SkyWest Airlines Baggage Policy

SkyWest Airlines Baggage Policy

An Overview of SkyWest Airlines Baggage Policy

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Skywest Airlines is a regional airline operating in States, flying flights for various other major airlines like United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and many others. The airlines, on behalf of these major airlines and thus do not offer any reservation options for the passengers. Thus passengers need to make reservations in their respective suitable airlines based on their preferences like budget, availability, and many others. One of the major queries of the passengers while making reservations in the SkyWest airline is regarding their baggage. However, due to the unavailability of relevant information, they have no idea about the baggage, which can be a hindrance in their travel passage.

Thus here we are going to provide all the available Skywest Airlines baggage guidelines, which might be beneficial for the passengers before planning their luggage for the trip. So read the article till the end in order to get more information regarding SkyWest Airlines International Baggage Policy.

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Basic Mandates as per the Skywest International Baggage Policy

As Skywest Airlines does not offer the option of booking tickets, passengers first need to refer to the respective airlines from which they have confirmed their reservation. So here we are going to list the baggage policies of various partners’ flights based on which you can decide for your baggage.

SkyWest Airline Baggage Policy for the Passengers Who have made Reservations through United Airlines

Passengers who have made a reservation on the SkyWest flight through United Airlines can refer to the given guidelines as per the United Airlines Baggage Policy:

  1. Passengers are allowed to take one personal bag and a carry-on bag without any additional fee.
  2. The carry-on baggage should not exceed the dimension 9*10*17. Along with carry-on and personal belongings following items can be carried by the passengers for free:
    • Umbrella, Coat, Jacket.
    • Wheelchairs, canes, crutches, or any mobility device.
    • Food Items
    • Child Care, Child safety harness
  3. As per the SkyWest Airlines Baggage policy economy, basic domestic flights with the exception of South America, Pacific, or Atlantic. Also, while traveling on a basic economy flight, passengers need to prepay for the carry-on baggage, or they have to pay an additional fee of USD 25.
  4. For the checked-in baggage, the initial fee for the first bag is USD 30, which increases for the second and third bags, respectively, to USD 40 and 50.
  5. The weight and size of checked baggage should not exceed 23kgs and the linear dimension of 62 inches. Any checked baggage exceeding the given specification will be applicable for a further additional fee.
  6. Passengers need to make sure that the checked baggage does not contain any restricted items or any electronic devices with lithium-ion batteries. All electronic items need to be transferred to the carry-on baggage with their battery removed.
  7. In order to know how much fare you need to know for your baggage, refer to the baggage calculator of United Airlines.

Guidelines for Taking Baggage on Skywest Flights Booked with Delta Airlines

Passengers who have made the reservation on a SkyWest flight through Delta Airlines need to follow the given guidelines while planning their baggage:

  1. One personal item and one carry-on baggage are allowed to be taken on the Delta Airlines booked SkyWest flight free of cost.
  2. Personal items include a laptop bag or any other items whose size should be sufficient enough to fit below the seat in front of the passenger. Other things that can be taken as a personal item includes:
    • One purse
    • Briefcase
    • Small Backpack
    • Camera Bag
    • Diaper Bag
  3. Other things that can be carried in addition to the personal items free of cost includes:
    • Umbrella or a Jacket
    • Food or any eating item purchased after passing the security checkpoint.
  4. The only thing to keep in mind while taking these items are the weight and size of the baggage. While there is no limit or weight restriction for the carry on baggage on Delta Airlines, the limitation applies to the weight while taking a flight to the following destinations:
    • Singapore
    • Beijing
    • Shanghai
  5. On a Flight with 50 passengers or less, only the personal items are allowed to be carried along with the passengers. Other items or belongings will be categorized under the checked baggage.
  6. For restricted items, passengers need to consider the TSA guidelines.

Skywest Airlines Baggage Policy Carry-on and checked baggage on Delta Reservations

As per the baggage policy, fares are applicable for checked baggage which is USD 30 and 40 for the first and the second baggage, respectively.

  • Talking about specifications, the size and the weight of the baggage should not exceed 23 kg and 62 linear inches.
  • The fare for the checked baggage may vary depending on the route and the fare class.
  • For calculating the total amount you need to pay on baggage, refer to the baggage calculator on the official Delta website.
  • Military Personnel can take up to 2-3 checked baggage free of cost without going on a personal trip. In case they are traveling on military orders, then up to 5 free checked baggage can be taken irrespective of the fare.

Pet Policy

  • Only trained service dogs are allowed to be on board a Delta reservation flight. Persons with disability are allowed to carry trained service animals. Emotional support animals are not recognized as trained service by Delta Airlines. Passengers are required to fill out the DOT form available on the airline website. Also, submit it as soon as possible if they are planning to take a pet with them.
  • Other guidelines under the pet policy are listed below:
  • The size of the pet you are taking on the Skywest Flight under Delta reservation should not exceed the size of the footprint.
  • There are no extra charges for taking trained service animals on the Delta Flight. They can be taken for free along with their associated items which include Kennel, blanket, food item, or similar items.
  • Vaccinations are mandatory to be done while taking pets on a SkyWest Flight. Required documents need to be submitted.

Information for Passengers with Reservations through Alaska Airlines as Per the Skywest Airlines International Baggage Policy

  • Special instructions have been set by Alaska Airlines for carry-on baggage while traveling on a Skywest flight. These instructions refer to the size of the baggage, which does not exceed 45 linear inches.
  • Along with carry-on baggage, one personal item can be taken by the passengers.
  • Some items that are restricted with the checked baggage can be carried along with the carry-on baggage. These items include electronic items, smart bags, and many others. Make sure you have detached the battery from the items while taking them on the flight.
  • For the checked baggage, a standard fee is applicable of USD 30 for the first, USD 40 for the second, and USD 100 for the third baggage.
  • Any checked baggage should not exceed the given specification of size and weight, which are 50 lbs and 62 linear inches. In case any baggage exceeds the given limitation, then an additional fee of USD 100 will be applicable.
  • Special instructions need to be followed for some items like musical instruments, arms &ammunition, sporting equipment, and others.

Instruction for the passengers regarding baggage while making reservations on Skywest Flight through American Airlines

The last partner airline through which you can board on SkyWest is American Airlines. Major pointers regarding the SkyWest Baggage Policy while boarding an American Airlines Flight are listed below:

  • The most basic point of the Skywest baggage policy to keep in mind while confirming through American Airlines is regarding personal and carry-on baggage like every other airline American Airlines allows the passenger to take these items free of cost.
  • While talking about the Checked Baggage, the passengers are allowed to carry up to 10 pieces of baggage. Baggage fee varies from 1st, 2nd to 3rd bag. For some destinations through Skywest Flight through American Airlines, there is a restriction of carrying up to 5 bags on a journey. Seasonal and Year-round bag restriction also applies.
  • Baggage limitation also applies depending on the type of fare in which you have made a reservation.
  • Other things for which additional charges apply include sports equipment and over-weighted baggage.
  • A complimentary Baggage facility is also available for the passengers. It also depends on the type of fare that the customer has made.
  • Various other items are restricted as per the TSA Guidelines.

TSA Baggage Guidelines for Restricted Items

As per the guidelines set by the TSA, various items are restricted to be carried on the Aircraft. Many of the items are prohibited in the carry-on baggage. They are allowed to be carried along with checked baggage and vice-versa. A list of all these items has been discussed below:

Items restricted to be carried in both carry-on and checked baggage:

  • Bang Snaps
  • Blasting Caps
  • Butane
  • Chlorine for Pools and Spas
  • Carbon Dioxide Cartridges
  • Firearms like Ammunitions, BB guns, Compressed Air guns, Flareguns, gun Lighters,

Also, some of the items are restricted for taking in Carry-on Baggage. They are allowed to be kept in Checked baggage like:

  • Box Cutters, Cigar Cutters, Cockscrews, Ice Axes, Ice Picks, Knives

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Ending it up

In the above discussion, we have listed all the possible information regarding the SkyWest Airline Baggage policy. Based on the airlines you have chosen to make flight reservations, refer to the respective section of the blog to get all baggage-related information. Now, if you need further assistance, connect with us through the number given below or click on the live chat option, where you can directly convey your query to our customer support officials and get instant resolution for your problem.

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