British Airways Baggage Policy

Enter the Details to Know the Baggage Policy of British Airways Flight

British Airways Baggage Policy

Travel with ease: Your Guide to British Airways Baggage Policy

Nowadays, baggage has become a burden for people. They cut the items short and take the baggage as lightly as possible. So that they can save themselves from paying the extra money and hassle, they’ll have while taking the baggage to the airport. British Airways enter into the game with the British Airways Baggage Policy to smoothen this whole scenario. This decreased the stress level in a way that people never thought happened. 

So, if you are traveling with British Airways or want to book a ticket from Flightaura as cheap flight tickets are available here. Before stepping on the flight with British Airways, ensure you get introduced to all the clauses stated under this baggage policy of British Airways. Hence you wouldn’t encounter any issues during your travel. 

Rules of the Baggage Policy of British Airways

If you travel with flights that are regulated by British Airways and any other subsidiary airline, then the following rules will apply:

  • The checked baggage allowance of British Airways will apply when all the booking flights have the British Airways code. It doesn’t matter when partner airlines operate one or more flights in the booking.

  • In case when there are no flights that have a British Airways code exist, then the other airline’s baggage allowance will apply.

  • Suppose your booking has a flight from the British and their partners, then the rules of the most important carrier will take place. It means the baggage allowance of the airlines gets to apply, providing the flight of the longest route among all the flights.

Hand-Baggage Allowance on British Airways

The policy of British Airways for hand baggage is more or less the same whether you are traveling in economy class or any other and whether you are traveling on International or national flights. British Airways Baggage Policy International and British Airways baggage policy for the economy in the scenario for the Hand- baggage is the same. However, the only factor that can change the number of bags someone can carry on a flight differs due to your ticket, which means your travel class, fare type, and destination. But the general allowances are as follows:

  • Only one cabin bag of a maximum 23 kg (51 lbs) and dimensions 56 * 45 * 25 cm or (22 * 18* 10 inches).

  • Only one handbag, purse, or laptop bag of a maximum of 23 kg (51 lbs) and size up to the limit of 40 * 30 * 15 cm or (16 * 12 * 6 inches).

In the matter of an infant

  • You are eligible to take one more additional bag that is only full of the items for the infant that must be required during the flight.

  • The restriction on its size and weight is 22 * 18 * 10 inches or (56 * 45 * 25 cm) and 51 lbs or (23 kg), respectively.

For Bringing any Stroller

  • British Airways Baggage policy allows one stroller for one baby that can get checked at the security gate without any charges.

  • The stroller must get folded and can have the dimension 46 * 15 * 15 inches, i.e., 117 * 38 * 38 cm. You have to submit that stroller at the end of the gate before you step onto the flight, and you can take it back at the gate when you arrive at the destination.

  • If you have a stroller that can be folded and fit inside a handbag beside your standard carry-on bag, you can take it on board without any restriction. But it would help if you remembered that it shouldn’t go out of the limit of the carry-on handbag.

  • The larger stroller will be picked up and available at the baggage hall at the destination.

British Airways Checked Baggage Allowance

Regarding checked baggage, British Airways have some regulations that may depend on your flight route and travel class. On most of the flights from the UK to bring the checked baggage, you don’t have to pay anything, but some flights are also there for which you have to pay some extra money. A smart move is to pay for the baggage from home or before going through the check-in process at the airport. The reason behind this is that the charges might double at the airport. 

Here all other major rules for checked baggage per the British Airways Baggage policy are given as follows:

  • Economy ticket with no checked bag: You have to pay between the range of £30 to £60 per bag as it will depend on the departure and arrival spot. The above amount will apply when you pay it online in advance as the check-in starts online 24 hours before. On the other hand, if you check in at the airport, you have to pay £75 per bag.

  • The maximum dimension that is permitted for the hold luggage according to the baggage policy of British Airways is 90 * 75 * 43 cm.

  • The economy ticket with the checked bag allows you to bring one cabin bag, a handbag or a laptop bag, and a piece of checked baggage with a maximum weight of 23 kg.

  • Some tickets, like Word Traveller Plus and Club Europe, offer the facility of bringing one cabin bag, a laptop bag, and a checked bag with the same weight restrictions.

  • The individuals with the Club World and First class ticket are eligible to take 3 checked-in bags of a maximum weight 32 kg. The additional benefit is they can take those bags with them for free.

  • All kinds of other flight tickets, like Economy, Business class, and first-class tickets, allow you to bring only one checked bag for free. Sometimes, if you might get lucky, you can take more bags without paying a penny.

  • When children and infants from 2 to 11 travel with a booked seat: They’ll have the same allowances as adults. But they have 2 extra items, including a stroller, travel cot, car seat, etc.

  • Regarding infants under 2 years: You can take one bag of size 51 pounds, including 2 more items like strollers, cots, and car seats.

Medical types of equipment and wheelchairs

Every passenger holds the eligibility to take wheelchairs and aids for any medical issues without any charges as long as they satisfy the limitations of the baggage posed under the British Airways baggage policy. 

  • In all the British Airways long haul flights: The maximum dimensions permitted are 55.1 * 33.5 * 41.7 inches or (140 * 85 * 106 cm).

  • In all the British Airways short-haul flights: The maximum dimensions that are granted for baggage is 51.1 * 33.5 * 41.7 inches or (140 * 85 * 106 cm).

  • For all the British Airways CityFlier: The maximum dimensions of the bag they are permitted to take is 75 * 29.5 * 25.5 inches or (190 * 75 * 65 cm).

Sports and Musical Instruments as Baggage in British Airways

The baggage policy of British Airways permits all users to check in their sports stuff like bikes, golf clubs, and the kit with the items used for the skis. The price for such items is £65 for each piece for one-way travel on a flight. It will get included in your checked baggage allowance. But for all the basic ticket holders, the charge is on, and they have to pay it as they don’t possess any checked baggage allowance. 

Look at the prices below for the prices given under the British Airways Baggage policy for such items. 

  • Skis: £65 for one-way travel, and the weight of that item wouldn’t exceed the limit of 23 kg.

  • Bikes: £65 for one-way travel, and the maximum weight shouldn’t lie more than 23 kg.

  • Golf Clubs: £65 for one-way travel, and the limit of the weight of that item is 23 kg.

Excess Baggage on British Airways

British Airways’ excess baggage policy allows all users to check in up to 10 bags on all British Airways flights. The checked baggage allowance is included in these excess baggage numbers. For example, if you have the allowance of 2 checked-in bags in your ticket, then you can check-in 8 more extra bags.

When you book or perform the check-in online, you must pay £36 to £120 for each piece of luggage. In contrast, doing it at the airport will cost you £40 to £140 per luggage. For any overweight bag in this section that weighs more than 32 kg, the price you need to pay is £65. 

Suppose anything heavier than this will come; then you have to ship it differently as cargo. 

Overweight and Oversize Baggage

British Airways baggage policy laid down the fee of $100 per bag that weighs between the range of 51 to 70 pounds or (23 to 32 kg). If any bag has more weight than 70 pounds or 32 kg, they are not allowed as checked baggage and have to be transported as cargo. 

Passengers have the permit to take baggage of the limit 190 cm * 75 cm * 65 cm or (75 in * 29.5 in * 25.5 in). No such curtailment prevails under this segment of oversizing as it exists in overweight. 

Prohibited items on the cabin as Baggage on British Airways

British Airways Baggage policy is so strict since they banned some items from bringing on the cabin. If they spot those items in your bags, they will seize and discard your baggage from the travel segment. 

You are not permitted to take any liquid of more than 100 ml in quantity. For instance, all items like gels, mouthwash, toothpaste, face wash, and many others are general, and everyone carries those. But the baggage policy of British Airways is limited to 100 ml, and if it is more than that, then it gets impounded and wrecked.

Moreover, dangerous stuff like sharp objects, that are knives, blades, scissors, and razors, are not allowed. Besides this, all kinds of flammable substances like lighters, guns, fireworks, and matchboxes are forbidden on the flight. And Lithium batteries are also banned from bringing in aircraft. 

If you consider taking any sports equipment like a golf club, cricket bat, and baseball bat, this is also banned. 

Let’s talk about food. It is a section to which most countries are fine except Australia and some EU countries, as they also prohibit food. For them, all the non-perishable items (that will not decay) are good to go, but they won’t allow any of the perishable items. So, to get aware of this fact, you need to check for the country’s rules to which you are flying to get an idea of which food you can bring or not. To clarify this segment, refer to the British Airways Baggage policy. 

Prohibited items on British Airways as Checked Baggage

The number of items is less for the checked baggage compared to the hand baggage that is prohibited. But you can’t bring the general banned stuff like guns, ammunition, and flammable objects. 

Ending words..!

British Airways’ baggage policy made it easy for people to take baggage on British Airways flights. You can take the excess baggage as well, but it will be great if you know the rules of that section beforehand. If you don’t understand any clauses stated under this baggage policy of British Airways, then please feel free to Call us at 1-833-714-2120. We feel really glad to assist you with whatever issue you have.

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