline count your item as a carry-on and charge you simultaneously.

  • The carry-on luggage has to fit in the overhead space and should fit preferably, whether it’s a duffel bag or any wheel-less bag. If the dimensions are crossed, the passengers will be charged.

  • You can carry up to 4 checked-in bags apart from the carry-on bag and the personal items.

  • If any items of electronic lithium-ion, such as laptops, electronic games, cell phones, calculators, and batteries, e-watchers would not be permitted in your checked-in Baggage and must be taken as a carry-on.

  • Excessive medication storage is strictly prohibited in checked-in Baggage. However, if you can carry up to 70 ounces of medications in your luggage, any loss would not be levied as a cause of Allegiant airlines.

  • Any fireworks items would not be allowed in Allegiant airlines. Any medical assisting device, such as a walker or stroller, can be carried on the airways for free.

  • Apart from medical devices, any sporting equipment will be directly sent to the checked-in Baggage. If dimensions exceed the limit, the passenger must pay for it with their checked-in items. Passengers can carry all types of sporting types of equipment without any restrictions.

Rules For Carrying a Pet in Allegiant Airways

Allegiant airlines allow pets on their flights, but there are some rules for you to follow if you want to bring your little buddy. The airline has a pet cabin, in which they keep all the passengers will only be able to carry their pets domestically. If you want to travel with your pets, follow the rules.

  • The aircraft only permits cats and dogs on their airline. And the Pet must remain either on a soft-sided or hard-sided leakproof carrier.

  • Also, the dimensions for the carrier should not exceed 9″ H x 16 W x 19″ D.

  • The allegiant airline does not allow more than one pet carrier by each passenger. You must pay 50 USD to take your pets with you.

  • Furthermore, your Pet should be at least eight weeks old, odorless, harmless, and non-disruptive. The pets should not be violent or go through any medical stress.

  • The airline will not be responsible for the Pet’s health during flights. So, ensure that you get your furry buddy a comfortable carrier.

Beverage Rules in Allegiant Airlines

According to the Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy, passengers can carry alcoholic beverages while flying with the airway. But, there are some rules that one must remember while carrying alcohol in their Baggage.

  • The alcohol percentage must not exceed 70% of the volume or 140 proof and should be in original packaging.

  • Every beverage is subjected to the TASA alcohol screening, and if the alcohol is within the 3.4 oz, you can take it with you. But, if it exceeds there, it must be sent in the checked-in Baggage.

  • Besides that, every passenger can carry up to 5 liters of alcohol from 24 percent to 70. The passenger is not permitted to drink alcohol while they are traveling

Military Baggage Allowance on Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant airlines provide special baggage allowance to the U.S. active and reserve duty military and military veterans. These advantages will apply to active duty, reserve duty, and veteran members of the U.S. Army and Marine Crops, Navy Air Force, Coast Guard, and Public health service, commissioned corporations with proper identification.

Spouses and family members of the military dependents will get the same benefits only if they travel together.

Allegiant Air Military Baggage Advantages

Allegiant air permits U.S. military members and their dependents more than two checked bags each, free of cost. Each bag can weigh more than 100 lbs which are 45 kg. Military passengers are also eligible for one free carry-on bag and one personal item within the regular Allegiant size limitations. U.S. military members can also bring one Pet into the cabin for free.

The qualified service members and their families will be called to board early at the gate.

To get all the advantages while flying with Allegiant airlines, you will be asked to show some documents proof to confirm that you are a member of one of the seven uniformed services:

  • Your DOD CAC (Common Access Card)

  • Uninformed services id card or driver’s license with a veteran designation at the airport during check-in.

  • With that, D.D. Form 214

  • DD Form 2

  • D.D. Form 2765

  • DD Form 1173 – 1 for members who are traveling with the military honoree

  • Veteran ID Card

If you have already paid for one of these services, including for military members, you need to contact the Allegiant airline call center to get a credit card for that fee after the airport confirms your I.D.

Ending Note 

This informative blog explains all the details about Allegiant airline’s baggage policy. You can contact us via email or live chat if you face any issues or questions. You can visit our official website to learn more about policies like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. What is the Procedure for Reporting damaged Baggage on Allegiant Flights?

Ans. You can visit the baggage service office if you find damaged or broken Baggage before boarding the plane. After that, you can file a complaint regarding the baggage issues at the airport and request a representative to fix your issue. In short, you must write them within four hours after the flight arrival or 24 hours for missing things.

Ques 2. Is it possible to travel with Portable Electronic Device?

Ans. According to the Allegiant Airlines Baggage policy, there are limitations to carrying electronic devices and batteries. To avoid such situations, you can check out the complete guidelines on baggage restrictions mentioned above. If you do not meet the guidelines, you must pay the penalty. If you require more assistance, you can contact the customer care executive.

Ques 3. Will I get any advantage if I pay for my Baggage in advance?

Ans. Yes, the passengers can save bucks by paying for their baggage charges in advance or on arrival at the airport. Passengers can also pay fees during flight reservations on the airline’s official site or the Mobile app. You can reserve or upgrade your seats under the Manage Travel section when you pay for the baggage charges.

You need to know that the Baggage charges are much higher at the airport. If you have a baggage complaint, you can contact the customer care team and explain your issue.

Ques 4. Are there any discounts for Military Passengers?

Ans. Allegiant airlines do offer a discount for passengers who are in the military, serving the nation. Per the Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy, all the passengers who apply under this section will get leverage and carry up to 2 checked-in baggage of 100 lbs for free. 

Besides that, they will also get free boarding pass printing at the airport, and they can also carry one Pet with them without paying any additional fee. And this applies to the military member’s spouse, family, and children. They will also get benefits if they are traveling with a military passenger.

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