Alitalia Airline Baggage Policy

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Alitalia Airlines Baggage Policy

Alitalia Airline Baggage Policy: Everything You Need to Know About Checked and Carry-on Luggage

If you are planning to fly with Alitalia Airlines then you must know about the Alitalia Baggage Policy before the reservation for smooth and safe travel. Alitalia is an authority-retained Airline troupe in Italy. It operates on over 34 scheduled domestic flights as well as European & intercontinental destinations. Alitalia’s Baggage Allowance policies will change based on the destination. 

Know the Baggage Policy of Your Flight

Alitalia Carry-On Baggage Policy  

Passengers can check the size and weight of their hand baggage before proceeding to the boarding gate. For this purpose, Alitalia staff can have baggage measurements near their check-in desk. One thing you need to remember is that you may be denied permission to board if you fail to perform this check. 

If you have a piece of small baggage, then the ground will provide you with the Under the seat label except for when the flight is operated with Airbus A330 & Boeing B777 aircraft. Now, do not pack stuff that may be considered as dangerous for flight security. Those items are not permitted in the cabin and such as agricultural, scientific, sports, and industries items, scissors, pencils, knives, and many more. Also, for all the smokers out there, smoking is prohibited on Alitalia flights. That is why, there are no items such as electronics, cigarette pipes, or cigarettes that can be smoked on the board. 

According to the Alitalia Baggage Policy, the carry-on baggage should not exceed 114 centimeters with combined width, length, and height. And this rule includes all the wheels & handles except for some of the musical instruments that may fit in the Alitalia Airlines Overhead compartment space or under seat space available at any time of the boarding. 

Due to the limited overhead space, Alitalia Airlines passengers traveling on flights with 50 seats or less are only allowed to carry one personal item with them. 

Carry-On Weight Limitations:

No maximum weight applies to the carry-on baggage.

However, these restrictions may differ across airports. Visit the Alitalia Airlines website to get more information on this topic. 

Alitalia Checked Baggage Policy

Passengers who are traveling through Italy must follow the given weight requirement of 20 Kg which is around 44 lb. Passengers traveling from or to the USA, Canada, and Mexico should follow the below-listed requirements: 

  • Baggage Allowance: Only 2 Pieces

  • The maximum dimensions must be 62 linear inches or 157 cm

  • As for the economy class, the maximum weight should be 50lb/23 kg per bag.

  • For Business class, the maximum weight should be 70 lb/32 Kg per bag.

Those travelers who are traveling from or to Brazil must follow the below-mentioned requirements: 
  • Only two pieces are allowed as baggage allowance.

  • The maximum dimensions should be 62 linear inches which are 157 cm in total.

  • Also, the maximum weight should be around at least 32 Kg per bag.

Now, passengers who are traveling from or to other international destinations should be able to follow all the below-listed requirements:

  • The maximum weight for business class should be 66 lb or 30 Kg.

  • As for the economy class, the weight should be around 44lb or 20 Kg.

Alitalia Extra Baggage Policy 

The additional fee would be charged if your baggage has exceeded the number of pieces, weights, or sizes permitted. According to the Alitalia Baggage Policy, the additional fees are payable at the Alitalia ticket desk at the airport. However, if you know that you are about to exceed your baggage allowance then you can purchase some extra baggage allowance online. And, you might get a discount on the fee charged at the airport with a few exceptions. You can call special assistance within 24 hours of your departure and passengers with reduced mobility can get the same discount on the extra baggage.  

If you have purchased a light fare then you can save up to 45% on the fee that is charged at the airport.  

Sports Equipment Allowance

The sports equipment is considered normal baggage and is also included in the baggage allowance if it falls under 23 Kg of weight. However, if it exceeds that limit, then it is subjected to the normal excess baggage fees.

Now, pay attention to the tandem bikes, windsurfing boards, and surfboards (2-3 m length) are an exception to this rule and are subject to special fees:

  • For domestic flights to/from Europe, and North Africa except Egypt: 75 EUR/CAD/USD

  • As for the middle east, central Africa, japan and china, India, Maldives, and South America the cost would be around; $200

  • For US & Mexico, the cost can be $125.

  • From the United States & Mexico – 150 EUR/CAD/USD.

  • 125 EUR/CAD/USD – from Europe, China, and Korea to Canada.

  • 175 EUR/CAD/USD – from Canada to Europe, China, and Korea.

  • For the Middle East, North, & Central Africa to Canada – $100

  • As from Canada the Middle East, and North & Central Africa – $120

Baggage Assistance

Per the Alitalia Baggage Policy, it is advised to place your personal baggage tag on the baggage which includes contact information. So, Alitalia Airlines can give you a call in case of a problem. However, if there’s any damage to your valuable, fragile, or perishable goods, then it is not covered by Alitalia’s liability for lost or damaged baggage. But, if you want to extend these limits, then you should make a declaration of value at the airport.

However, you should obtain a property irregularity report form at the airport Lost & Found office, if you should not get your luggage upon your arrival. However, you can consider your luggage permanently lost if it’s not found and returned to you in the next 45 days after your claim.

Now, you have to go to the airport Lost & found office of the arrival city, if your baggage is damaged during your journey. For the damaged goods, the airline will give the passengers tickets as the leverage of the substitute composition of luggage with the same characteristics as the one that was compromised. It highly depends on what type and to what extent of damage has happened to your luggage and your country of residence.


In the end, if there’s something that is missing from your luggage, then you must go to the airport lost & found office for some assistance and send a report within 7  working days of filing the property irregularity Report (PIR). If the theft is yet to be ascertained following a delayed delivery and you can have 21 days after having received your luggage to claim for missing items.

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