Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy

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Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy

Delta Flight Change Policy: Guides & Procedures

Did you ever change your flight due to a family emergency or a professional commitment? You do not have to worry about Delta Airline Flight Change, as it allows passengers to change their flight reservations. Before changing your flight, you should know about the Delta Flight Change Policy and its terms & conditions.

Rules & Regulations of Delta Flight Change Policy

Passengers are allowed to make any flight-related changes within 24 hours to 1 year. It depends on the ticket type you have bought will determine the duration. Hence, you should be aware of every rule & regulation to make any change.

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The Delta Flight Change Rules are as follows:

  • Most of the tickets are non-changeable.
  • And in this case, changes are not allowed, and if the Passenger wants to go ahead and change their flight, they would be charged a fee.
  • There is also a possible limit to making the changes; in most cases, it would only be allowed once.

The rule may differ depending on what part of the Passenger’s policy. Such as Delta 24 Hour Flight Change Policy, Same-day Flight Change, or Covid-19 Flight change.

Categories of Flight Changes on Delta Airlines

When passengers fly with Delta Airlines, they can choose any other date. Flying is only possible on the next date for as long as the changes have been made according to the Delta Flight Change Policy. Any additional types of changes are also permitted on this Airline. There are a total of three categories, such as:

  • Passengers can choose any other time to continue the same journey.
  • If the destination you were supposed to go to is no longer on the list, you can also pick another destination.
  • For a smooth & quick boarding procedure, you can make some changes to your name; for this, Delta Airlines Change Flight Policy will be the relevant feature of the policy.

Delta Same-Day Flight Change Policy 

In most cases, passengers may want to initiate the ticket change at the earliest. Passengers can benefit from the Delta Same-Day flight change policy. This will take hours from its booking, and you can modify your reservation subject to some conditions. Based on the location, ticket type, and flight route according to the Delta Flight Change Policy.

Delta Change Flight Within 24 Hours

The 24-hour policy of the operator is similar to the same-day policy, and this entitles you to a benefit that is available for twenty-four hours starting from the time of your reservation. The changes can be easily entertained for your flight tickets in the chosen duration. However, it does not matter if you want to change the date, time, or any other factor; the Delta Flight Change Policy will ensure you do not have to pay any fee.

Additionally, it is crucial to know that the fee may still apply based on ticket class, and the Airline will equally value any other criteria before asking for the fee.

Delta Flight Change Covid-19 Policy

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in some uncertain circumstances, and as the number of cases reduces and increases, it is most likely to make some changes in travel plans. During the coronavirus pandemic, Delta lets its flyers change their schedule and the location or time of their flights. When a passenger is experiencing health issues, it shows symptoms of the COVID-19, the Airline will offer its support.

The support from the Airline will be in the form of Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy for covid, and as soon as you change your reservation, you will be provided with e-credits. These e-credits will benefit you in future travels with Delta Airlines.

Methods For Changing Delta Flights

The Fly Delta & the Airline’s official website will help you make changes to your booking. Hence, without contacting any representative, you can change your flight. And if you want to make changes offline, you can contact the Airline directly.

Method 1. Changing Flights Via My Trips

Per the Delta Flight Change Policy, the main U.S. carrier will let you manage your trips from its website. Passengers have to visit the official website to change to a new flight.

Thus, you may need to enter the My Trips option, and the tab is still helpful for introducing various changes, which includes the switch to a flight that may cost you the same or a higher value. Depending on the facilities the Airline offers, making your choice would be much easier.

  • First, you need to open the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Then, you can proceed to the section of My Trips.
  • From there, you can select the reservation that you wish to change.
  • Once you have done that, click the Modify Flight option.
  • You can click on the Start Flight Change option to give the effect to the said service.
  • The site will let you pick up any other flight, and in case you want to reserve a new flight that comes with a higher cost than the current one, you have to pay your fee.
  • Once you have received the confirmation of your action, then your flight will be changed.

According to the Delta Flight Change Policy, if you reserve a ticket that is of a lower value than the former one, then some parts of it will be left.

Method 2. Delta Same-Day Changes Via Online Mode

Part of the Same-day policy suggests altering your flight booking online. And the main mode guides to add the change while you check-in. On the Airline’s website, you can follow the typical process to check in, and once you have done that, you will receive an option that allows you to modify your flight at the last moment.

Here are some ways that a passenger should know about changing Delta Flights on the same-day online:

  • Instead of the website, you can get the Fly Delta app, which will let you make any modifications on the go.
  • The Passenger may consider joining the standby list as soon as you see the seat is available; it should be allotted to you.

Note: Some tickets can only be changed in the same class as the original ones, and before that, you can go through the mentioned rules.

Method 3. Change Your Delta Flight Via Call 

The Delta Change Flights provide the flexibility to execute the modifications offline. The Passengers can call the air operator on its phone number. Before calling it, check if your flight has been confirmed; following this, you can call the number. For making the changes, you are required to provide details such as:

  • From & To Travelling Destinations
  • Exact Dates of the Travel
  • Flight Origins

When you dial the number, the representative will ask you for three details once connected. If they ask, you must also share the reason for your change. Use the instructions given on the call to use the change flight feature. You must know that changing reservations on this Airline is only possible when originally made with it. The policy may serve you differently if a third-party travel agency is involved.

Delta Flight Change Charges

For an Airline like this, one can also ask you to submit a fee or charge for changing your flight. However, this depends on your destination, reservation date, time frame related to the change, etc.

  • The charges to change your flight might not apply when you purchased the flight tickets on the 30th of April.
  • It may not include the fee for such modifications, and if they are all valid, it will cost you around $75.
  • For domestic flights, the fee can be around $200.
  • While purchasing a ticket to an international flight, the charges may start from $200 onward to $500.

In an attempt to find the change in the cost per Delta Airline Flight Change Policy, you should understand that it depends on the type of tickets. And in the case of refundable & non-refundable tickets and Award tickets, the carrier may apply different costs accordingly.

For Refundable Tickets

When you purchase Refundable tickets, it allows you to access the Delta Change Flight Change option for free. It is subject to some conditions, and you have to keep in mind if the rules related to tickets and seating are being followed by you and other passengers traveling with you.

For Non-Refundable Tickets

Delta allows you to modify your flight even if they are non-refundable, and it will only be allowed in some cases. In Delta Change fee will also depend on the route of your journey, And; the charges can go up to $500, and the fare difference will only be asked from you when applicable.

Pandemics such as Covid-19 can have some unidentified consequences. With the comprehension of this, the Airline may try to apply charges when the changes are required in a flight. However, the same cannot be said for every reserved flight with the carrier, and then the change fee may have to be paid in some scenarios.

To know when to pay the Delta Airline Flight Change Fees for Covid-19-related changes, you should determine whether or not the bookings have been made in the Basic Economy class.


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Well, according to the Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy, the passengers are required to make changes in their flight within 24 hours of making their reservation. But, you are only have to pay when you have surpassed the limit of 24 hours. In this case, the fee can go from 75 to 200, all across the United States. The price can go up if you are on International flight. Usually, the prices ranges between $200 to a whopping number of $500. However, there are other factors too that plays an important role such as; fare class, ticket type and your departing destination.

The passengers can easily change their flight date by simply reaching out to the Delta airlines or visiting their official website. Or you can text them too. But keep in mind, if you want to make modifications by using the online method, then you must follow some steps:-

  • Visit the official website of Delta Airlines,
  • Choose the My Trips option and then simply enter your ticket number
  • As soon as you are done with that, hit the search option and choose your flight & click the Modify button.

After this, you can start making changes to your flight and you can also change your flight date. When everything is in place, make sure to save and confirm the recently made changes.

As per the Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy, the passengers can change their flight day by simply going over the website or calling the airline first. However, you will be charged according to the travel date, fare class and your departure destination. But, one thing you must know is that the basic economy tickets cannot be changed in any scenario.

In this case, you do not have worry about losing your money. Rest assured, you money is safe with the airline. And, if your new flight is way cheaper than the last one, then the airline will transfer the rest of the money in your account. The money will be credited as eCredit, so you can use it while travelling in the future.

It is possible to make changes to your award tickets. There are several ways by which you can do it. But, the best way to change your Award tickets is by online method. For this, you can navigate to the official website and then make your desired changes. Be fast as you only have three days before your confirmed departure date. If you fail to do so, then you are required to pay for the additional fees charged by the airline.

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