Air Canada Cancellation Policy

Enter the Details to Know the Cancellation Policy of Air Canada Airlines

Air Canada Cancellation Policy

Air Canada Cancellation Policy – There might be certain instances when people have to cancel their travelling plans due to some important work. Unfortunately, it might cause a heavy loss to the passengers if they don’t have any clue to recover their money spent on booking flight tickets.  

However, if this situation ever happened to you while booking your flight tickets with Air Canada, you have spotted the right place. According to the Air Canada Cancellation Policy 2022, passengers can claim a refund with little effort.

Read the entire article to get a better insight into the terms and conditions of the Air Canada Cancellation Refund Policy.

Essential Points Regarding the Canada Air Cancellation Policy

You must be aware of these points before claiming for the Air Canada Cancellation Policy. 

  1. Always ensure that you must cancel your tickets two hours prior to the departure timings.

  2. You will get a refund for the cancelled bookings within one to three months.

  3. Moreover, you will also receive the refund on your bookings in the original form of payment.

  4. For instance, if you have already received the claim for the flight tickets from any insurance company. In such circumstances, you can’t request a refund.

  5. In case, you haven’t received the full claim on the tickets according to the entitlement; you must fill out the Refund Request Form.

How Can You Apply For the Cancellation Policy Air Canada?

You can cancel your Air Canada Flight tickets online or via a contact number. In addition to this, you may also cancel the flight bookings by visiting the airport within a certain stipulated time. Here is the complete procedure for the cancellation policy Air Canada; go through them closely. 

Method 1: Cancellation of Air Canada Flight Online  

You can cancel your Air Canada flight tickets using the Manage Booking section. Also, you are required to retrieve your online banking, pay the required fee and then act according to the instructions for cancelling the reservation. 

  1. To begin with, type “” within the address bar to reach the official web page of Air Canada.

  2. Afterwards, head towards the Manage Booking section page and add the booking credentials appropriately.

  3. Now, you must pick the flight segment you wish to cancel and then move further.

  4. In the upcoming page, you will get the refund amount along with the Air Canada flight cancellation fee as per your bookings.

  5. After this, you need to confirm your selection at the checkout page.

  6. Consequently, you will get the Email Confirmation on your linked email address.

  7. Finally, you will receive the refund on your flight tickets as per the original payment method within 20 business days.

Method 2: Cancellation of Flight Tickets Via Phone Number

For instance, if you are holding a restricted fare or wish to cancel an individual booking when there are multiple passengers. You may call the Air Canada flight cancellation phone number in that scenario. Also, it may include cancellation fees.

Method 3: Cancellation of Flight Tickets at the Airport

Apart from these two methods, you can cancel your flight tickets at the airline’s booking counter at the airport. Also, remember that you can claim a refund up to 3 hours before scheduled departure for international flights and 2 hours for domestic flights. Apart from this, the cancellation fee on the flight tickets at the airport may differ as additional surcharges may apply. 

Learn more about the Air Canada Cancellation Policy For Covid-19

The best thing is that the Air Canada Cancellation policy offers a refund on the flight tickets booked at the time of Covid-19. This policy may include the following details; go through them.

The passengers can cancel their flight tickets up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure. 

  1. Also, you can claim for Air Canada Flight change free of cost if the airline changes or cancels your flight schedule.

  2. The air voyagers can request a refund if their flight is cancelled for some reason.

  3. For instance, if the airlines couldn’t offer you alternative flight tickets within 3 hours of the departure time. In that case, the passengers are liable to claim the cancelled flight compensation mentioned in the Air Canada Cancellation Policy.

  4. In case you want to terminate the reservation, the overall booking value will be converted into the travel voucher. This travel voucher doesn’t expire, and you can book the flight tickets for another passenger.

  5. Last, the refundable tickets will be refunded as per the applicable fare rules. But you must remember that you still have to pay the cancellation charges.

Facts You Must Know About Air Canada Cancellation Refund Policy

For instance, if you can’t redeem a flight ticket that you have booked in advance and need to cancel it. In that scenario, you can request the Air Canada refund policy. 

  1. If you have made the flight bookings from the airline booking channels, you can cancel it without paying any penalty. However, if you have made the bookings seven days prior to the departure and are cancelled within 24 hours of purchase, you are eligible for full refund.

  2. For instance, if you have purchased the tickets through the travelling agency, you can connect directly with the point of purchase for a refund.

  3. According to the Air Canada Cancellation Policy, you are eligible for a refund only if the fare rules are linked with booking permits. This is so because the different fare types may apply to different classes of services.

  4. While purchasing tickets via credit card, the refund amount will be shown on the credit card statement within seven business days.

  5. On the other hand, if you have purchased tickets via cash or other modes of payment, you will get a full refund within 20 working days.

  6. According to the Air Canada Refund Policy, the airline can refuse to claim a refund if it is claimed after the expiry of the ticket.

Ending Words!!

We hope that now you don’t have to struggle while claiming for the Air Canada Cancellation Policy. By following the stepwise instructions mentioned in the post, you can easily request a refund on your flight bookings. However, if you still have any issues while getting the refund, then contact our experts. Our professionals will provide you with the proper guidance within the shortest time span.

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