Thai Airways Airline Baggage Policy

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Thai Airways Baggage Policy

Thai Airways Airline Baggage Policy: Everything You Need to Know About Checked and Carry-on Luggage

Thai Airways is a well-reputed Thailand-based low-cost Airline. It flies to almost 63 destinations all around the globe including countries like Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, etc. It offers its customer numerous facilities. However, many travelers get confused regarding the Baggage Policy of Thai Airways. Every airline has its own Luggage or baggage policy, along with different rules, that its customer must have to accept, and so does Thai airways.

If you want to learn more about Thai Airways Baggage Policy, you can go through this article. 

What is Thai Airways Airline Checked Baggage Policy?

Thai Airways has a very liberal and simple baggage policy. However, it differs according to Customer’s travel class. Currently, the Airways offers four classes to its customers, i.e., Royal First Class, Royal Silk Class, Economy Premium, and Economy class. Each of these has its own baggage allowance. Despite that, every passenger traveling via Thai Airways has permission to carry at least two checked Baggage with themself. 

However, not all passenger has permission to carry on Baggage or personal items by themself. This mainly depends on your ticket. Thus before leaving for the Airport, always check the Thai Airways Baggage Policy.

What is the Thai Airways Airline Luggage Allowance?

When you purchase your ticket with Thai Airways, some amount of checked Luggage must be mentioned on it. The allowance limits depend on the total weight of the item instead of the number of items. Moreover, it also depends on the type of flight you are taking, i.e., Domestic or International flights. However, in case a passenger decides to exceed the normal baggage limit, they have to pay for the extra weight. 

Note: For the Flights between the US and Canada, a customer can take only two items. 

In case you shift your ticket to some lower class, you will get a refund from Thai Airways, but that doesn’t mean your baggage allowance will decrease. The airline is so flexible when it comes to such a thing.

What is the ideal Baggage Weight Allowed?

Thai Airways cabin baggage weight varies according to your class of ticket. In a scenario, if you are traveling for a higher class, you can carry more weight than a passenger who is traveling from the lower class. It depends on a few other factors as well; let’s read about each of them one by one:

1. Baggage Weight Allowed for International Flights

The flights that are flying TO AND FROM TC3 and TC2 has different baggage allowance than domestic flights.

TC3: Asia, Australia, and New Zealand 

TC2: Europe, Africa, and the Middle East 

  • In case a customer is traveling with Royal Class, they can carry up to 50 Kg, i.e., 110 pounds.

  • Similarly, if a passenger is traveling in Royal Silk Class or Premium Economy, they have the option to carry up to 40 kgs, or 88 pounds, of Luggage in total.

  • However, the passengers Who are flying in Economy class can carry almost 30 Kg or 66 Pounds of Luggage.

  • Moreover, Thai Airways Baggage allowance for an infant is 10 kgs (22 Pounds)

  • Additionally, Star Alliance Gold or ROP Members have the advantage of carrying an extra 20 Kg along with their baggage allowance.

  • Furthermore, ROP Silver members can take on 10 kg extra with them.

  • Whereas Royal Orchid Platinum members can carry up to 30 Kg of extra weight with Thai Airways.

2. Baggage Allowances for Domestic Flights

For Domestic flights, the rules are a little different. You can learn about it in brief by checking the points mentioned below:

  • Flyers of the Royal Silk class can carry Luggage up to 40 Kg.

  • Whereas the passengers traveling from Premium economy have permission to carry up to 66 pounds or 30 kgs.

  • Apart from that, the Economy class people can carry almost 30 kg.

  • Now, if we discuss about infants they can travel with 10 kg baggage.

  • ROP members have permission to carry an extra 30 kg, and ROP Silver Members are allowed to fly with 10 kg extra.

Note: Thai Airways Airline Baggage Policy is different for people flying from/ to USA and Canada as well. 

  1. For the Royal First Class and Business Royal Silk Class, the maximum Baggage limit is 32 Kg and 2 bags.

  2. While Economy class passengers can carry almost 23 kgs and 2 bags along with them.

  3. Finally, the infants, who have their own seats, can carry a bag of 23 kg with them while flying with Thai Airways.

What should be the Dimension of your Luggage?

Although Thai Airways are very flexible and linnet with its customers but while traveling with the Airlines, always make sure about your luggage dimensions.

  1. Your hand baggage dimensions must not exceed 52x45x25 Cm.

  2. Whereas the carry-on Baggage must be of 37x25x12.5 cm in measurement.

What is Thai Airways Airline Extra Baggage Fees?

In case you are carrying some extra weight of Baggage with you, you have to pay some charges. Along with the weight of the Baggage, the additional fees also depend on the class with which you are traveling, your itinerary, and the date on which you purchased your flight ticket.

For International travelers, the extra baggage fees depend on the destination country as well. To know more about it, you can simply hit the Help box given below or dial our Toll-Free Number and ask for help. 

What are the Laws for Thai Airways Airline Baggage Policy?

As we already mentioned, Thai Airways follows very lenient Rules and regulations. However, these rules are a bit unpredictable because of the various criteria of the Airlines.

  • As per the rules, the airline allows new personal items to carry. Apart from that, in case you are carrying anything extra, you have to pay for it.

    Note: The fees of Thai airlines are comparatively less than that of any other Airline.

  • However, the charges can be increased if you are booking it on the Airport itself.

  • The personal item must not exceed the directed Dimensions, as they are going to be under your seat areas.

  • No matter in what class you are traveling, you have permission to take one carry-on Luggage and one personal item with you.

  • In case you are carrying any special item, the airline will charge you for it.

You must have to go through all these rules before making up your flight for a hassle-free journey.

Furthermore, you can check the Thai Airways Airline Name Change Policy as well if you have made any mistake in your name while purchasing your ticket.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

As per Thai Airways Baggage Policy, if your flight ticket, is written as 2 then you definitely can check in with 2 bags. However, if it is marked less than two, i.e., 1, then you have to carry only one piece with you.

While Travelling with Thai Airways, the Maximum size of the Luggage allowed is 6 inches. The length, width, and height of the Baggage must not exceed 158 cm. 

On an Economy class flight, any passenger can carry a Maximum of 30 Kg of weight. Suppose the weight exceeds by any chance, you have to pay the extra fees for the additional weight.

Airways provides the best services to its customers, including the Alochols. However, the charges differ according to the class of your flight ticket. If you are traveling with the finest class, you are not supposed to pay anything for your beverage, but in case you are traveling with economy class, you have to pay for it. 

If you have made some mistake while entering your name in your Flight ticket, you have to correct it as soon as possible, using the Thai Airline Name Change Policy. However, the policy has its own set of rules and regulations. Read about it in detail.

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