Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy

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Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy

Things can be done easily and conveniently if you know the right baggage policy information. The Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy is quite straightforward on the ground. Like most Airways, the weight & dimension depends on your ticket class and destination. However, you have to pay a certain amount if your checked & carry-on baggage exceeds the limitation set by Singapore Airlines. There are two types of baggage you need to know about while traveling through the Airline; Checked-in, carry-on, or hand baggage. All you have to know about is the limits and rules attached to it on other Airlines.

Singapore Airlines Baggage Carry-On Policy

Most passengers would rather pack a carry-on bag and skip the checked baggage altogether. However, passengers can pack all the essential items in a small carry-on suitcase, especially if traveling for 3-4 days. Here, let’s take a look at the carry-on allowance of Singapore Airlines:

  • Premium Economy & Economy Class – Passengers can carry one item that does not weigh more than 7kgs. Moreover, the total size of the carry-on suitcase should be at most 115 CM.

  • Suites, First Class, & Business Class:- The Airline permits users to carry two items that do not weigh more than 7kgs each, and the item should not be more than 15 CM in dimension.

Singapore Airlines Checked-Baggage Allowance

The Airline is quite popular among passengers traveling from/to Australia. The checked baggage allowance offers everything as per industry standards and provides ample room for everything passengers may need on their vacation. Here, let’s take a look at the checked-baggage allowance:

1. Economy Class

  • For Flexi Economy:- 30 Kgs for all regular passengers and 60 Kg for PPS travelers. And, for all those KrisFlyer Elite Gold or Star Alliance Members, the checked baggage should weigh 50 kg.

  • For Standard Economy:- The weight limit is around 30 Kg for all regular passengers. Also, the PPs passenger’s weight limit should be 60 kg; Star alliance members can bring 50 kg of checked baggage.

  • Value Economy:- Regular Passengers can bring 25 kgs, and at least 50 kgs for PPs Passengers. And Star Alliance members can bring up to 45 kg of baggage.

  • For Lite Economy:- The Frequent Passengers can bring 25 Kg of luggage and at least 50 for all the PPS passengers. And the Gold members can bring 45 kg of baggage.

2. Premium Economy

  • Regular Passengers can bring 35 kg.

  • PPS Passengers can bring an overall 70 kg of baggage items

  • For KrisFlyer Elite Gold Members can bring 55 kg

3. For Business Class Passengers

  • 40kg of baggage allowed for Regular Passengers

  • At least 80 kgs for PPS Passengers

  • 60 Kg for KrisFlyer Elite Gold or Star Alliance Gold Members

4. For First Class & Suites 

  • Standard Passengers can bring 50 kg of baggage

  • 100 kgs permitted for PPS Passengers

  • 70 kg for KrisFlyer Elite Gold Members

According to Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy, you must pay an additional baggage fee if your baggage weighs more than the mentioned size. Keep this in mind; the weight & size requirements for the flights to US & Canada may differ. 

Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy For Additional Baggage Allowance

It is always the best idea to book the cargo service if you are carrying a heavy & large number of items simultaneously. But, if your baggage exceeds its size limit and weight requirements even by a small margin, you must purchase it at a fixed rate. However, the additional baggage cost may depend on the origin and destination Points.

Therefore, if you are traveling in economy class and your ticket only allows 30 kgs and your bag weigh around 31 Kg, then you must pay an additional amount; $28. However, it is advised to pre-book for your extra baggage requirement, and even if you book it at the last minute or during check-in, be ready to pay 10 or 25% extra. 

Non-Standard Singapore Airlines International Baggage Allowance

Passengers can transport their sporting equipment, musical instruments, and firearms on Singapore Airlines as per the Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy. However, surfboards, skis, bicycles, and others may count as checked baggage. But, if they exceed their permitted weight limit, you must pay the additional baggage fee. 

As for the musical items such as Cello and bass or smaller instruments such as flutes, and violins, passengers can check in these items in the cabin. However, the standard weight for checked and hand baggage may apply, and it is advised to contact the Airline before bringing your non-standard item to the Airport.

What to Do If Your Luggage Gets Delayed?

It will likely get delayed if you have reached your destination but are still looking for your luggage. So you do not need to panic. Here, you can follow these steps to get your luggage back as soon as possible:-

  1. Submit a Report:- Make sure to inform the ground staff immediately. With that, you also have to file a report in which you have to describe your luggage. Also, remember to mention your contact information, including your delivery address.

  2. Grab a Copy:- Now you have submitted your report. Ensure you get a copy report and keep it with you safely. Also, make sure to note down the file reference number.

  3. Track Your Luggage:- With the help of the secured reference number, you can track the status of your luggage via Singapore Airlines Chatbot or the World tracer system.

Once the Airline gets hold of your luggage, the handline cargo staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible. And, next, they will deliver it to your given address.

Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance For Travelling With Infants

Passengers traveling with the infants are permitted a special allowance for carrying babies’ food and special care weighing not more than 6 kg. 

As for the infant that is traveling on your lap, you have to check the following stuff without any charge:-

  • Piece Concept:- The passengers are allowed to bring one bag with a dimension of 158 CM and a maximum weight of 23 kg for Economy & Premium Economy. As for the business & first class, the weight of the baggage should be at most 32 Kg.

  • Weight Concept:- Passengers can carry 10 kg of baggage on all flights except from/to the US.

  • Also, a fully collapsible stroller, carry-cot, or car seat might be checked without any charge by travelers traveling with the infant

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