JetBlue Baggage Policy

Enter the Details to Know the Baggage Policy of JetBlue Airlines Flight

JetBlue Airline Baggage Policy

After completing the reservation in flight, the next most significant thing that comes up about which people think is baggage. Passengers then started to look out for the policies for the baggage to know about each and everything about it. But sometimes policies become so confusing and hard to understand. Therefore, JetBlue came forward with their JetBlue Airlines Baggage policy, in which they explained every aspect very vividly.

In this article, you can spot every detail regarding JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy. By going through this policy description, you will not encounter a single problem in your travel regarding your luggage.

JetBlue Carry-on Baggage Policy

JetBlue Caary-on Baggage refers to items a traveler can bring with them on the flight. They all have the privilege of using those baggage items during their journey. In addition to this, this baggage is also known as cabin or hand baggage. But you should also be aware that certain rules and restrictions are also applied to this type of baggage.

Rules for Carry-on Baggage on JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy states those items were under carry-on baggage policy when they passed all the rules and regulations. These rules are as follows:

JetBlue Airline Baggage limit:

  • All the passengers only have permission to take one personal bag and one carry-on baggage.
  • If you have Blue Basic fare, you can only bring one personal bag with you but can’t bring one carry-on baggage.
  • The carrier has no particular weight restriction for all the carry-on baggage, but they must be lightweight so anyone can easily lift it.

JetBlue Carry-on Size limitations:

  • The Carry-on baggage that one can take with them on the plane with themselves should remain within the limit of size posed by JetBlue Airlines. It shouldn’t exceed the limit of 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches or 55.88 cm x 35.36 cm x 22.86 cm in terms of length, breadth, and height, respectively.
  • The bags that must get fitted under the seat in front of you also have limitations in size. It is 17 inches x 13 inches x 8 inches.

JetBlue Airline Baggage Fee

  • There is no need to pay a single penny to bring one personal baggage and carry-on baggage on a flight.
  • For all the items that are overweight, the limit of the baggage brought by the people at the checked area may put them in a situation to pay $65 to $180.

Rules for Checked-in Baggage Policy of JetBlue Airlines

Take a glimpse at all the rules and regulations mentioned under the Checked-in baggage policy of JetBlue Airlines. Everything, including weight limit, size limit, and fees for the same, is also highlighted here.

Limitation of weight on Checked-in baggage

  • All the passengers have the right to bring 2 checked-in baggage for free.
  • The maximum weight for baggage that you are permitted to bring is about 50 lbs or 22.68 kg,
  • If you bring any piece of baggage that is over this limitation, then you are subject to paying those additional charges.

Size restrictions for checked baggage

  • Ensure that the bags you bring would fall under the limit of 62 inches or 157.48 cm.
  • The above-stated size includes total weight like length, width, and height.
  • When you cross the limit mentioned here for the baggage, you have to pay some extra charges.

Fee for the Checked Baggage

  • You have to pay around $35 to $40 for checking in the baggage when you have basic economy and economy classes like Blue Basic & Basic.
  • The total amount of fees fluctuates based on the number of bags that a person is checking in.
  • Passengers who are Advantage program members and all the flyers who opted for Mosaic have the privilege to check in 2 bags free of cost.

Items inside the checked baggage of JetBlue Airlines

You can put all the basic items of daily use in your checked baggage, like clothes, assistive devices, food, and safety kits. JetBlue Airlines laid down some special privileges for their passengers under which they can bring fragile stuff along with sports equipment with them. But they need to follow the rules and regulations of this policy strictly.

Sports Items Under JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy

Following the JetBlue Baggage allowance, they can take sports equipment and musical instruments. Besides this, some amount may be levied on those items when you bring them, weighing more than 32 kilograms.

Skis, fishing stuff, golf kit, and hockey items are permissible on the flights of JetBlue Airlines, but when they are packed in one bag only. You can take every sports item as checked baggage, but you must ensure you are not breaching any rules and regulations under this JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy. Given below is the list of the names of the sports equipment are highlighted that are permitted by JetBlue Airlines:

  • Golf club set
  • Windsurfing or snowboarding equipment
  • Archery items
  • Bicycles
  • Rafting stuff
  • Skiing Sticks enclosed
  • Bowling pack

Regulation regarding Sports Equipments

  • Everyone must bring sports equipment packed in hard-sided cases. The airlines will not be responsible for repaying for any damage to the sports stuff when it is packed in soft cases.
  • According to the JetBlue Baggage allowance, all passengers can bring sports equipment, but it should remain under the weight restriction of 99 lbs.
  • If you have one bag packed with skiing sticks and bowling set, you can simply check that in without any hindrance.

Important Note: While making a reservation for a particular place, you may not receive the right to bring sports stuff as checked-in baggage, as some places don’t allow this. In such cases, you need to contact the airlines to arrange some accommodation so that you can bring your sports items.

Musical Stuff as Checked Baggage on JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines permits people to bring some musical instruments on the flights. Here, the names of the musical instrument are given so that you can easily bring on your checked baggage. So, take a look:

  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Tabla
  • Piano
  • Drums
  • Drumsticks

Important Note: For all musical instruments weighing more than 164 lbs, you must buy a separate seat. If they didn’t remain under the limit, then the airlines do not accept that piece of baggage. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that every musical item is packed in hard cases so that no damage happens to those items.

JetBlue Baggage Policy for Excess Baggage

Certain limitations are applied to bringing excess baggage on a flight by several airlines; JetBlue is one of those. These baggage are regarded as items counted as extra than necessary. It also comprises overweight and oversized baggage. So, if you come in that segment under which you are bringing some extra baggage, you become liable to pay additional charges, and the amount you need to pay depends on the route and fare type.

Pay focus on the rules for bringing excess baggage in JetBlue Airlines that are listed below:

  • Each piece of baggage you take with you should not exceed the limit of 60 linear inches in size and not be heavier than 50 pounds.
  • For the second bag you bring, the fee levied by JetBlue Airlines for one way is around $150.
  • Any baggage that remains under the limit of 60 linear inches to 80 linear inches is permitted for the fee of $150.
  • In case when a customer comes with baggage that passes out the limit of 80 linear inches and 45 kilos, they will get denied by the airline to board the plane.

Regulations for overweight baggage fees

JetBlue Airlines gives all of their passengers an upper hand when it comes to the baggage segment to bring overweight items. Bringing items weighing over 50 pounds will make you pay some extra charges as overweight baggage fees. Hence, the regulations for the same are listed here for taking those items:

  • Ensure that all the checked baggage you bring on the flight weigh not more than 50 pounds.
  • For every bag that weighs 51 lbs to 99 lbs, the price for each bag you need to pay is $100 to $150.
  • The airlines will discard Any piece of baggage you bring that exceeds the weight limit of 99 lbs.

Conditions for Oversize baggage in JetBlue Airlines

Every bag that is far more than 62 linear inches in dimensions or size will be considered an oversize bag in terms of JetBlue Airlines. The passenger needs to pay some extra charges to take those bags. To know more, look below:

  • If your bag has a dimension or size limit between 63 to 80 inches or 160 to 203 cm, then JetBlue Baggage fees will appear as $100 to $150.
  • On all of the flights of JetBlue Airlines, the largest bag you can carry with you is 80 inches long. Thus, baggage that exceeds this limit is prohibited according to JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy.

Baggage Policy of JetBlue Airlines concerning infants

Per JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy, you all have the right to travel on International and Domestic flights with your infants. It is not permitted for the infants to make their bookings on their own. Thus, it becomes mandatory for all infants to inform the airlines if they are traveling with their infant on their lap. You can travel with an infant on the flight when you are following all the rules stated for the same. One significant thing you all need to take care of is that your child should not be under 2 days old to travel with us.

You have the privilege to take these highlighted items with you:

  • Baby Car seat
  • Strollers
  • Diaper bags

It is written in JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy that infants are not supposed to bring their checked-in baggage. Even if passengers bought tickets for the infants, they aren’t eligible to bring any checked luggage.

Banned items on JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines doesn’t allow any harm or flammable object inside the flight as they are pointed or sharp and can become a reason for damage to baggage or harm the passengers. Moreover, TSA guidelines restrict bringing those stuff on the flight. Aware of the items that you can’t carry with you on the flight JetBlue Airlines:

  • Gas Lighters, e-cigarettes, matchsticks, and explosives.
  • Firearms, flares, Tear Gas, & Adhesives.
  • Liquid Bleach, Oil paint shampoo, & Aerosols.
  • Lithium Batteries.
  • Radioactive or magnetized materials.
  • Turpentines
  • Spray Paint
  • CO2 Cartridges

Note: Remember that if you get caught carrying any of such items that are banned by JetBlue Airlines after the security check, your booking might get canceled by the airlines.

What to do when Your Baggage Gets Damaged, Delayed, and Damaged?

For instance, when your checked baggage gets lost, damaged, and delayed, you must proceed with the following:

  1. Report the situation immediately at the airport to any team member of JetBlue Airlines and then file a claim.
  2. If you left from the airport for the destination where you need to go, then call the JetBlue Baggage service office within 4 hours of landing. Failing to do this will lead you to a situation where you can’t even receive compensation for the claim if needed.

Following the scenario of filling out the report, you can go further or can take the follow by by either:

  • Through the central baggage service office, or
  • By heading to the online bag claim system of JetBlue Airlines.

How to Acquire the Amount of Compensation for Baggage?

To gain compensation of any kind or for any condition related to any baggage, follow:

  • Tell or just leave the same thought in the mind of the team of JetBlue Airlines within 4 hours after reaching the destination.
  • Within the period of 21 days, submit a request for reimbursement.
  • Save the original receipts or bill with yourself to prove the expenses spent by you. It is necessary if you want to claim expenses that happened because of the delay in your baggage.
  • If JetBlue Airlines denies your claim, then you should take some legal action within one year. After this period, it doesn’t count in any way.

In a Nutshell..!

All the rules and regulations specified under JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy are simple and easy to understand. By following these rules, you can travel without any worry as the biggest concern will get sorted out, which is baggage. No hidden costs are present under this policy if you remain under the rules and regulations highlighted. For more clarity, you can call our team at1-833-714-2120 and get your queries settled. If this doesn’t work, email us at, and we will revert you back in some time with an appropriate reply.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No, it is wrong to say that JetBlue Airlines charge baggage fees from Military officers. JetBlue Airlines Baggage policy states that they can take up to 5 bags on the flight as checked-in at no extra fees.

Whenever you bring any additional or extra pieces of baggage than the fixed JetBlue Baggage allowance, you need to pay extra charges. The extra baggage fee is around $45 for one bag, and the price will rise to $150 for the second bag.

Simply, you can add the number of your baggage online. Visit the “My Trips” section after going to the official website of JetBlue Airlines. Then, move towards the extra section and add the number of bags you have. At last, complete the procedure by making the payment for the baggage.

The checked baggage fees depend on the number of bags you carry. Generally, the fee for all domestic flights is $35, and for all International flights, it becomes $65. The maximum charge they levied is $150, which applies to three or more bags. Another factor that makes the baggage fees fluctuate is your class of service.

After the confirmation that the baggage gets lost, you will receive compensation. The amount is different for all International and domestic passengers. In the case of domestic travel, they compensate $3800, and for International, the compensation depends on the level of the damage. You can contact the airlines directly to know the exact amount of compensation present in your case.

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