Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

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Your Ultimate Guide to Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy: Fees, Restrictions, and Tips

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, Passengers who often travel, mainly with Spirit Airlines, will surely know their policies and rules. But for a new person, it is a must to know about these policies before stepping on their feet on the flight. 

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

Here we talk about only Spirit Airlines luggage Policy, as baggage is integral to traveling. Everyone is concerned about the baggage they must get at check-in and collect upon arrival.

Besides this, if we bring another bag then the limit and if it didn’t satisfy the size and weight limit then you have to pay some extra charges.

Hence the elucidation of the Spirit Airline Baggage Policy is given here in a proper format. All you need to do is to run down your eyes till the end while scrolling downwards.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy: An Overview

Baggage Policy can be considered as the number/amount of baggage you can take free of charge, along with the maximum amount of baggage you are allowed to take. Baggage Allowance by Spirit Airlines is discussed below in brief.

Some of the limitations given under the Spirit Baggage Policy, in general, are given here. Please try to grasp this information so that you can make your travel a stress-free one. The pointers are:

  • You can take the carry-on item with you for free without any interruption.

  • For Spirit Airlines Check in baggage, everyone is allowed to bring only two bags without some minimal and fixed charges. But when you bring more than 2 pieces of baggage, then some extra money gets implemented on the ticket price.

  • Some instances happened where your baggage fails to meet the size and weight limit as per the Spirit Airlines Baggage.

  • If anyone wants to bring some of the sports goods and the musical items, they have to pay extra charges as it is not included free of cost under the Spirit Airlines Baggage.

Spirit Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy

Passengers boarding on Spirit Airlines can carry one carry-on baggage as their personal item be it their purse, backpack, laptop bag or any other item carrying which they can easily travel.

The dimensions of the carry bag should exceed 18in*14in*8in (linear size 50 inches). Other policies regarding carry-on baggage are listed below:

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policies for Personal Items

  • Apart from the dimension of the carry-on baggage (56 cm*46 cm *25 cm), the bag should be able to fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of the passenger.

  • Various items which are not included under carry-on personal items are jacket, umbrella, duty free items and diaper bags.

  • Passengers while traveling through Spirit Airlines should keep in mind that there is no bulkhead seat facility so they need to store their bags in overhead bins during take-off and landing.

Spirit Baggage Policy for Check-in Luggage

Passengers can take up-to 2 check-in baggage charges for which are excluded from your price ticket. Also, there will be additional charges for more than 2 bags.

Maximum number of checked-in baggage is 5. Weight limits under baggage policies for Spirit Airlines  for each checked-in baggage is 40 pounds or 18 Kg and the dimensions of the bags should not exceed a linear size of 157 centimetres (62 inches). Otherwise, additional charges will be applicable.

Charges for Checked-in Baggage in Spirit Airlines

Charges applicable on checked luggages depend on the timings of the passenger i.e. when did they want to pay for their baggage.

The sooner you confirm your baggage, the more cheap and convenient it will be for you.

  • Charges while booking ticket: 35 USD.

  • During on-line check in: 45 USD

  • At airport booking center: 55 USD

  • Charges at the gate of the Airport: 65 USD

Spirit Airlines Charges for First and Second Baggage

Spirit Airline Baggage Policy table 3

Oversize Baggage Policy in Spirit Airlines

In case the baggage dimension increase more than 62 linear inches then as per the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, additional charges will apply:

Spirit Airline Baggage Policy table 1

Does Spirit Airlines Waive Baggage Fee for Military?

Military personnel on active duty are provided special privileges in terms of baggage allowance. Any military passenger who is currently serving can take 2 checked-in baggage free of cost and an additional carry-on baggage with no charges.

Only the person who is serving is allowed to be benefited from these privileges while other family members are applicable to the same charges.

If you are an active duty military personnel, you need to present a valid ID card while checking-in. Also they can mention this info while booking their flights.

Spirit Airlines Baggage allowances on sport items:

Very few items are applicable to be taken free of charges while traveling through Spirit Airlines. Other sports items like Golf clubs, ski boards and various others are charged under standard rates.

How Can I Minimize Baggage Allowances in Spirit Airlines?

In case you have more than excess baggage which is costing you more than expected, you can find other ways to transport them apart from airlines. The passengers who are traveling on a regular basis can join the Spirits Saviour Club in which they will be provided countless benefits just on annual charges which are discussed below:

  • A 12-month membership costs around $69.95.
  • An 18-month membership will cost around $99.90.
  • A 24-month membership costs up to $129.90.

In a Nutshell..!

The above information provided covers all the applicable charges under Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy. In case you need to know about any other charges that are not discussed, you have to visit the official website of the Spirit Airlines or you can call us on the number +1-833-714-2120.

In case of damaged goods, you also need to contact the officials at Spirit Airlines.

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