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Turkish Airlines Baggage PolicyTurkish Airlines Baggage Allowance and Fees: A Complete Guide

Are you planning a little getaway with your friends/family/spouse or traveling solo? Before booking your tickets, you must know about the Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy. This policy applies to all its passengers carrying items on board. However, the baggage policy determines the nature of bags, fees, and allowances. Let’s look at the highlighted points.

Highlighted Points of Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy

  • Turkish Airlines takes the checked baggage into custody, and issues tags for each bag once delivered.
  • However, Passengers can trace their baggage through Turkish Airlines Lost Baggage Complaint forum, even if the baggage has no names, initials, or other personal identifications. 
  • The checked baggage will travel in the same aircraft as the passengers. In some scenarios, excess checked baggage items may get carried on the next flight according to the space available on the aircraft.
  • Also, Turkish Airlines’ free baggage allowance depends on the ticket type and the class service purchased.
  • The Passengers shall be able to pay Turkish Airlines’ extra luggage fee in addition to the free allowance, which will be mentioned in the purchased ticket.
  • Moreover, travelers must pay Turkish Airlines extra baggage fees over the free baggage allowance, also mentioned in the ticket.

The unchecked or carry-on baggage should fit under the seat in front of the passengers or the overhead storage bin. Access weight or size will only be allowed for what is already mentioned.

Turkish Airline Baggage Policy For Carry-On Allowance

For Business Class Passengers

  • Business class passengers can carry two bags and one personal item.
  • Also, each piece of the carry-on luggage must be under the following dimensions: 23x40x55 CM.
  • However, the approx weight of each item of carry-on luggage must be; 8 kg.

For Economy Class Passengers

  • Economy class passengers can carry baggage whose dimensions should be around; 23x40x55 CM.
  • However, the maximum weight of the carry-on luggage must be around; 8 kg.

Remember, assistive devices do not count as personal items. Moreover, all the carry-on items should fit in the overhead bin & under the passenger’s seat in front of them. Also, passengers should be able to lift their carry-on items into the overhead storage without assistance. 

Checked Baggage Allowance

For Business Class Passengers

  • Baggage Allowance: Each Passenger can bring two pieces
  • The weight of the two pieces should be around 32 kg.
  • Also, the maximum dimensions for each piece must be; 158 CM.

Economy Class Passengers

  • The Baggage Allowance must be two pieces
  • The maximum Weight for each piece should weight around 23 KG
  • Other than that, the maximum dimensions for each piece must be at most 158 CM, and two bags cannot exceed 273 CM.

Baggage Policy For Infants

  • The baggage allowance for an infant is; one complete collapsible stroller
  • However, the maximum weight for each piece should be around; 23 Kg
  • Whereas the dimensions for each piece must be; 115 CM

Turkish Airline Extra Baggage Policy

Turkish Airline firmly acknowledge the excess baggage sensitivities and expectations of the passenger. In short, passengers do not need to worry about the weight and size of the baggage that will exceed the Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance. Here’s everything that you need to know about the Turkish Airline Baggage Policy as it provides:-

  • The airline may offer Turkish Airlines extra baggage fees on domestic and international flights.
  • However, the extra weight or item may get applied according to the flight destination.
  • Also, the fee may be based on the registered baggage policy according to the fare rules mentioned in the passenger’s ticket.
  • The fee on all the code-share and interline agreement flights may differ and is usually around $350-450
  • Connecting flights charge extra fees that are between $10 and $180.
  • The Turkish airline’s extra baggage fee can be shown on the ticket receipt before the scheduled departure.
  • According to the piece concept, the Turkish airline’s extra baggage weight for the economy class is around; 23 kg & 32 kg for business class. On these routes, the passengers will have to pay the Turkish Airlines extra baggage fee of 80 per piece for excess baggage fee weighing between 23 to 32 kg.
  • Apart from the weight & the piece concept. The Turkish Airlines checked baggage must be under 32 kg; however, a piece of baggage that exceeds 32 kg would be split into two parts.

Turkish Airline Lost, Delayed & Damaged Baggage Policy

  • According to the Turkish Airline Baggage Policy, if the passenger cannot find their luggage even after their travel, contact the Turkish Airlines damaged baggage contact helpline.
  • The passenger will then be offered a reference number as their referral for their lost baggage complaint. However, the passenger can track the status of their lost baggage through the Turkish Airlines lost baggage tracker. 
  • If you notice any damage to your baggage, you must contact the Turkish Airline Baggage Claim customer service desk at the airport. 
  • However, the passenger is obliged to Turkish Airlines lost baggage compensation in case of missing baggage. Also, passengers must submit evidence of the cost incurred during that time. 

Sports & Musical Equipment Allowed At the Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines permits passengers to carry certain types of equipment on board. These types of equipment come under the sports & musical categories. According to the Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy, here is the list of the types of equipment that passengers can bring on board:-

  • Golf Equipment
  • Ski Items’
  • Snowboarding items
  • Bicycle
  • Archery Equipments
  • Canoe
  • Bowling equipment
  • Hockey/lacrosse equipment
  • Fishing gear
  • Inflatable boat
  • Rafting equipment
  • Tent equipment
  • Parachuting equipment
  • Paragliding equipment
  • Water ski equipment
  • Surfboard
  • Mountaineering activities equipment
  • Rifles for hunting
  • Sporting rifles and scopes
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Tabla
  • Violin
  • Piano
  • Diving gear

Restricted Items That You Cannot Bring on Turkish Airline

The airline cares about its passenger’s safety, and that is why, it prohibited quite a few items that can be harmful to other passengers:-

  • Acids 
  • Alkalis
  • Gas containers
  • Self-defense items
  • Flammable liquids
  • Filled scuba tanks
  • Explosives
  • Fireworks
  • Oxygen generators
  • Peroxides
  • Liquid oxygen
  • Lithium batteries
  • Radioactive materials
  • Magnetic materials

Turkish Airline Baggage Policy For Infants

Here are some rules that passengers need to follow if they are traveling with infants:-

  • The baby needs to be supervised by a parent or a guardian at all times.
  • However, the guardian should be 18 years old or more than that.
  • Each guardian can only look after or bring one infant on board with them.
  • However, babies can travel in their parents’ laps using a special seatbelt.
  • But, according to the Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy, infant travelers can also ask for a seat from Turkish Airlines.
  • The baby must use its infant car seat carrier.
  • The Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy states that the infant carrier must be around 40×40 centimeters.

Turkish Airline Baggage Policy For Pets

  • The passengers can bring birds, small dogs, and cats to fly in the cabin. But, the weight of the pet & the carrier should be at most 18 kg. 
  • However, the transit destinations demand that the pets have the appropriate vaccines, health certificates, and entrance permits.
  • Passengers must verify their pet’s reservation at least six to eight weeks before their scheduled departure.
  • Turkish Airlines does not allow certain pets to travel on the same plane, such; Canines, Felines, Cats, and Birds.

Final Words

The article has come to an end. This article has discussed the Turkish Airline Baggage Policy in detail. If you want to know more about other policies, such as; cancellation and Frontier Name Change Policy, you can visit our official website, where we post content like this to help passengers get the best deals possible. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The Turkish airlines permits the passengers to bring two bags ( each weighing approx 50 pounds). However, the baggage policy might differ for economy and business class passengers. The Business class passengers can bring two bags weighing around 70 pounds. Thus, the weight and size limitation of the Turkish airways might differ depending on your ticket type and your location.

The overweight baggage charges depend on your flight route. Basically, the overweight baggage fee depend on the piece concept that will cost you around $160 to $290 dollars in between. This will happen when a passenger happens to exceed their given luggage restrictions. Most of the destinations have weight concept which charges between $25 to $160 for every 5 KG.

According to the Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy, a passenger can pay for their baggage fees by simply navigating to the official website of Turkish airlines. Apart from this, you can also download the Turkish airlines mobile application. When you are done, click on the Manage My Booking option or excess luggage page through the Turkish airlines mobile application or at the airport as well.

Usually, the Turkish airlines charges $80 for the items that are around 23 to 32 kg. If your baggage is around 23 kg, not more than that then you will be able take it for free of cost. For more information regarding the baggage, visit the official website of Turkish airlines. Also, for an immediate response, feel free to reach out the customer service at (080005 01565 ).

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