Delta Cancellation Policy : A Quick Guide to Passengers

Enter the Details to Know the Cancellation Policy of Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy is flexible and passenger-friendly as it charges very low cancellation fees and offers last-minute cancellations.

Delta Cancellation Policy also offers an empathetic hand in the event of death and other unforeseen circumstances and offers passengers a refund or future travel credit.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

Delta Cancellation Policy : Major Keypoints

Now, let’s take a look  the important associated considerations:

  • Delta airlines passengers can easily claim a full refund and cancel their flights for free if cancelled within 24 hours of the booking. The Delta airline cancellation within 24 hours would be applicable on refundable and non-refundable fares.
  • According to the Delta flight cancellation policy, travellers can only claim the Refund on the refundable fare rule offered to passengers who cancel the flight reservation 3 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • According to the Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy, flyers are restricted from claiming a full refund on the flight reservation after 24 hours of the booking. In that case, passengers would get a refund after assessing the cancelled flight fee.
  • The Refund will only apply to the unused portion of the ticket.
    Flight credit would only apply to the non-refundable fare and are valid for one year from the booking date.
  • In case of a delayed or cancelled flight, passengers may get a refund on the unused portion of the ticket in the form of credit. It remains valid for future travel on the delta-operated flight only. The credit for the unused tickets will remain valid for up to 365 days from the date of purchase.
  • For the Delta awards, Skymiles tickets for travel within the U.S. can be cancelled without any Delta Airlines cancellation fee any time before the confirmed departure. For all the award tickets that originated outside the U.S., passengers must request cancellation 72 hours before the confirmed departure and are to be charged 150 USD as Delta cancellation fees.
  • The Delta no-show policy applies only to non-refundable tickets. The most restrictive fare rule will apply to the refundable/non-refundable fare combinations. Refundable fares are excluded from the no-show window.

What are the Delta Airlines flight Cancellation Rules & Policy?

Sometimes our plans change. It could be a change in mood for the destination or simply an urgent meeting that cannot be avoided. Don’t worry; we have it all figured out. According to the Delta Airline Cancellation Policy, you can cancel your ticket anytime prior to the departure time, but the refund policy for the same may vary on various factors. and also you known about Delta Flight Change Policy.

24 Hour Risk-Free Cancellation : Delta Policy

You may cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchasing it without any penalty. Ensure that you cancel it prior to the departure.

Cancel your Non-refundable Ticket

You may receive a credit, if applicable, for canceling your non-refundable flight ticket. A charge will be deducted from your original ticket fare when canceling a basic economy flight; the rest value will be provided to you as an eCredit.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy in Delta Airlines

Delta flight cancellation for 24-hour policy permits passengers to cancel the reservation within 24 hours from the date of the purchase provided, the confirmed departure date must fall seven days or more at the time of the Delta trip cancellation.

  • Also, the 24-hour cancellation policy will apply to all the fare types, regardless of the class of the services booked.
  • Delta ticket cancellation within 24 hours will not apply to the tickets from the Skymiles reward account. It is subject to the Delta award ticket cancellation policy.
  • Ticket cancellation within 24 hours would not be applicable on a booking that includes nine or more passengers.
  • Moreover, the cancellation 24-hour policy would apply to all flights from and to Canada & United States.
  • Delta cancellation policy would not be useful for rescheduled flights or for those who have already redeemed the travel credit.
  • You will receive refund within 7-10 working days if the refund requests are made under 24-hour cancellation. For the bookings made with the Delta Gift Certificates, Electronic travel certificates will be given.

How to Cancel a Delta Flight ?

Delta Flight Cancellation Policy allows you to cancel your Delta Flight in very easy steps. There are just three steps involved:

1. Find Confirmation Number: Your original booking would have the confirmation number written there, or you could open your mail and search for your flight booking, where the confirmation number would be given.

2. Find your trip: Using your credit/debit card, confirmation number, or ticket number, locate your trip on “My Trips.”

3. Cancel Flight: Once you have located your trip on “My Trips,” click on ‘Need to cancel?’. You would then be taken to the page where you need to fill in all the required details to successfully complete the cancellation process. The refund policy would depend on the ticket type. Refund would be transferred to the original form of payment or would be provided as Delta eCredit.

Delta Cancellation Fees?

Read below to know the Delta Cancellation Policy:

Flight Cancellation Guidelines

Basic Economy

Tickets from North America (Excluding Basic Economy)

Refundable Tickets with Travel other than North America

Refundable/Flex Tickets

Delta Free Cancellation within 24 hours.

No Charge

No Charge

No Charge

No Charge

Delta Flight Cancellation post 24 hours.

The fee varies between 0-500 USD.


Fee varies between 0 to 500 USD


Refund Permitted

Not Applicable

Not Permitted

Fee varies between 0 to 500 USD.


Delta Airlines Flight Credit

Not Applicable

Not Applicable


Refund in Cash

Delta Credit for Delayed Flight

If delayed more than 3hours, eCredit to be provided.

If delayed more than 3hours, eCredit to be provided.

If delayed more than 3hours, eCredit to be provided.

If delayed more than 3hours, eCredit to be provided.

Delta Award Ticket Cancellation

Not Permitted




How to Avoid Delta Flight Change Fee?

Delta Airline Cancellation Policy provides some ways through which you can save yourself from paying Delta Cancellation Charges:

If you get to cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of booking it and prior to the scheduled time, you are entitled to free cancellation.
Buying a refundable ticket may be quite costlier, but the perk is that you don’t have to pay any charges to cancel your ticket.

If you have a Delta Medallion Elite Status, that is, having a diamond, gold, or platinum membership, you can enjoy fee waivers that usually cost USD $150.

The fee may be waived, or some reduction in the fare could be possible in case the flight is delayed, changes its routes, or cancels. In cases like these, you will have the option to cancel or change your booked flight.

How Does the Procedure to Cancel a Flight on Delta Airlines Work? 

Follow these Below-Listed Steps to Request Delta Flight Cancellation Online:

  • To start, visit and navigate to the My Trip Section.
    You can now enter the confirmation number with the first & last name of the passenger to retrieve the booking.
  • Once you have successfully located your flight booking on the “My Trip” page, click the “Cancel Flight” option. Select the flight you wish to cancel, and it will take you through the Delta Flight cancellation procedure.
  • According to the Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy, passengers shall pay a fee to request cancellation on their existing booking.
  • You will receive Delta Airlines flight credit as your ticket cancellation refund. The original format of the payment method depending on the ticket type and the circumstances of flight cancellation.
  • Passengers may receive a Delta flight ticket refund in the original payment format in 7-10 business days.

What is Delta Airline Refund Policy?

If you cannot travel due to some urgent plans and need a refund on your booked ticket, Delta’s flight cancellation policy has a solution for you. If the flight has been delayed for 2 hours or more or has been canceled, you’ll get an option to either book an alternative flight or get the ticket value as eCredit.

If you choose not to travel, you might be eligible for a refund for the unused part of your trip. Make sure you read the terms and conditions thoroughly, as most of the tickets are non-refundable and depend on various factors.

If you’re looking for a refund, you can do so by:
If an airline has canceled your flight, you are eligible to request a refund by filling out the Travel Disruptions Form.

If an airline has rebooked your flight, and you do not wish to travel anymore, you may cancel the booking by going to ‘My Trips.’

Delta Refund Request


Delta Covid Cancellation Policy 

  • The Delta Airlines rules for Covid might alter as the flyers change their rules without any notice.  If you cancel the flight 4 hours prior to the departure, then the delta airline refund will not be permitted.
  • Also, in the case when the passenger has initiated the cancellation within 4 hours prior to the confirmed departure, you will not be eligible for the full or partial refund as air carrier will process your unutilized taxes as a refund.
  • If Delta flights are cancelled, the refund on the cancelled flight would be offered on the full value of the fare. You will receive credit shell as refund and the cancellation refund will also be waived off.
  • For any flight that is delayed for more than 3 hours, refund would be applicable. You shall receive refund in the form of travel credit and the Delta Cancellation fare would also be waived off.
  • Passengers cannot cancel their basic economy ticket for a refund.

Delta Airlines Non-Refundable Ticket Policy

  • As per Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy, economy fares are only entitled to a refund when passengers cancel the reservation within 24 hours from the booking date.
  • Non-refundable delta flight tickets are not eligible for the extra legroom seat or an upgrade on the class of the service.
  • Furthermore, Delta refund on the non-refundable ticket is only eligible if the flight is delayed or cancelled and is attributed directly to the airline. The Refund would only be offered to the affected passengers in the form of Travel credit valid upto 365 days.

Wrapping Up

This article explains all related information regarding Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy. When you are cancelling a flight due to any reason, you must know every tiny bit about the cancellation policy.

Apart from the cancellation policy, this write-up also contains information about the refund policy. So, sit back, relax, and look at all the points.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Delta’s flight cancellation policy allows you to cancel your booked flight before the departure of the scheduled flight. The amount of refund depends on various factors, for example, when you are canceling the ticket and whether your ticket is refundable or non-refundable. To know the detailed refund amount policy, click on the link given below:

If your plans have changed, you have the option cancel your flight through Delta Flight Cancellation Policy. If you cancel your booked ticket within 24 hours of purchasing it, you don’t have to pay any extra cancellation charges. Ensure that you do so before the departure of the flight.

Canceling a Delta Flight has been made easy with the Delta Flight Cancellation Policy. This can be done in three basic steps, that are:
1. Visit the website and find the confirmation number.
2. Find your trip under My Trips
3. Choose the Cancel flight option.

Yes. You can cancel your Delta Flight with the Delta Flight Cancellation Policy. By canceling your booked flight within 24 hours of purchasing it, you won’t be liable to pay any cancellation charge. Ensure that you do so before the departure of the flight.

Visit the website and click on ‘My Trips.’ Choose the concerned booked flight and see if refundable is written there or not. The word ‘Non-refundable’ will be written next to the cabin if applicable. Or else the ticket may be refundable.

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