Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy

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Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy

If you are planning a trip to the Philippines, know about the Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy for a smooth & convenient journey. All passengers via Phillippine Airlines have a permit to bring one item of carry-on baggage. However, your luggage should fit right above the overhead bin or before you. Also, it should be within these dimensions: length + Width + Height of 7 kgs approximately.

Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy For Carry-on Baggage

Each passenger can have one carry-on baggage with the overall dimensions of; 56x36x23 CM and a maximum weight of 7 KGs, 15 lbs. However, passengers can also choose to carry a maximum of any two items from this list:-

  • One small handbag
  • Pocketbook
  • Purse
  • 1 Blanket or overcoat
  • 1 Camera or binoculars
  • Laptop
  • Reading Items
  • Baby Food
  • Any Prosthetic Device, such as Walking sticks, crutches, braces, etc.

Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy/Allowance For Domestic Flights

Flights which operates by the PAL within the Philippines are domestic flights. However, domestic flights are divides into two parts:

  • Economy Class

Economy Class:- If a passenger travels through economy class, they can carry up to 10-25 kgs of baggage and choose not to carry any bags.

  • Business Class

Business Class:- All passengers traveling via Business class can carry 30 to 35 kg of baggage with them.

International Flight Baggage Allowance

Economy Class:- If the passenger is traveling to/from Asian countries except for South Korea in economy class. They can carry items weighing not more than 25 kg per piece. However, traveling to/from USA & Canada can carry 21 kg per item. At the same time, passengers traveling from South Korea can bring items weighing 20 kg.
Business Class:- All passengers traveling to/from Asian countries except for the Korean region can carry items weighing 30 to 35 kg per item. On the other hand, passengers who are traveling to USA & Canada can bring 32 kg/per piece. And, while traveling to Korea, passengers can bring items that weigh around 30 to 35 kg.

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Philippine Airlines Extra Baggage Allowance

According to the Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy, the extra baggage allowance depends on the destination from/to which the passenger is traveling:-

  • If the passenger travels from/to Asian countries, the fee can be around $8 – 12 per kg.
  • Whereas if the routes are to/from the pacific such as Auckland, Sydney. Then the fee would be $24.
  • Talking about European Routes, the fees for the extra baggage will be $50 per kg and is twice & thrice compared to Asian & pacific routes fees.
  • According to the Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy, the middle east route fee and extra baggage will be charged $100 per piece instead of per kg.
  • If you are traveling to Japan, the fees would be around $120 per item.

Philippine Airlines Infant’s Baggage Policy

  • Keep the infant luggage on the lap.
  • The FBA will be applicable if the baby does not have a seat. And it will only apply if the adult has paid half the fare.
  • Passengers cannot carry-on baggage.
  • Checked baggage is not allowed for domestic flights, but one piece is allowed for international flights. But, it should weigh at most 1o kg.
  • However, the size of the baggage should be at most 62 inches.
  • Other than that, a fully collapsible stroller or a carrying basket for the infant is allowed depending on the extra space.

Sports Equipments Allowance

Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy, passengers must pay additional baggage charges. If they carry any item over the standard fee baggage allowance. For e.g.; Golf equipment within one golf bag and a golf shoe pair. As for the skiing equipment, passengers can only carry one pair of skis, one pair of skis poles, and one pair of boots. However, passengers must pay extra fees if they bring more sports items.

For all the scuba divers, the Airline allows them to bring various types of scuba diving types of equipment. However, the types of equipment should consist of one regulator, one empty scuba tank, one harness, one mask, two twins, one pressure gauge, one snorkel, one knife, one safety vest, one speargun weight belt, and surfboarding types of equipment.

Musical Instruments

According to the Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy, Musical items such as guitars cannot fit in the aircraft’s overhead compartment or under the passenger seats. However, all the guitars shall be permitted only as a piece of checked-in baggage regardless of their case to maintain accommodation. Other than that, Musical instruments will be free of charge if it’s within the free baggage allowance, which is within 39 inches in length.

However, passengers must pay an additional baggage fee if the item exceeds its limit. Also, all the musical items that cannot fit in the overhead bin should be brought as checked-in.
Make sure that your item is packed properly to avoid any damage. Remember, The PAL be not be held responsible for damaging your musical instruments.

Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy For Missing/Damaged Baggage

Once you notice your luggage being missing at the arrival airport, you can approach the Baggage Assistance counter at the arrival area and then file a report for your missing baggage.

After that, the passenger will receive a number at the end of the reporting procedure. Remember to keep track of the progress of your baggage. The Airline will search for your baggage using the Airline shared system, and then the Airline will contact you regarding any updates about your luggage.

For Damaged Baggage

You must have keep this in notice that your baggage is missing at the arrival airport, you can go to the Baggage Assistance counter, located at the arrival area, and then file a report. Now, immediately after this, you will receive a reference number by the end of the procedure. Make sure to keep this number handy to track the progress of your luggage.

For international flights, if your baggage is still missing by the seventh day after the baggage reports missing, you can complete the baggage claim form.


Finding the right information about the Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy can help you save extra money on additional baggage. This blog explains all the key informations.  You go through the details before packing your stuff. However, if you have any other queries, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our official website.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

According to the Philippine airlines baggage policy, a passenger can bring checked & carry-on baggage by following the weight & size limitations. Usually, the weight restriction for a single item of checked baggage is at least 32 KG for each bag. For all the passengers travelling internationally, can bring baggage weighing around 20 Kg for each bag. The weight & size restriction may differ depending on route, destination as well as cabin type.

Yes, absolutely. A traveler can bring their pets as checked baggage which are subjected to certain rules and regulations. As per the Philippine airlines pet policy, it is advised for a passenger to inform the airline officials to know more about the guidelines as well as necessary precautions one must take.

If your baggage is damaged, then you can reach out to the airline officials to report the damage of your luggage. As soon as you are done, the available agent will guide you through all the necessary steps to file a claim and then resolve the issue of on-going damaged baggage.

The additional baggage fee might depend on various factors such as weight destination as well as travel class. However, it is recommended to check out the official website of Philippine airlines and check out all the necessary details regarding the baggage.

As per the Philippine airlines baggage policy, a passenger can only bring liquid items which are under 100 ml. This rules are imposed by airport security for safety purposes.

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