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British Airways Cancellation Policy – Refund Guidelines, Fees, And More [2024]

Canceling a pre-booked flight is not a choice that people make, but the situations that emerge will compel you to do so. They don’t see any other alternative, so they cancel their flight booking. Hence, British Airways introduced their British Airways cancellation policy, according to which people can easily cancel their tickets when they have a booking with British Airways. The smooth execution of the policy depends on the rules and guidelines, and if passengers abide by those regulations, the process goes on seamlessly. 

British Airlines Cancellation Policy

This article consists of each clause or point about the British Airways cancellation policy, so go thoroughly through this write-up. Get introduced to the cancellation policy of British Airways and make your travel easier and you can also learn about British Airways Baggage Policy their related to baggage allowance.

Most Significant Points About the Cancellation of Booking

The policy has a set of rules which we already discussed. But on the other hand, there are also some limitations. To use the British Airways Cancellation policy, you must abide by the limitations mentioned. So the description of the key points to remember for booking cancellation is given:

  • The process of cancellation is only initiated from the point of booking. It simply means that the person who booked the flight can only cancel it.

  • If the ticket is booked by any third-party travel agents or through calling mode, then it would get canceled only by that means.

  • Likewise, if the booking is made through the website, it would get canceled online.

What are the British Airways Cancellation Rules?

Every policy needs rules to exist and function properly; otherwise, people misuse that policy. British Airways’ cancellation policy has rules that are mandatory for everyone to know, as you can only use this policy when you follow all the rules. Following are the rules and regulations:

  • A risk-free cancelation period exists in which you can cancel your ticket without any charges. The time is only 24-hours, which starts from the very moment of booking.

  • The cancellation can happen both ways. If you cancel the flight, then you can receive a refund. On the other hand, if the airlines cancel the ticket, you become deserving of British Airways Cancelation compensation.

  • According to the British Airways Cancelation policy, every ticket can easily get canceled.

Some other rules are specified here as cancellation rules for Covid-19. In this particular aspect, if your flight gets canceled due to any complication, then you get a travel voucher or e-voucher for a future journey.

The vouchers can be used anytime by the customers, bringing a huge difference in their fare price. The pandemic makes them eligible to receive the full ticket amount as a refund. 

24-Hour Cancelation Policy of British Airways

The Airways laid down British Airways’ 24-hour cancellation policy, and there is nothing wrong in considering it the golden period. Passengers can cancel their flight bookings simply without any cost. The time specified here counted from the time of the flight booking. One more condition prevails in this aspect, i.e., the flight date should be at least printed one week later. 

  • Each ticket type is applicable for cancellation under this policy of 24 hours.

  • The refund process is easy under this policy as it comes back into your original mode of payment, but you must cancel within one day.

Note: Sometimes, the calling center is closed, so the airlines give you one privilege by considering you the first caller. The privilege is to cancel the ticket within 48 hours rather than 24 hours. 

British Airways Delayed Flight Compensation?

If you have purchased a flight with British Airways and face delayed, overbooked, or canceled flights, EC 261 gives you the right to claim compensation from the Airways. You can also claim compensation for past flights (up to 3 years) if you didn’t know this.
The following table represents the amount of compensation you are entitled to under the British Airways Cancellation Policy when you suffer due to no fault of your own:



All flights under 1,500km

Up to €250 per passenger

Internal EU flights over 1,500km

Up to €400 per passenger

Non-internal EU flights between 1,500-3,500km

Up to €400 per passenger

Non-internal EU flights over 3,500km

Up to €600 per passenger

How to Cancel British Airways Flights?

British Airways, to ensure the convenience of the customers, poses two methods for canceling their tickets. People can go with the method they think is suitable for them. The only thing that all the passengers need to do is to follow the steps carefully that are given under the different alternatives. Look below for the query’s answer, i.e., How to cancel British Airways flights? The methods for the same are as follows:

First procedure: Booking Cancellation by Online Method

In order to access this method, you need to visit the official website of British Airways. The steps for performing afterward are given here.

  • Get the browser open on your device and go to the main website of British Airways.

  • The next stop is to click on “Manage” to reach the page “login.”

  • A new window will pop up in which you need to fill in the login credentials, i.e., the booking confirmation number and the passenger’s last name.

  • After logging in, locate the tab “find my booking.”

  • Succeeding this, “Trips” is the tab you must click.

  • Here, choose the booking you want to cancel and opt for cancellation.

  • Now, it’s your turn to pay the cancelation charges according to the British Airways Cancellation policy.

Second procedure: Cancelation of flight through the offline method

Sometimes, some people need help to get away with the online method as they are not as well-equipped with the technology. They want assistance to guide them to the end, i.e., in canceling the flight booking. So, dial the number by fetching it from the website of British Airways. Put your concern in front of them when it gets connected. Keep your itinerary details handy so that everything will be consistent. Provide the airlines with the specific modification you want and pay the fee if there is any. Relax now and let them handle the issue, and check your email or mobile number for the confirmation message of cancellation. 

What to Do When You Lose a British Airways Ticket?

If by mistake you lose your British Airways ticket, the British Airways Cancellation Policy says that you must provide the Airways with proper proof that you have lost the ticket, and you are also required to pay the administration fee. Convincing Airways can be tricky, so if your request is approved, you may receive your refund after your booked ticket expires. If the staff of British Airways loses your ticket, you will not be held liable, but on the contrary, if any fraud or loss is made on your end, you will be required to pay British Airways back.

How to Check British Airways Cancellation Fee?

How to Check British Airways Cancellation Fee?

British Airways Cancel Policy makes it easy to cancel your booked flight if you cannot continue with your trip. To learn the process of how to calculate your cancellation fee, follow the steps mentioned below:

  •  Visit the official site of British Airways.
  • you will see a ‘Legal Menu’; go there and then click on ‘Global Service Fees.
  • Under this section, you’ll come across a section called ‘Calculate your fees.
  • There will be options from which you tick the one that suits your situation.
  • After selecting all the options that apply to you, click on ‘Calculate Fees.
  •  The screen will now display the cancellation fee as per your information.

How to Submit a Claim for Expenses

If your booked flight was canceled by British Airways, and because of that, you had to make payments like hotel accommodation, transportation, meals, etc., then British Airways Flight Cancellation Policy will reimburse you the amount you have spent. Read the following points to know more about how to submit a claim for expenses:

You are required to provide the following when you claim for expenses:

  •  Who is claiming the reimbursement? Mention the names.
  • Details of a flight that was canceled or delayed.
  • Receipts of the expenses you had to make due to canceled/delayed flights.
  • Bank details of the person claiming expenses.

Points To Remember Before Requesting For A Refund

Whenever you book a flight or apply for a refund, you must ensure you know the aftermath of it. Airlines differ not only in terms of names but also in their rules and regulations. So, before you request a refund from British Airways, read the following information stated by British Airways Flight Cancellation Refund Policy.

If your flight was canceled by Airways, they have to offer you a full refund or offer you an alternate flight. If the alternative flight provided does not match your schedule or causes a hindrance in your plans, you can request a full refund instead. To apply for a refund request, you can visit their website and do the needful, or call British Airways Customer Service and ask them to do so. Please note that even if the Airways had to cancel your flight due to bad weather conditions or other circumstances that were not in the control of the Airways, you are still eligible to claim a refund from British Airways.

If British Airways cancels your flight when you have already reached the hotel and the alternate flight is later in the day, you are entitled to ask for accommodation in case of an overnight stay and even transport from the airport to your home/hotel.

British Airways Cancelled Flight Refund Rules

The following points highlight the important factors and rules pertaining to canceled flights and refunds:

  • If British Airways cancels your flight, it will come under the term ‘Involuntary Refunds.’ If you have not used a part of your ticket, you will be eligible to get a refund from British Airways, including the charges, fees, surcharges, taxes, and more. In case you have used your booked ticket partially and then the Airways cancel your flight, you will receive a refund amount equal to the amount after subtracting the used portion fare from the originally paid fare.
  • If you cancel your booked flight, it will come under the term ‘Voluntary Refunds.’ If you have not used a part of your ticket and canceled it, you will receive a refund on all the charges, taxes, surcharges, etc., minus the cancellation fee on your ticket, if applicable. If you have used your ticket partially, you will receive a refund equito the difference between the used and unused portion of your ticket, minus the service charge and cancellation fee, if applicable.
  •  Refund amount is subject to the fare type and other conditions pertaining to your booked flight ticket.
  • If you cancel a non-refundable ticket, to receive a refund, you must prove that you had to cancel your tickets due to some unforeseen circumstances that were not under your control.
  • The refund policy laid down by British Airways applies to all its guests, including unaccompanied minors traveling on British Airways.

British Airways Refund Policy

British Airways Refund Policy

We understand that trips sometimes pan out differently than we want to. Sometimes we book tickets in advance but have to cancel them because something urgent comes up. But does this mean you lose all the money you spent on the tickets? Absolutely not. British Airways Cancellation Policy gives you the right to a full refund if:

  • You cancel your booked flight ticket within 24 hours of buying it. However, the scheduled departure must be at least seven days later.
  • Your flight was canceled by British Airways.
  • Your flight schedule was changed by British Airways, and the new schedule is different from your plans.
  • Your flight was delayed by 5 hours or more.
  • Due to British Airways, you missed a connecting flight that you had already booked.
  • Due to overbooking, British Airways had to deny you boarding the aircraft. In this situation, you are also entitled to compensation.

Summing up

Every airline understands the circumstances which can arrive in front of a passenger; hence they put forward every type of detailed policy. Following any policies can make you pass any of the queries in minutes.

Moreover, you can also contact the team of customer support executives of British Airways when you encounter any unexpected snag. They remain available every time of the day to assist you in case of any issues.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

According to the British Airways Flight Cancellation Refund Policy, you can claim a full amount refund under these conditions:
1. You cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours of booking, provided the scheduled flight departure is still seven days away.
2. You cancel a refundable ticket, also called a fully flexible ticket.

Please note: If you have booked your flight with Avios points, you can cancel your booked flight by logging in to your British Airways Executive Club account.

1. If your ticket was booked through a travel agent, you need to contact them and request them to cancel your booked flight.
2. If your plans have changed and you can’t rebook a flight, you may claim Avios if you are an Executive Club Member or claim a voucher.
3. To get in touch with a flight information executive, call on +1-833-714-2120.

British Airways understand that sometimes plan can fall through due to reasons that are beyond our control. For such cases, British Airways Cancel Policy allows you to cancel your booked ticket. To do so, call a British Airways executive at +1-833-714-2120.

If your plans have changed despite having a booked flight, it necessarily does not have to mean that you will lose your spent money too. British Airways Flight Cancellation Policy offers various methods to cancel your booked flight.
Online: Tickets booked directly from British Airways official website can be cancelled online. The procedure is stated below:
1. Visit the official website of British Airways.
2. Go to ‘Manage my booking.’
3. Provide details like your last name and booking reference ID that you received when you booked your ticket.
4. Move forward with the ‘Find Booking’ option.
5. Choose the flight you want to cancel, and follow the prompts.

Via Call: To cancel your booked British Airways flight, call on +1-833-714-2120.

Third Party: If you booked your flight through a travel agent, request them to cancel your booking.

According to British Airways Cancel Policy, you will be eligible for a refund if you cancel your fully flexible ticket (refundable) or cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking it, provided your booked flight is set to depart seven days later.

According to the British Airways Flight Policy, you can cancel your flight anytime before the set departure. Refund rules are subjective to your booked ticket’s reason, time, and fare type.

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