Air New Zealand Baggage Policy

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Air New Zealand Baggage Policy

Air New Zealand Baggage Policy: Limits, Fees, and More

Air New Zealand Baggage Fees, Rules & Regulations are straightforward. The Airline is one of the most respected Airlines in the sky and is known among Oceania & South Asia passengers. If you plan to travel on this flight for your next vacation, you must know about the Air New Zealand Baggage Policy & fees.

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Air New Zealand Airline Carry-On Policy 

The Carry-on baggage allowance solely depends on the class of your travel. Passengers traveling in Premium economy or business class, first class will get better baggage allowances. Here, you can take a look at the Air New Zealand carry-on baggage size and its weight requirements:

  • Economy:- Economy class travelers can carry one cabin baggage weighing not more than 7 Kg and one small bag with that. However, the luggage size should be at most 118 CM in total dimensions.

  • Premium Economy & Other Classes:- For passengers in the premium economy, business class, elite members, and Star Alliance gold members are permitted to board two pieces of baggage that weigh around 14 kg. However, a single baggage item should be at most 10 kg. According to the Air New Zealand Baggage Policy, the carry-on luggage should be at most 118 CM in total dimensions.

However, the Air New Zealand Baggage Policy for cabins is standard for many of the Airways in this region. Passengers can use the baggage they use for the trips to the Qantas or Singapore Airlines Flights. One thing is for sure if your baggage does not fulfill the requirements, then the Airline will place it in cargo, and you will be charged extra fees. 

Air New Zealand Airline Checked-Baggage Allowance

The Flight ticket includes a checked-in luggage allowance unless you travel on a seat-only ticket. The seat ticket permits cabin baggage, and the Baggage allowance is mentioned on the ticket. Airways offers a baggage calculator which helps you determine what items you can carry on your ticket:

  • Air New Zealand Domestic Baggage Fees For Economy:- Passenger’s checked bag does not weigh more than 23 kg with a total dimension of 158 CM.

  • New Zealand International Baggage Allowance For Economy:- A Checked Bag should not weigh more than 23 Kg with an overall dimension of 158 CM.

  • Premium Economy:-Two checked bags should weigh at most 23 Kg each with a total of 158 CM dimensions each.

  • Business Class:- Three checked bags must weigh under 23 Kg each with overall dimensions of 158 CM/each bag.

The maximum number of checked bags permitted passengers to bring three bags/each person if they have booked the Air New Zealand additional baggage. 

Air New Zealand Airline Additional Baggage

Passengers can bring more luggage according to their ticket, which allows them to bring at least three bags. However, if you want to take more than three bags, it is best to look at the luggage transfer or the cargo options. This option will be more affordable than the other one, and it is also very secure. 

Any bag that exceeds Airline’s weight & size limit has to be transported by Cargo itself. However, the Airline won’t allow them even if you decide to pay extra for it.

However, the cost of an extra bag depends on the departure airport and its destination. You will find the entire list on the main website of Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand Airline Additional Baggage Limit & Fees

Per the Air New Zealand Baggage Policy, the weight of your luggage should not exceed more than 32 kg. Moreover, many tickets permit users to carry a maximum of 23 Kg, and you will be charged additional fees. 

As we have said earlier, any item/bag exceeding the 32 KG limitation must be transported through cargo. The cost of the additional weight depends on your departure and arrival at the airport. 

Air New Zealand Airline Sports Equipment

Per the Air New Zealand Baggage Policy, the sports types of equipment which are less than 2m long & weigh less than 23 kg count as a standard bag which includes:-

  • Bikes

  • Skis Items

  • Snowboard

  • Surfboard

  • Golf Bag

  • Hang Glider

  • Windsurfer

If your item exceeds the standard bag size & weight, an additional baggage charge will apply. However, you must contact the Airline directly if you want to travel with an item that exceeds these dimensions. 

Air New Zealand Airline Baggage Policy For Musical Items

Most musical instruments should be 1m or less long to be considered a standard bag. Therefore, passengers must pay for oversized baggage if their instrument exceeds this length. If your musical instrument is sensitive, you should also book a seat for your instrument as well. 

Infant Baggage Allowance on New Air Zealand Airline

There are different rules for the babies traveling on this flight. Each Air New Zealand infant fare contains one carry-on bag and two items. Here is the list of those two items:-

  • Stroller & Buggy

  • Car Seat

  • Bassinet

Extra Items That You Can Bring on Air New Zealand Airline

Passengers are allowed to carry certain types of sporting & musical items, as we have explained earlier, as your standard luggage. 

  • Bags/items under 2 meters can be transported as regular check-in suitcases.

  • Items weighing less than 23 kg can be taken as checked-in baggage.

  • As for the baggage that weighs less than 23 kg but more than 32 kg, you will have to pay extra fees. But, it can be transported as check-in baggage.

  • Items exceeding the limit of 32 kg need to be transported as cargo.

The Air New Zealand Airline Baggage Policy depends on the departing and the arrival locations. So, when you book your ticket, you must look for the applicable rules for your situation. 

When booking a reservation, you must know about the baggage policy & the limits, and the luggage dimensions. This blog explains everything you need about Air New Zealand Baggage Policy. However, if you wish to know more about the policies, such as Air New Zealand Airline Name Change Policy, visit our website to get the full information.

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