AeroMexico Airline Baggage Policy

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AeroMexico Airlines Baggage Policy

Discover AeroMexico Airline Baggage Policy and Fees, along with useful tips to help you manage the expenses.

When making a reservation, you must know about certain policies, including the Aeromexico Airlines Baggage Policy. Once you know about the AeroMexico Baggage Policy, it can save you from a lot of issues. Mexico Airlines is known for having standard policies which are designed in such a way that every passenger can easily understand them. 

Depending on the fare, the baggage policy for international & domestic flights may differ. Passengers can only bring one item of luggage weighing 25 kg per passenger. In both of flights, the surface area should not exceed more than 158 CM; 62inches.  

AeroMexico Airline Baggage Policy

A carry-on bag can be a standard bag or a personal item which includes; handbags, laptops, briefcases, and many more. Remember that any item you bring should fit under the space provided by the Airline. The AeroMexico carry-on Weight Limit, size dimensions, and fees can be

AeroMexico Carry-on Weight Limits
  • The weight for the standard bags should be at most from the limit of 22 pounds or 10 kg.

  • Your item should easily fit within the given space.

Carry-On Baggage Dimensions 
  • According to the AeroMexico Baggage Policy, your item size should be 55x40x25 CM, 21.5×15.7×10 inches.

  • The dimensions can be 55x40x25 CM for the standard bag.

Luggage Allowance For the Hand Baggage
  • The personal item or standard bag can be carried for free and should meet the necessary weight and size-related conditions.

  • You must pay an oversized item fee if your Baggage exceeds the limit.

AeroMexico Airline Baggage Policy For Checked Baggage

Per the AermoMexico Baggage Policy, the checked Baggage or held luggage should meet the guidelines the Airline gives for the checked baggage size & weight. If the passengers have exceeded them, they will be charged extra fees.

Checked Baggage Weight Conditions
  • Passengers can only carry 55 pounds; 25 kg within the region of Mexico and 5o pounds to other regions in the main cabin.

  • However, if you have any other related query or want to know about policies such as Aeromexico Name Change Policy, Cancellation Policy, and many more, visit our main website.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Aeromexico Airlines permits its passengers to bring one personal and one piece of carry-on baggage into their cabin. However, the combined weight should not exceed 22 pounds, 10 Kg. The standard carry-on piece must be at most 21.5x 15.7x 10 inches. For checked baggage Allowance, this depends on the route and cabin class which ranges from 0-3 pieces.

The basic fare ticket does not include checked luggage while making reservations. 

The Airline allows its passengers to bring one standard item of carry-on as well as a personal item. However, the standard carry-on & personal item should be at most these dimensions; 21.5x 15.7x 10 inches individually. The weight of both items combined should be 22 pounds, 10 kg.

The Cabin Personal Item and standard carry-on should weigh up to 22 Pounds, 10 Kg all combined. However, the checked baggage can weigh around 23 to 25 kg for the Main Cabin and 32 kg for the club premier.

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