American Airlines Baggage Policy

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An Overview of American Airlines Baggage Policy

Passengers traveling via American Airlines flights need to pay additional fees apart from the carry-on Baggage as per the American Airlines Baggage Policy. Along with that, some restrictions and guidelines are there that passengers need to follow while taking other special form of luggage like sports equipment, pets, and others.

American Airlines Baggage Policy

All these parameters come under the Baggage Policy of American Airlines. Thus, here we are going to provide all the available information from checked baggage allowances to other guidelines in the scenario of any delay or damage. So, read the article further while confirming your flight on American Airlines to get all baggage-related information.

Basic Guidelines under the American Airlines International Baggage Policy

Following are the major pointers that passengers need to know regarding their Baggage while confirming their flight on American Airlines:

  • Passengers can take one personal Baggage and carry-on baggage with themselves without any additional fee while travelling on American Airlines flights.
  • As per the American Airline Baggage policy, carry-on Baggage should not exceed the given specifications as mentioned under the Baggage Policy. An additional fee will be applicable.
  • Additional fee in case of checked Baggage varies as per the right and other dimensions.
  • A limited number of checked Baggage are allowed to be carried by the passengers depending on their flight route and type of flight (domestic and international).
  • Amenities of complimentary Baggage are available for the passengers depending on their destination and the fare type.
  • Some of the items are restricted while carrying on an American Airlines flight. These include alcoholic beverages, drones, batteries, cutting items, and many others, all of which are going to be discussed later in this article.

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American Airlines Policy for Carry-on Baggages

As per the American Airlines International Baggage Policy, passengers are allowed to carry one personal item like a purse, small handbag, or laptop bag, which does not exceed the specified dimension (18*4*8). The specification of the bag should be such that it can easily fit under the seat in front of the passengers. In case the carry-on Baggage doesn’t fit in the available space, then it will be considered checked Baggage. Following is the list of some additional baggage that passengers can take along with the carry-on Baggage:

  • Diaper Bags
  • Breast Pump
  • Cooler for Breast Milk
  • Child safety seats, medical, or any mobility device.

While travelling on a Regional American Eagle, some of the bags might not fit under the available even if they fall size window of the given specifications. In this case, any baggage with a larger dimension than the personal item will be considered a valet bag and have to be submitted before boarding. The officials will tag your Baggage and check it without any additional charges. Passengers taking any liquid item need to refer to the TSA liquid rules.

American Airlines Baggage Policy Economy for Check-in Luggage

Any other additional luggage apart from the carry-on and personal Baggage will be categorized as checked-in Baggage. On American Airlines, passengers can take up to 10 pieces of Baggage on Domestic, Transatlantic, and Transpacific flights. Passengers travelling to/from the following regions can take only up to five bags:

  • Mexico/Central America,
  • South America,
  • Brazil.

The Weight and Size of the Checked-in Baggage Should not Exceed the Given Specification:

  • For flights to all the regions except Australia/New Zealand, the allowance for checked Baggage are:
  • Size should not exceed 62 linear inches.
  • Weight should not increase by 23 kg. For First/Business class, the weight should not increase by 32 kgs/70 lbs (for complimentary Baggage) and 50 lbs/23 kgs (for excess charged Baggage).

In the case of the flight going to Australia/New Zealand

  • Dimensions should not increase by 62 linear inches.
  • Weight should not exceed 32 kg for complimentary Baggage and 23 kg for excess charged Baggage.

Fee for Checked Baggage as per the American Airlines Baggage International Policy

The baggage fee varies depending on the destination flight and increases as the number of bags increases. The baggage fee for checking Baggage on American Airlines is as follows:

Bag1 Bag2 Bag3
Domestic 30 40 150
Transatlantic 75 100 200
Transpacific 75 100 200

Complimentary Baggage

Passengers making reservations based on the itineraries marketed and operated by the airlines themselves have the amenity of complimentary. Based on their reservation, made up to the 3rd can be complimentary. Below are important guidelines regarding Complimentary Baggage:

Eligible AAdvantage® Aviator® and Citi® / AAdvantage® cardmembers 1st Baggage will be free
AAdvantage gold
One World Ruby
AAdvantage Platinum, oneworld® Sapphire members 1st and 2nd Baggage Free
TrueBlue Mosaic members
Confirmed Domestic First Class/ Business/Premium Economy customers
Confirmed Flagship® First and Flagship® Business Plus customers 1st,2nd and 3rd Baggage Free
AAdvantage Executive/Platinum
Active US Military Personal

Credit Cards That Give You a Free Checked Bag With American Airlines

American Airline Baggage Policy provides free checked baggage privileges to passengers with elite status or premium cabins. But if you are looking for another way to avoid paying for checked baggage, co-branded American Airlines credit cards may be the ideal option. Let’s have a look at these cards:

  • AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard: This card provides the primary cardholder with one checked bag free of cost. Additionally, up to four co-passengers booked under the same domestic flight can avail of this facility.
  • AAdvantage Aviator Silver Mastercard: This card allows the primary cardholder to carry one free checked bag and eight companions booked under the same domestic flight.
  • Citi/AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard: The owner or the primary cardholders can benefit from carrying one checked bag free of cost, along with four co-flyers traveling the same domestic flight.
  • Citi/AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard: This card allows the passenger, whose name is, to travel with one checked bag free of cost. Also,eight or fewer co-passengers can travel, provided they have the same domestic itinerary.
  • CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard: The primary cardholder can carry a free checked bag on their flight, along with four companions with the same domestic flight itinerary.
  • AAdvantage Aviator World Elite Business Mastercard: This card works similarly to the CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard. The passenger with their name on the credit can bring one checked bag without paying any charges. In addition to this, up to four co-passengers can fly the same domestic flight.

Exclusions and Waivers

Like all the other Airlines, American Airlines has also extended some exclusions and waivers for their passengers. These benefits help customers save their hard-earned money and enjoy a peaceful trip. Let’s have a look at them:

One Checked Bag is free of cost for the following:

  • AAdvantage Aviator and Citi Cardmembers, and AAdvantage Cardmembers. (Only applicable for domestic American Airlines.
  • AAdvantage Gold members.
  • Oneworld Ruby, including Alaska MVP.

Up to two Checked Bags are free of cost for the following:

  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro Members
  • AAdvantage Platinum Members
  • Oneworld Sapphire, including Alaska MVP Gold
  • TrueBlue Mosaic Members
  • Confirmed Domestic First Customers
  • Confirmed Business Class Customers
  • Confirmed Premium Economy Customers

Up to three Checked Bags are free of cost for the following:

  • First Class Passengers on 3-cabin Aircraft
  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro Members
  • AAdvantage Executive Platinum Members
  • Oneworld Emerald, including Alaska MVP Gold 75K and MVP Gold 100K

For Military Personnel

  • Up to five checked bags are free for active U.S. military personnel or their dependents traveling with ID on orders.
  • Up to three checked bags are free for active U.S. military Personnel traveling personally with ID.

Is there a Baggage Fee for the Economy?

Per the American Airline Baggage Policy for Economy, passengers must pay $30 for their first checked bag. This fee is applicable for all domestically flying flights and on most of the flights flying to Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, and Central America. However, passengers flying to international destinations get their first checked bag free.

Passengers carrying a second bag must pay $40, which may sometimes range to $65. Passengers flying to Asia or Europe must pay a fee of $100 or less for their second checked bag.

The information above is only for the passengers traveling in the economy class. Now, the baggage fee is as follows for passengers traveling in the Basic Economy class of American Airlines.

Passengers must pay $75 for their first checked bag that they are traveling with on transatlantic flights. A $45 baggage fee is levied for flights to South America. Therefore, only carry items needed on your trip, and avoid carrying extra bags.

Fees for Excess and Overweight Baggage

Are you planning a long trip and need a third and fourth bag, too? In that case, be prepared to pay $150 for your third bag when flying domestically. And at least $200 per bag from your fourth bag onwards.
Coming to overweight bags next, American Airline Baggage Policy does not allow more than 45 kilograms (100 pounds) on any of their flights. Passengers flying on an elite airline can get about 32 kilograms (70 pounds) of three bags without paying any charges. On the other hand, passengers flying first class or business class can bring a maximum of two bags of this weight on their domestic flights.

Ways to Avoid Baggage Fees

How to save money on baggage fees

Since large amounts of money is spent on baggage fee alone, American Airline Baggage Policy gives its passengers ways to save their money. Passengers can avoid paying baggage fees by booking their desired first-class or business-class flight. This allows the flyers to skip the baggage fee, as these two airfares waive the baggage fee on the first checked bag. Another tip to avoid paying baggage fees is to use co-branded American Airlines credit cards. These cards also allow the passengers to carry their first checked bag for free.

For flyers who wish to travel in economy class, the greatest tip to avoid baggage fees is to keep checked bags under 50 pounds. Because as soon as your bag exceeds the 50-pound limit, you must pay $100-$200. This is the price for bags weighing between 51 to 70 pounds. About $200 is charged for bags weighing between 71 to 100 pounds. Lastly, bags over 70 pounds are subject to a baggage fee of $450 on flights flying to Asia, India, and New Zealand. However, these bags won’t be accepted on flights flying to Israel, Australia, Qatar, Cuba and Europe.

The last tip to avoid paying baggage fees is learning to pack light. Try not to take an unnecessary number of clothes for short trips, and plan your packing accordingly. Pack smart instead of throwing your clothes in the suitcase like a cushion. This will help you save a lot of space, carry fewer bags, and avoid baggage fees like a pro!

Other Things to keep in Mind while Checking-in Baggage on American Airlines Flight

  • Passengers travelling to/from Cuba can carry up to two checked Baggage.
  • During the busy travel season, passengers can carry up to most 3 three pieces of Baggage.
  • Passengers need to check their luggage for any restricted items.

American Airlines International Baggage Policy on Taking Pets

As per the American Airlines Baggage policy, only cats and dogs are considered and can be taken as carry-on pets. While taking carry-on pets, other things like weight, size, and destination are also considered. A Fully trained service animal, if meeting the requirements, can travel at the cabin with no charges on the condition that they meet certain criteria. As per the American Airlines baggage policy, carry-on pets can be carried on the flight utmost up to 12 hours.

American Airlines Baggage Policy Carry-on Pets

Passengers travelling with a pet can take it as a carry-on on the condition that they have paid the carry-on pet fee, and the pet will stay in the kennel under the seat in front of the passengers. Below are some of the conditions that passengers have to fulfils while taking a pet in a Kennel on the flight:

  1. The pet must not be large enough and can easily fit inside the kennel, whose dimensions should not exceed the given size of 19 x 13 x 9 inches.
  2. The combined weight of the carry-on pet and the carrier should not exceed 9.07 kg.
  3. An American Airlines flight considers only up to 7 kennels (apart from service animals).
  4. The following aircraft does not accept pets in their First/Business cabin due to a lack of under-seat storage:
    • Boeing 777-200/300, 787-8/9.
  5. American Airlines does not permit sedated or tranquillized pets on the flight. The reason for that is they can be at a high risk of respiratory or cardiovascular problems due to high altitude.

Policy for Checked Pets

As per the baggage policy of American Airlines, only active duty US Military personnel are allowed to take service pets. On any flight, a maximum of 2 pets can be checked in if they fulfils the given condition and criteria. With this limitation, the checked pets are accepted to be carried on a flight on a first come basis. Passengers need to keep the following things in mind while taking a checked pet on an American Airlines flight:

  • The passengers need to contact the reservation at least 48 hours before the departure regarding their checked pet. You need to show your official order on the ticket while checking in your pet.
  • Passengers have to show up at least 2 hours before their scheduled departure.
  • Take all the necessary documents related to your pets when checking in, among which the mandatory one is the health certificate that has been issued within ten days of your travel.
  • The charges for taking a pet on American Airlines go from USD 125-200.

As per the guidelines issued by the Center for Diseases Control, the airlines restrict any pet, whether trained or service pet coming to the US if coming from a country that is considered high risk for dog rabies.

American Airlines Baggage Policy for Taking Sporting Equipment:

  • The majority of sporting equipment comes under the category of checked Baggage. A standard fee is applicable as per the baggage policy of American Airlines. For some of the items that exceed the specification of size and weight, a fee of around USD 150 is applicable. For the standard baggage fee to be applicable, the linear dimension of the bags should not exceed 126 inches.
  • While travelling from Spain/Madrid and taking sporting equipment, passengers need to keep in mind that any side of the checked baggage/sporting equipment should not exceed the 43inches. For more information about the standard charges applicable on various equipment, candidates need to refer to the official website.

Guidelines for Delayed, Damaged, or Missing Goods as per the American Airlines Baggage Policy

  • Passengers need to report for the delyed baggage at the Baggage Service office within the given timelines. For domestic flights within the USA, the delayed Baggage needs to be reported within 4 hours of arriving. In the case of VIP Luggage Delivery, there is a maximum time of around 12 hours for the passengers. Before this, they need to report their delayed Baggage.
  • When reported for delayed Baggage, a 13-character ID is provided to the passengers, which they need to show or submit anywhere in order to find the status of their delayed Baggage.
  • Baggage unable to be returned to the passengers for more than five days will be considered missing. For that, passengers are entitled to reimbursement and need to submit an online claim along with the 13-character ID.
  • The online claim for the reimbursement should be submitted within 30 days of the delay along with the mandatory information like the 13-character ID, ticket receipt, and baggage receipt.
  • For any damaged baggage, passengers need to follow the same process to report their damage which, also a 13-character ID, will be generated.
  • The time limit within which you can claim for damaged bags is 24 hours for domestic flights and around seven days for international flights.

Final Thoughts

From the above discussion, we have listed all the available information on the American Airlines Baggage Policy. This, you can refer to while boarding an American Airlines flight. Make sure to report at the airport early with any kind of checked Baggage, pets, sporting equipment, or any other special equipment. Also, check your Baggage for any restricted items and remove them, as they will only delay your check-in process. Now in case you have any other query, then let us know. You can connect with us through the given number below. You can also use the live chat facility to connect with us instantly.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

American Airline Baggage Policy allows its passengers to carry checked bags without any cost, under some conditions. These include passengers flying First or Business Class or passengers who make their bookings with American Airlines co-branded credit cards.

The baggage fee varies from passenger to passenger, as some passengers may carry fewer bags than others. The fee also varies on the fare type; for example, people flying first class need not pay for first checked baggage, but passengers flying economy class must pay for all their bags.

However, certain measurement restrictions apply to carry-on bags. The carry-on should not measure more than 22*14*9 inches.

No. According to the American Airlines Baggage Policy carry-on, the measurement of the bag should not exceed 22 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 9 inches in height. Therefore, ensure you measure your carry-on luggage immediately so that no extra fee is levied on you for the oversized bag.

While American Airlines is strict about its carry-on size policy, some passengers can carry slightly bigger bags. However, every flight has its cabin size, so ensure you take care of the carry-on size; otherwise, the Airlines may catch you!

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