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JetBlue Airline Baggage PolicyYour Guide to JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy: Understanding Carry-On and Checked Luggage Restrictions

First, when you make a reservation with the Airline, you should know about the Baggage Policy to avoid any trouble during check-in. In this blog, you can find all the information regarding the JetBlue Baggage Policy, checked bags, carry-on bags, excess baggage restrictions, and so much more. JetBlue Airlines keeps the conditions clear & flexible for both international & domestic travelers. 

JetBlue Carry-On Baggage Policy

The Carry-on baggage policy has been modified recently, and here are the new rules & regulations:-

  • All the fares items include one personal item, such as; Small Purse, Backpack, Laptop Bag, Long Coat, Umbrella, or approved pet carrier that fits under the passenger’s seat.
  • However, the JetBlue Baggage Dimension for the personal item should be at most from 43x33x20 CM, including all the handles, pockets, and wheels.
  • The size of the carry-on bag should be within 55x35x22 CM and should weigh under seven kg.
  • The passengers who have added a pet to their JetBlue Basic fare reservation can board the plane with an approved pet carrier as their item.  
  • Flyers traveling on the basic-fare booking with the carry-on baggage can assess a JetBlue check-in baggage fee of 65 USD.

JetBlue Check-in Baggage Policy

According to the JetBlue Baggage Policy, check-in baggage refers to the luggage passengers must deposit at the airport during boarding. However, it will not be available for use during the flight. Upon arriving at the destination, passengers can receive their luggage, and depending on their destination & itinerary, flyers will be allowed to carry a different number of the checked-bags. 

JetBlue Baggage Policy For Checked Baggage 

Here, Passengers have to follow these rules & regulations:-

Rules & Regulations For Check-in Baggage Weight

  • Flyers can only bring two bags in the category of checked baggage.
  • However, the overall weight of the bags should be around 50 lb; 22.68 kg.
  • If any bag exceeds the airline’s limit, they must pay extra charges.
Checked Baggage Size 
  • Your checked baggage can be up to 62 inches, 157.48 CM.
  • The size given by the Airline includes the overall dimensions of the height, width & length.
  • But, if the passengers exceed the size limit of their baggage, then they have to pay additional charges.
JetBlue Airlines Baggage Fees
  • For the Basic Economy & other economy classes such as the blue basic & basic, you must pay at least 35-45 USD to check your bags.
  • The fee may differ based on how many bags you wish to carry.
  • Passengers with the AAdvantage Program & flyers who have chosen Mosaic can check in at least two bags free of cost without even paying for extra charges.
JetBlue Baggage Policy For Sports Equipment

JetBlue Airlines permits users to pack some sports equipment and musical instruments. If any items exceed the weight limit set by the airline, then the passengers have to pay an additional amount. 

The items may include skis, fishing accessories, golf bags, hockey sticks, and lacrosse equipment permitted in one packed bag on JetBlue. Sports items have to meet the conditions laid by Airlines as normal check-in baggage size dimensions & weight restrictions.

Here is the list of sporting types of equipment that has been allowed by JetBlue Airways:-

  • Golf Club
  • Archery Equipments
  • Snowboarding Items
  • Bicycles
  • Bowling Items
  • Golf Balls
  • Windsurfing Items
  • Scuba Diving Equipments
  • Rafting items 
  • Skiing sticks

Other Rules Imposed on the Sporting Items By the JetBlue Airlines 

  • Passengers should carry all of the sporting types of equipment in hard-sided cases. However, Airways will only be responsible if the item is properly packed. And the airline will not be responsible for any damage to the sports equipment packed in the soft cases.
  • According to the JetBlue Baggage Policy, passengers cannot bring items that weigh around 99 lbs.
  • Also, the flyer can check in multiple sports gear items in the same bag, such as a bowling set with skiing equipment.

However, most destinations may not allow sports items per the checked-in baggage policy. And in this case, the passenger has to contact JetBlue Airline to make some accommodations. 

Baggage Policy For Musical Instruments

Some of the Musical items can be carried by passengers on this airline’s flight. Here is the list of the musical items that passengers can bring as per the JetBlue Baggage Policy for international flights:

  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Drums
  • Tabla
  • Piano
  • Drumsticks

Passengers can buy a separate seat for all the musical items that weigh more than 164 lbs as these items may not be accepted as checked baggage due to their weight. However, passengers should pack their instruments carefully packed & securely in hard cases to avoid damaging their items.

Excess Baggage Policy of the JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines has a list of restrictions on bringing additional baggage on the flight, and this category also includes overweight & oversized items. If passengers are caught traveling with different things, they will be assessed with the JetBlue Baggage Fees. However, the fee may vary depending on the visitor’s desired route and cabin class. 

Extra Baggage Fee For Carrying Extra Bags At JetBlue Airlines 

  • Each JetBlue Item of the baggage should be 62 linear inches and not weigh over 50 pounds.
  • The Airline baggage fees for the second bag would be allowed for a one-way will be around $150.
  • However, baggage with a length of more than 62 linear inches but less than 80 linear inches will be permitted for a fee of $150.
  • For luggage weighing more than 80 linear inches & 45 kg, they will not be authorized to fly on the plane.
Overweight Baggage Rules & Regulations

The JetBlue Baggage Policy allows passengers to bring an overweight item; you must pay additional fees for these items weighing more than 50 pounds. Here are the rules imposed by JetBlue Airlines:-

  • The checked baggage should weigh at most 50 pounds.
  • However, you will be fined overweight baggage fees that range from $100 to $150 for bags within 51 to 99 lbs.
  • If any bag weighs more than 99 lbs will be rejected by the airline.

Oversize Baggage Limitations

Any bag that weighs more than 62 inches will be considered JetBlue Oversized Baggage. Extra fees will be charged for transporting it.

  • The oversized bag costs around $100 to $150 for items between 63 to 80 inches, 160 & 203 CM.
  • However, the largest luggage that passengers can carry should be more than 80 inches in length. But, passengers are prohibited from bringing bags that exceed the size limit given by the Airlines.

Military Baggage Charges on JetBlue Airlines 

If the passenger is a U.S. military member on active duty, your baggage can fly for free. This is because the military members are provided advantages in terms of baggage allowance according to the JetBlue Military baggage Policy. Here are some of the advantages that members of the military get:-

  • Two baggage is free for active-duty passengers who are flying on vacation.
  • However, they can bring five bags if they are traveling for duty.
  • As for the family, baggage exemption will be given to them only if they travel on the same PNR as the active-duty traveler. These rules depend on how JetBlue charges its baggage fee for military passengers. But, if you plan to travel for a vacation or a trip, you must show your DoD Common Access Card at the check-in desk to avoid extra baggage costs.
JetBlue Baggage Policy For Infants 

The Policy should be understood as the JetBlue Baggage Policy for domestic and foreign flights, which permits its flyers to fly with their babies. Infants might not be able to book their tickets. Also, the passenger must inform the airline if they are traveling with an infant on their lap. As per the rule, the passenger can only carry one child on the plane, and the baby should not be under 2 days old to travel on the flight.

Here is the list of the items that passengers can bring with them during the flight:-

  • Baby Car Seat
  • Strollers
  • Diaper Bags

Remember, the infant is not allowed to carry its luggage. And, even if you purchase tickets, they cannot carry any luggage with them during the flight as checked baggage. 

JetBlue Airways Baggage Policy For Pets 

The Airline has made a different policy regarding carrying pets on board. Passengers should follow these rules if they are traveling with JetBlue airlines:-

  • The dogs can fly on planes regardless of domestic & international flights.
  • Per the JetBlue Pet Policy, passengers must make a reservation for their pets. 
  • Also, during the flight, the pet must stay under his/her carrier with the doors shut and be kept under the Passenger seat.
  • The Airline does not allow dogs to fly in the cargo section as it can be hard for them to get oxygen and pressure on the plane.
  • Pets must be capable of standing up and wandering around the carrier easily.
  • All pet carriers must have leak-proof bottoms, and they should have at least two completely ventilated sides.

Lost, Delayed, & Damaged Baggage Policy 

The passengers can claim with the Airline if they are lost, delayed, or damaged bags. You must register your claim for your delayed, damaged bags within a short duration after arriving at your destination. However, if you need help filing your claim, you can do so at the carrier agent’s office. 

But, if you have already left your airport, you can make a baggage claim by calling their toll-free number. 

JetBlue Airlines Compensations 

Sometimes, passengers may receive their luggage in dreadful condition, or their bags may get lost or delayed. If so, you will be compensated for JetBlue’s delayed or lost baggage. For domestic passengers, the compensation can be around $3800. Whereas for international passengers, the compensation completely depends on the extent of the damage. If you want to know the exact amount, then you will have to contact the Airline itself. 

How to Save Extra Baggage Fee on the JetBlue Airlines?

No one wants to spend extra fee on baggage fees, and we are here to tell you about some hacks for saving money on additional baggage. 

  • The first thing you can do is, get subscribed to TrueBlue Mosaic Subscription. You can record 15,000 flight miles annually and 30 quarters or 12,000 travel points. 
  • Passengers can get various perks through this membership, such as free cancellations and priority boarding.
  • However, on the JetBlue Military Baggage Fees, this airline offers certain unique perks. And you can take advantage of it if you are a present duty officer or a member of their family.
  • Other than that, the airline provides three credit cards, each including one complimentary checked bag for every other ticket. The JetBlue Plus Card and JetBlue Business Card are all included in this option. And you may use any of these cards to save money on JetBlue International Baggage Fees. 
Observational Verdict

This blog has come to an end. The following write-up contains information about the JetBlue Baggage Policy. The Baggage Policy is quite straightforward for every passenger to understand. All you have to do is follow the airline’s rules and regulations to avoid overpacking and paying extra money for oversized baggage.

However, if you have any remaining questions or want to know more about any other policy, such as; Frontier Name Change Policy, you can visit our official website for more such content.

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