WestJet Airline Baggage Policy

Enter the Details to Know the Baggage Policy of WestJet Airlines Flight

WestJet Baggage Policy

Understanding WestJet’s Comprehensive Baggage Policy: Rules, Fees, and Restrictions

Baggage Policy is a significant aspect that everyone must know as by knowing it, you can make your travel easy without any difficulty. Besides this, if you are traveling with Westjet Airlines, your traveling will surely become hassle-free. The reason behind this is their Westjet Baggage policy. Other than this, they have their Westjet Name change policy that is so crucial that people often feel the need to cancel their tickets.

All the necessary details about Westjet Baggage policy are specified here; all you need to do is to go through those details. 

Westjet Airline Baggage Policy of Carry-On

The carry-on baggage policy of Westjet Airlines is so simple and convenient that by following this, you can bring your baggage easily on the flight. Through this policy, you can make your travel flawless. But there is a certain rule laid down by Westjet Airlines through which you can travel flawlessly without any hindrances. 

Size and weight limitations according to Westjest Airline Baggage Policy for carry-on baggage are as follows:
  • The size limit of the carry-on baggage on Westjet Airlines, as per their policy, is 21 inches or 53 centimeters. It is mentioned here, including length, breadth, and height.

  • Along with the carry-on baggage, flyers can also take a personal bag with them. That personal bag’s size must remain within the limitation of 41×33×15 centimeters in volume.

Rules highlighted under the Westjet Airline Carry-on Baggage Policy
  • You must pass the security check-in checkpoints of headquarter of Westjet Airlines.

  • If you have your flight with Westjet Airline, you can inspect what to carry on “catsa.gc.ca”.

  • You have to pass the security at the airport installed for the baggage to avoid paying extra vacation baggage fees.

  • At the airport’s check-in counter, you can check the weight of your baggage through the measuring gadget.

  • There is a fixed list of items allowed in the carry-on baggage on Westjet Airlines. It is subject to change according to the location.

  • You can keep the personal goods under the seat, while carry-on baggage must get settled in the bin over your head.

Westjet Airline Checked Baggage

It is also possible for Westjet Airlines to check their baggage inside. The allowance for doing the baggage check-in is dependent on the type of ticket and the route on which you are flying. 

The baggage allowance generally from the Westjet Airlines side is one bag free of cost. You can take that bag for the maximum weight of 23 kg or 50 lbs, and the maximum size permitted is 158 cm or 62 inches. You should check that bag at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure to ensure your bag gets on the plane safely. If you cross that size and weight limit and your bag gets counted as oversize or overweight, you must pay some additional fees to board your flight. 

Per the Westjet Airline Baggage Policy, people traveling with an infant can bring one extra bag with them without any extra charges. The infant is counted as valid for this benefit if it belongs under the age of 2 years. That bag’s maximum weight should be up to 10 kg or 22 lbs. 

You can bring checked baggage on Westjet flight by staying under the given condition:
  • You all can bring one baggage of 62 inches or 157 cm but should weigh more than 23 kg.

  • Everyone can easily bring four pieces of baggage of 115 linear inches, shouldn’t weigh much more than 23 kg combined.

Westjet Airlines Excess Baggage Policy

Certain allowances are provided by Westjet Airlines, but there are some restrictions as well. If you bring a piece of baggage that passed out the restrictions laid down on the baggage according to Westjet Baggage policy, you are liable to pay extra fees. 

  • For each overweight piece of baggage if it weighs more than 23 kg but over 45 kg, then a fee of 75 to 88.50 CAD/USD gets levied.

  • In case of a piece of baggage that is oversized, you have to pay the additional fee of 75 to 88.50 CAD/USD.

Banned items on Westjet Airline

According to the Westjet Baggage Policy, you can’t take certain items in your baggage on the flight. The list of the items that are banned from the flight is as follows:

  • Weapons like guns and Hunter knives.

  • All kinds of chemicals, including pesticides.

  • Firearms.

  • Radioactive materials.

  • Corrosive substances.

  • Lithium batteries are used in multiple devices.

  • Knives, swords, and scissors.

  • All types of sharp objects.

Allowances of the WestJet Airline Baggage Policy for Infants

As mentioned in the Westjet Airlines Baggage Policy, Westjet Airline approved everyone who came with their child on every domestic and International Flight. In addition, if the baby is below 2 years of age, he has to come either in the lap of his parents or in the stroller or child restraint device. You have to pay the Westjet Baggage fee to bring the stroller on the plane. 

Measure to satisfy when traveling with infants on the flight.
  • Per the Westjet Baggage Policy, any Infant can’t side in the emergency exit row on an International or domestic flight.

  • If you are planning to bring twins on the flight, you should be two passengers above 16 years of age.

  • A single passenger can only bring one infant on the flight.

  • All passengers who have an infant below 8 days of age need to consult their pediatrician before flying. It is necessary because the temperature inside the flight can cause ear pain.


Westjet Airlines offers many allowances to everyone through which they can check in their baggage on Westjet Airlines without any discrepancy. If you are willing to travel with Westjet Airlines, it would be an advantage if you read this policy. It will inform you of the baggage rules you must follow under the Westjet Airline Baggage Policy. In case of not understand any particular point of this policy, you can reach out to us directly without any issue +1-833-714-2120

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