Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy

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Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy – Refund Guidelines, Fees, And More [2024]

Sometimes things do not go as planned, especially in travel-related matters. It is always a tedious task to do when it comes to canceling an airline ticket. Luckily, the Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy has been made while keeping the comfort and convenience of the passengers in mind. The charges of Virgin Atlantic Airlines Cancellation Policy are not as hefty as other air services.

Virgin Atlantic is a United Kingdom-based airline from North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia. Its main hub is London Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

This guide will share all the in-depth details about the Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy to help you cancel your ticket without facing any issues.

Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy

What are the Conditions of Virgin Atlantic Flight Cancellation Policy?

Things sometimes work out differently than planned, and the same applies to our trips. Sometimes we get stuck in urgent meetings, or some unforeseen circumstances occur due to which we have to cancel our trips. In such situations, Virgin Atlantic Flight Cancellation Policy comes to our rescue. Read the following terms and conditions to understand how the cancellation policy works:

  • If you cancel your booked flight within 24 hours of purchasing it, you are eligible for a full refund.
  • If you cancel your booked flight after 24 hours of purchasing it, you are liable to pay some amount of cancellation fee.
  • The cancellation fee is subject to the fare type, time of cancellation, and individual cases.
  • If the flight has been canceled by Virgin Atlantic due to bad weather, travelers can reschedule the flight or request cancellation.

Virgin Atlantic Reward Flight Cancellation Policy

Any traveller that has booked the reward ticket promoted by Virgin Airlines will be charged a Virgin Atlantic flight cancellation fee of 50 USD Only.
Any passenger redeeming its miles with Virgin Atlantic pays 37,500 in miles, including the taxes on each ticket.
As per the Virgin Atlantic cancellation policy, if any passenger opts to cancel their Virgin Atlantic reward ticket for any reason apart from 24 hours of departure, 100 percent of the miles would be re-credited back into the flyer’s account.
Plus, the cancellation fee of 50 USD would be charged if the flights are originated from the US. If the taxes that were paid upon booking a virgin Atlantic reward flight are less than 50 USD, then the Cancellation charges would be waived; rather, the taxes levied at the time would be applied as the Virgin Atlantic Cancellation fee.

Virgin Atlantic 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

Virgin Atlantic’s cancellation policy under 24 hours permits passengers to cancel their reservations within the required time to claim the full refund on their existing reservation.
Here are some of the points to keep in mind under the 24-Hour Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy:

  • The Cancellation of the tickets must be initiated within 24 hours from the date of the departure.
  • In addition to that, the departure date has to be 7 or more days from the date of reservation.
  • The 24-Hour Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy rule must be applied for the flights originating for the flights to and from the United States and Canada only.

If those mentioned above are fulfilled during the Cancellation, the traveller would be entitled to a Virgin Atlantic Cancellation refund. Also, as per the Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy, passengers can change their flights for free. The changes may include Pre-Planned or Pre-pone travel schedules and modifications to departure and arrival points.
Any refunds generated upon the cancellations would automatically proceed in the passengers’ original payment format in 7-10 business days.

How to Cancel Virgin Atlantic Flight  by Online

Virgin atlantic flight cancellations by online
Here you can follow these steps to initiate Cancellation on your existing itinerary online:

  • Firstly, Visit Website
  • Then, navigate to the My Bookings tab, and there you can enter the 6-digit airline confirmation number along with the passenger’s last name. If you don’t have your booking reference handy, you can enter an e-ticket number that begins with 932 and is 13 digits long.
  • Ensure that the details you add in the My Bookings section match exactly with your Virgin Atlantic reservation ticket.
  • Select the reservation you wish to initiate the Cancellation and click the Cancel button.
  • The possible refund will appear on your screen before asking you to confirm the Cancellation.
  • Once the Cancellation is made successfully, you will get the cancellation receipts on your registered email account.

How to Cancel Virgin Atlantic flight  by Airlines

While Virgin Atlantic tries its best to stick to the timelines, sometimes events take place that are beyond its control. However, this does not mean Virgin Atlantic will let its passengers suffer. If your flight has been canceled by us, read the following Virgin Atlantic Flight Cancellation Policy to know your options:

  • Refund: If your flight has been canceled by the airlines, you can request a refund. Once the request has been sent and processed, it will take a few days (14 days maximum) for the amount to be credited to the original form of payment.
  • Rebook/Reroute: If the airline has canceled your flight, you will get an option, under comparable transport conditions, to choose another flight that suits your date and time. However, this option is subject to seat availability. If the payment details are incorrect or no longer used by you, we will ask you to send updated details and start the refund process. In such cases, a refund may take longer time.
  • Compensation: If the airline cancels your flight less than 14 days before the departure date, and the alternative flight that has been provided to you is 4 hours later than the time your original flight was supposed to be, you will be entitled to claim compensation. The compensation rules and amount are decided according to the European Union’s Regulations.

How to Cancel Virgin Atlantic flight by Phone

Virgin atlantic flight cancellations by phone

If you are facing trouble with the cancellation of your booked flight through the website, you can choose the easier option, which is Virgin Atlantic Flight Cancellations by Phone. The customer service team is available to cater to all your needs. All you have to do is, call us at +1-833-714-2120 and tell us your query. Ensure you keep your booked ticket information handy so the process can be faster. After calling us, all you need to do is, provide us with the information we ask for. This could include your Mobile Number, Ticket Confirmation Number, Email ID, and more. Once the process has been initiated, you will be asked to make payment, if applicable. Post this; you will receive a confirmation about your flight cancellation.

Virgin Atlantic Flight Cancellation Fee

If you are looking to cancel your booked flight ticket, the following table represents the Virgin Atlantic Flight Cancellation Policy and its fee.

Flights originating in the United Kingdom 36 USD
Flights originating in the United States 50 USD
Flights originating in any other region 50 USD

Virgin Atlantic Flight Cancellation Compensation

Have you experienced delays, cancellations, or overbooked issues with your Virgin Atlantic reservation? Then your rights are served under the Virgin Atlantic Cancellation policy, which says you can claim up to 675 USD in compensation.
We have created this post with some information to help you with all the related queries. But you need to remember some crucial points before claiming Compensation for Virgin Atlantic ticket Cancellation.

  • Any consumer who takes off or arrives in an EU member state is eligible for compensation on Virgin Atlantic flights.
  • Any flight delayed for 3 or more hours during departure or if you have arrived at your destination with a delay for more than 3 hours, you are eligible for Virgin Atlantic Flight Cancellation compensation.
  • Therefore, any commuter can claim the desired compensation up to 6 years post departure or arrival date.

To successfully claim your Virgin Atlantic flight cancellation compensation, you should follow these mentioned steps:-

  • Ensure to keep your travel documents handy with your e-tickets, boarding passes, booking confirmations, airport transfer receipts, etc.
  • Take notes of your Flight Number, the schedule, and the length of the delay.
  • Ask for the reason behind the flight delays and cancellations. Additionally, always ask Virgin Atlantic to document the possibility of a delay or Cancellation in writing.

How do I Claim Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Refund?

Virgin Atlantic Refund Policy says that if you have canceled your booked flight ticket and are eligible for a refund amount, you can claim it through your GDS. The refund amount and processing would be done by the Virgin Atlantic operator, and then the request would be processed. Follow the below mentioned steps to request a refund from Virgin Atlantic:

  • Search for the official website of Virgin Atlantic.
  • Provide your username and password, and log in to your account.
  • Click on the ‘Refund’ option.
  • Provide the details that are being asked.
  • Mention the reason why you are canceling your ticket.
  • Click on submit, and your claim will be registered.
  • You will receive an Email stating your claimed refund confirmation.

In Conclusion

This write-up has all the basic and important key points you should know as a passenger. We have included all the points and kept all the terms in simple words so any consumer can easily understand them without moving back and forth.
Make sure to go through the entire article to understand the cancellation and compensation policies.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes. Passengers have the liberty to cancel their booked flight up to three hours before the scheduled departure. Per the Virgin Atlantic Refund Policy, the refund minus the cancellation fee will be processed. However, no refund is allowed if you cancel your booked flight after the scheduled departure time.

According to the Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy, you are eligible for a refund if your flight has been Cancelled by the airline. However, some exceptions apply; for example, if the scheduled flight has been Cancelled due to poor weather, political decisions, strikes, etc.

In case your flight has been cancelled by the airline, Virgin Atlantic Refund Policy allows you to rebook your flight. You can go to the official website of Virgin Atlantic and apply for rebooking of your cancelled flight, or you can call on the customer service number and request them for the same.

If you want to cancel your booked flight due to some reasons, you can call Virgin Atlantic at +1-833-714-2120. Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy allows you to cancel your flight anytime before the departure time and claim a refund if applicable to your fare type.

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