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southwest airlines baggage policy

Everything You Need to Know about Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy

Baggage is a headache for many people who constantly travel. And it becomes a bigger issue when the airline with whom you are traveling imposes too many restrictions on you. Sometimes, they laid down some extra fees on every extra baggage, oversized and overweight baggage. 

But if you made your reservation with Southwest Airlines, you don’t have to think of such things. Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy is more than enough for these types of situations. Every single aspect of this Baggage policy of Southwest Airlines is specified here. 

Read it till the end carefully and ensure you will leave no information out. As if you miss something, then it will emerge as a problem at the time of traveling. 

Southwest Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy

Like any other airline, Southwest Airlines also gives the privilege to every passenger traveling with Southwest Airlines. Per Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy, you can carry one carry-on bag and one personal bag for free. Don’t think too much of the weight you can carry on your carry-on baggage, as it doesn’t make a difference as much. It is considered when you carry and lift it to put it in the bin over your head. But if you fail to lift it every time, it will get counted in as checked baggage.

There is certainly a size restriction given by Southwest Airlines for the carry-on baggage that is 10 inches x 16 inches x 24 inches or 25×40×60 in cm. These maximum dimensions include all the aspects like handles, wheels, and straps. 

Southwest Airlines Checked-in Baggage Policy

The bags that passengers bring pass out the size limit of the carry-on baggage posed out under Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy then it gets checked at the gate before departure. According to the Baggage Policy of Southwest Airlines, every passenger holds the right to bring two checked-in baggage with them. But the condition in terms of weight and size is 50 lbs and not exceeding 62 linear inches (length x width x height). Suppose about a scenario that you checked two pieces of baggage but want to check one carry-on baggage; then you have to pay a fee of $75. Then your carry-on baggage will be sent with your checked-in baggage. 

Charges for the excess baggage on Southwest Airlines

This section specifies the fees for additional, overweight, and oversized baggage based on the Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy. 

It is mentioned in the Baggage policy of Southwest Airlines that anything that you bring over than the allowed baggage will count as Excess baggage. In addition, the maximum limit of the size and weight of the excess baggage is 62 inches or 157.4 cm and 50 lbs or 23 kg, respectively. 

  • Fee for the Excess Baggage: $75 is the fee that Southwest Airlines lays on every human that brings an additional number of pieces of baggage over the free ones i.e. two.

  • In case of overweight baggage: If your bag weighs 50 to 100 lbs (24-46 kg), then $75 is the charge you need to settle with the airlines. It applies based on per way. Bags that exceed the limit of the weight of baggage, i.e., 100 lbs or 46 kg, don’t count as baggage but get transported as cargo.

  • In oversized baggage: $ 75 per bag for each way is applied to the baggage whose size falls between 62 to 80 inches or 157.4 to 203.2 cm. Moreover, if the bag size appears to be more than 80 inches or 203.2 cm, it will not be accepted.

Note: If your bag comes in both category that is in excess baggage or either in one, i.e., Oversize and overweight, then charges for both get applied. You must pay the fee for excess baggage and overweight or oversized baggage. 

What things can you bring on board with you on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines doesn’t lay too many limitations on the things that you can bring on board in your carry-on baggage. You can bring liquid, but only after satisfying the guidelines of the TSA. 

Pets and animals

All the passengers can bring a pet carrier on their flight, but it gets counted as a carry-on or personal item. To ensure that your pet carrier satisfies the size limit of Southwest Airlines, it gets checked at the airport. 

Grave it in your mind that the request to bring a pet on board gets accepted based on first come and first serve. Only 6 pet carriers are allowed on all Southwest Airlines flights, and one passenger can only bring one pet carrier. But everyone has to pay $95 as a pet fee. 

Medical-related types of equipment 

Items like Walkers, crutches, strollers, and oxygen cylinders are permitted, and you can carry them without hiccups. Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy allows this equipment to be counted in the carry-on baggage. You can also take syringes and medical needles in your carry-on baggage, but when they are kept in good packaging so that it didn’t harm anyone on the flight. 

Human Remains

Southwest Airlines Baggage policy has no clause indicating that you can take Human remains on the flight in Carry-on baggage. For such a case, you can contact Southwest Airlines to know what are the requirements of the same. If you have cremated remains, present them at the airport in a plastic or maybe in a cardboard bag. Reach the airport by taking some time in a buffer so it passes through security easily. All the same, conditions get applied to the pet remains as well. 

Some other miscellaneous things

Apart from all the listed segment stuff, some random stuff is also permitted when you are flying with Southwest Airlines. 

  • Stroller or pram for the children

  • Media camera (but needs to fulfill the requirements around the safety purpose).

  • Parachutes but in a packed state.

  • One box of safety matchboxes and one light that is commonly used.

  • E-Cigerrates or Vapes, but you can’t use or recharge them on the plane.

  • Musical instruments that remain packed in their cover or cases should get fit inside the bin over the head or under the seat in front of you.

  • Skateboards only when exchanged for carry-on baggage.

Banned items on Southwest Airlines

Some of the items are present as well that are not permitted to bring on Southwest Airlines as they are completely prohibited. It is suggested to check the website of the TSA to check their guidelines regarding the products you should pack in your carry-on baggage. So, here is the list of items completely banned or prohibited on Southwest Airlines. 

  • Any beverage or liquid with more than the volume of 70 percent is alcohol, and you can’t bring it more than 3.4 ounces or 100 millimeters.

  • Internal combustion engines.

  • Marijuana

  • Poisonous, infectious, or radioactive substances of every type.

  • Several kinds of flammable stuff like gasoline and kerosene.

  • Sharp things or equipment like knives, scissors, razors, box cutters, or similar stuff.

  • All types of Hoverboards, like electric ones, gravity boards, and self-balancing devices.

What to do when baggage gets lost or delayed?

When your checked baggage gets lost or delayed while traveling, then you should:

  • Lodge a report to a live person by visiting the Southwest Airlines Baggage Service offer.

  • You have to file your report within 4 hours from arrival time.

After you have finished with the task of filing the report for the same:

  • A concerned team member responsible for this will create a report and hand over the receipts to that person.
  • A message will always come to you that updates you about the status of your baggage.

  • If you didn’t receive the updates about the same then you call on the relevant number to get the status.

You can also visit our website to learn about Southwest Airlines’ name change policy. If you find yourself stuck at any point, reach out to us by calling 1-833-714-2120 and receive assistance with any query you have. 

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