Korean Air Baggage Policy

Enter the Details to Know the Baggage Policy of Korean Airlines Flight

Korean Air Baggage Policy

Did you make your flight booking with Korean Airlines this time wants to know about the details of Korean Air Baggage Policy? If yes, this article is for all of you. Here, an elucidation of the Korean Air Baggage Policy is given. You should take a look at this write before leaving for the airport. You’ll know how many bags you can carry, What is the maximum weight bag you can carry, and other related policy allowances.

The flexibility is there in the case of baggage rules. But remember that the rules are subject to change based on travel route and fare class. So, carefully go through each point of the write-up without leaving any point in a middle way.

Rules under Korean Air Baggage Policy

Here a list of rules under the Korean Air Baggage policy is specified. These rules apply to all travel classes, fare types, and routes.

  • Korean Air Baggage Policy only applies to the flights that Korean Air manages. This case is mostly workable when any of the passengers in the ticket have a flight with some partner airline of Korean Air.

  • When you commit to canceling the Korean Air flight, the Baggage fee refund, according to Korean Air Baggage policy, is available only on some selected routes.

  • The flight ticket also mentions all the mandatory restrictions on the baggage you take with you, like size and weight.

  • If you benefit from the Korean Air Flight change policy, then the Korean Air baggage policy rules will apply on the new flight that you change. The fee will also vary based on travel routes, class of service, and fare type.

  • When your bag gets located without the name, then that bag will go to the “Korean Air lost baggage counter”. And if you want to receive it, you must go to the same place.

Korean Air Baggage Policy | In-Depth Details

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Korean Air Carry-on baggage

According to the Korean Air Baggage Policy, all passengers can carry one piece of luggage. The limit for the weight and size of that bag should be 115 cm or 45 linear inches, including all the handles, wheels, and pockets. Whereas, if we talk about the weight limit, the maximum weight should lie within the 12 kg or 25 pounds limit.

The Korean Air Baggage policy allows everyone to bring two carry-on baggage in a matter of premium class like business and first class. The maximum size limit of that baggage should lie within the limit of 115 or 45 linear inches. In contrast, the weight should not exceed the limit of 18 kg or 40 pounds.

Korean Air Checked Baggage

Korean Air has three distinct classes in which you can travel. These three are Economy, Prestige, and First class. As we all know, for all Economy class travelers, there is a privilege that they can check in one baggage for free. Besides this, all the passengers of the Prestige class can take two pieces of baggage for free. All the first-class members can carry three checked-in bags without even being given a single penny.

If we talk about the restriction on the weight of the baggage, then the bag you can take is 44 pounds in Economy class. In addition, all the prestige members of Korean Air are permitted to bring a maximum of 66 pounds of baggage.

Refer to the table below for the fee for checked baggage, as it varies based on the route you are traveling.

Korean Air Baggage Policy by Flightaura

Oversize and Overweight baggage fees in Korean Air

Overweight baggage fees may vary as per the Korean Air Baggage policy based on the route you traveled and the bag’s weight. It might cost you between $75 to $200. On the other hand, if you have a piece of oversize baggage, then the fee might be different, but the range of the fee remains the same. If you bring baggage over 70 pounds, you might be declined to get on the plane as it is not allowed by some of the flights of Korean Air. So, it is suggested that all of you double-check the weight of your baggage before heading toward the airport.

Traveling with Infant on Korean Air

When traveling with an infant, you can use many amenities or services offered under the baggage policy of Korean Air. The infant you are traveling with must have aged one week or more. At the time of traveling with the infant, you must satisfy the following given aspects:

  • You have to share the medical information form (MEDIF) and should look out for the possibility of infant travel within the period.

  • Request that you travel with an infant per the Korean Air Baggage Policy.

Note: All infants below 2 years of age are not liable to have a ticket. But, over the 2 years, it is mandatory to have a ticket. Every infant who doesn’t require a seat may travel by taking advantage of the First-class baggage allowance for all the domestic routes without paying any money.

Limitations for the liquid under Korean Air Baggage Policy

Korean Air has put forward some restrictions on carrying liquid inside the flight. The airlines have laid out rules to protect the passengers because sometimes, liquid can prove dangerous.

The rules for the liquid posed by Korean Air are as follows:
  • You can only transport the liquid while using a plastic bag.

  • The bag must be sealable so that no liquid will spill out.

  • The maximum weight of the liquid you can bring is 3.4 ounces.

  • The liquids you carry with you must be sealed; if not, you can’t take them with you.

The restricted item on Korean Air

All sharp objects and other identical items are prohibited on flights with Korean Air. These objects may prove harmful or deadly, so avoid bringing these items on board. The list of those items that are prohibited on Korean Air is as follows:

  • Flammable items, lighter fluid, and Explosives.

  • Firearms and Party cracker.

  • Lithium batteries and personal devices for mobility.

  • Aerosols, insecticides, and pesticides.

  • Explosives and bleaches.

  • Party crackers.


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