Finnair Airline Baggage Policy

Enter the Details to Know the Baggage Policy of Finnair Airlines Flight

Finnair Airline Baggage Policy

Finnair Baggage Policy: What You Need to Know Before You Fly

Finnair is one of the biggest Air services in entire Finland. So, there is no doubt when you decide to fly with them for your next trip to Finland. But there are some things that you need to consider before making reservations with the airline. Passengers should know about Finnair Baggage Allowance for a smooth & convenient Journey.

The Policy may differ depending on the region. Flights within Finland and Scandinavia have the same rule as flights within the US. Passengers would be allowed to carry one carry-on baggage, checked baggage, and personal item. All these items must be within the maximum weight limitations & other restrictions.

Finnair Carry-on Baggage Policy

According to the Finnair Baggage Policy, Passengers’ carry-on baggage allowance depends on their cabin class on Finnair. Travelers in economy class can bring one piece of carry-on luggage and one personal item together, such as their electronic devices. However, it should weigh at most 8 kilograms. 

Business class passengers can carry two carry-on items and one personal item. The items should weigh at most 10 kilograms, 22 Pounds combined.

Finnair Carry-on Baggage Policy 

Finnair Checked Baggage Allowance 

The Finnair Checked Baggage policy depends on the cabin class, fare, and its destination. However, the rules may apply to everyone with a ticket, whether it’s adults & children. However, infants can also be part of some accessories free of cost. 

The size dimension for every piece of luggage must be at most 158 centimeters, around 62 Inches. In the economy class, every checked item cannot weigh more than 23 kilograms, 50 Pounds. Whereas the Business class passenger can bring items weighing 32 Kilograms/70 Pounds per piece.

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Baggage Allowance Flightaura

Finnair Sports Equipments

As per the Finnair Baggage Policy, the Airline tends to include most sports items, Golf Club Sets, or other items as standard baggage. Besides that, the SKis items measure up to 220 centimeters; 79 inches are counted as one piece of baggage. Passengers who want to transfer their sports firearms need Airline’s permission and pack their weapons separately from their luggage.  

Electric Bicycles are prohibited on board because of their battery. However, passengers can bring half-dismantled pedal bicycles packed in the proper transporting bags or cases. 

Musical Instruments

Finnair permits small musical instruments such as flutes, trumpets & violins as carry-on baggage. Musicians can also purchase a seat for their axes & bring them aboard. But most instruments can also get checked into the hold as long as they are properly packed.

However, if the passenger wants to play something oversized, such as a harp or tubax, you can call ahead to secure permission. Otherwise, the airline will reject your request. If the Airline cannot check your instrument on the flight, you can enlist an experienced shipper. 

Finnair Baggage Policy For Additional Allowance

Economy Class Passengers has a Baggage limit of 50 lbs; if they go beyond that, they have to pay extra fees; of $75. However, flights within Finland and Scandinavia may charge around 55 Euros. As for the international flights, the extra baggage fees would be 70 Euros, all one-way charges. 

Therefore, for the special baggage, if the standard weight; of 50 lbs and the dimensions of 220 CM exceeds, you have to pay for it. The fee may depend on the type of equipment. Whereas, the Business class ticket, a weight limitation of 70 lbs does not prompt any charges. However, one-world Emerald members & Finnair Plus Platinum members may get away with even more than that. 

Other Special Additional Baggage Allowance

According to the Finnair Baggage Policy, Transporting firearms ensures the charges of 45 Euros for flights within Finland. And 80 Euros for the flights within Asia & North America. A piece of extra baggage of 50 lbs is only permitted in this scenario. However, the ammunition & firearms have to be packed in separate bags.

  • Musical instruments limited to 50 lbs can be carried as special baggage. However, instruments exceeding 50 lbs need to pay an additional fee. If anything is larger than that, you would have to look for special permission from Finnair Airlines.
  • As for pets, passengers have to pay extra fees. However, contacting the Finnair representatives to know all the details would be best. You do not have to pay any fees if the dog is on duty or a service dog.
  • Items Restricted by the Airlines
  • Finnair Flights Permits some dangerous items such as checked baggage. But, if it’s considered threatening, it would not be permitted as a carry-on item.

Bringing dangerous projectiles, such as Guns or firearms, is strictly prohibited. Also, any object with sharp ends will not be allowed inside the flight. With that being said, items such as taser that can disrupt any person’s movement is also not allowed. Any kind of tool or instrument that one can use to harm oneself or other people inside the plane is prohibited.

Finnair Lost, Delayed & Damaged Baggage Policy

Per the Finnair Baggage Policy, the airline has found all the baggage in their Lost & Found International department. However, Finnair Airlines has an online website where you can easily submit your query. It can take a couple of days for your luggage to get back to you, and sometimes it takes weeks. Cause the Airlines to handle multiple Airport lost items at the same time. 

The passenger can create a report to track their luggage for delayed baggage. If your baggage has not been collected even after three days, then the luggage tracing form can be utilized for more information. 

Finnair Baggage Allowance also offer compensation for baggage delay if the item is necessary. The compensation can be claimed directly via the airline or from your insurance company which would contact the airline on your behalf.  

If you notice that your bag has some damage that was not there before and you are still at the airport, the arrival service desk will be at your service. You can create a damage report with them. If you ever notice the issue long after arriving at your destination, you can email them at their official website, and you have to file the report within seven working days.

The Airways will call you and assist you with what you should do next. However, compensation can be claimed from the insurance company associated with your or Finnair flights. For the most part, the Airline does a commendable job handling your luggage. However, regular wear will not be considered as damaged as it can be due to you handling it. 

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Essential Tips For Packing Carry-On Baggage

Here are some tips for you to follow while packing your baggage:

  • Take advantage of your backpack, where you can carry most of your necessary items.

  • Ensure the personal bag is too small to fit under your seat.

  • To save your bag size, roll down the piece of your clothing instead of folding it.

  • As body weight does not count during transit, you can wear clothes as much as possible during check-in to avoid oversized baggage.

Also, you can visit our main website for more information if you want to know more about the policies, such as Finnair Cancellation Policy and Finnair Name Change Policy.

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