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EasyJet Cancellation Policy – Refund Guidelines, Fees, And More [2024]

Looking for maximum flexibility and commendable services? You are on the right page then. With EasyJet, life becomes easy! There are multiple ways of canceling the ticket or your reservations with EasyJet. Still, if you are unaware of the procedure, read this guide to get all the related EasyJet Cancellation Policy information

EasyJet Flight Cancellation Policy

When passenger cancels the ticket of EasyJet flight, they have to pay the EasyJet cancellation fee. Still, if they cancel the ticket within a day after the purchase, they will not face any cancellation fee. In this scenario, they can get a full refund on the cancellation of the EasyJet flights. 

One important thing to note is that the passengers receiving a refund from the airline must also pay a cancellation fee, as clearly stated in the Cancellation policy. It is also good news that the people have an entire day to undo their decision to fly with EasyJet by canceling and gaining the entire amount as a refund.

But here comes the twist…

The administrator charges are also applicable whatsoever. The unsaid fact is that no ticket is fully refundable, and there is always a hidden charge for any action. EasyJet Cancellation policy also declares that the airline will not be able to refund the passengers on the completion of the risk-free timeline.

Therefore, it has been clearly stated by the EasyJet  Cancellation Policy that the airline is not bound to return any refund if the passenger crosses the time restriction of 24 hours. However, the passenger can make any changes in the flight selection by simply navigating to the Change Flight tab on the official website.

There comes a time when a passenger cancels the flight ticket because of an unavoidable situation, such as the illness or demise of a family member. In such circumstances, it is advised to contact the airline to get assistance from the airline. 

In this scenario, the EasyJet team will surely help you regarding your issue and provide whatever help you require. Any passenger may use the gift voucher offered to them that holds the same value as the ticket. However, the passenger can use it only within six months.

Also, the airline may ask the passengers to provide an official document supporting the reason for the cancellation. And it would be helpful for the passenger to gain a refund from the airline. All you need to do is contact customer service to assist you with the cancellation and get a refund.

Short Notice Flight Cancellation Consumer Rights

The rights can differ depending on whether you were notified about the cancellation or it happened instantly or on such short notice.

If your airline cancels your flight alongside a two weeks notice, then you are entitled to an alternate flight or refund.

Passengers can claim compensation for flights that are canceled within less than two weeks of departure date.

You are also entitled to proper care, including food, beverages, lounge passes and stay if the flight was canceled on short notice.

Is It Possible to Get a Full Refund on EasyJet Flight Cancellations Policy?

The answer is yes! You can receive a full-refund on the booked flights only if its cancelled seven days before the scheduled date. Most of the customers are unaware of this policy, and we wouldn’t want you to face a loss. Under the EasyJet Cancellation Policy,  you will be offered the next flight to your desired destination if the flight gets cancelled.

For Any Flights Canceled 7 Days Before the Final Departure:

  • The Air passenger carriers must inform the passengers of their rights and provide them with an alternate flight that includes other airlines to get to the required place in time.

  • The unused tickets can get a full-refund.

Flight Cancellation in Less Than 2 Weeks’ Notice:

  • In this scenario, the passenger might be eligible for additional compensation depending on the distance.

  • EasyJet cancellation policy lets people claim extra compensation.

  • How to Demand EasyJet Flight Cancellation Compensation?

You can claim EasyJet flight cancellation compensation in two ways. 

The first option can be more time-taking, whereas the other can be quite-easy.

So, the first step would be to contact EasyJet Airlines directly. One can simply call or write an email to EasyJet customer support and then request compensation for the EasyJet Flight Cancellations.

Also, there are several other ways to contact the airline through their Website or social media channels. Also, if you are claiming compensation for yourself, you must brace yourself cause it can most probably take hours, months, and various other reminder emails until you receive your amount.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In most cases, yes. If you are flying with EasyJet and it’s a departure from or to Europe & the UK, then probably yes. In this situation, you can simply have a refund instead of a new flight.

The amount of compensation you receive does not matter. You may receive compensation of 600 euros even if your ticket costs 5 euros. Since you are having inconvenience and might have had to delay your flight or leave it, you can ask for compensation easily.

The answer to this question is simple; travelers of any nationality can easily claim EasyJet flight cancellation compensation. The law of EU protects all passengers.

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