Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy

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A Guide to Frontier Airlines Change Flight Policy

Passengers who have reservations for the Frontier flight can change their flight easily from the official website of the airline. Apart from that helpline number can also be preferred for passengers to change their flight plan. Various scenarios are there under which flight changes are to be made, like dates, destinations, and many others. Based on the cause due to which there is a need to change flight details, different guidelines are to be followed by the passengers. All these guidelines come under the Frontier Airlines Change Flight Policy. Here we are going to provide all the information regarding the flight change process for Frontier Airlines, which you can refer to while making the request. So read this blog post till the end to get all the insights available on flight change for Frontier Airlines.

Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy

Change Flight Frontier Airlines within 24 hours

Passengers can make changes to their flight tickets free of cost on the condition that the booking has been made at least seven days before the flight’s scheduled departure. Another condition for free flight change is that you need to do it within 24 hours windows after the booking has been made.

Passenger May Contact our Travel Agents at :

In case you are unable to fulfill the given criteria, then an additional flight change fee will be applicable.
The 24-hour Frontier Airlines Change Flight Policy is also applicable for bookings made through a third-party travel agency.

Frontier Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy

Passengers on a frontier Airline are also provided the benefit of same-day flight change. Changes for the same day are only applicable in the case of the availability of any vacant seat in the same travel class. Other pointers regarding same-day flight changes for Frontier Airlines are given below:

  • Passengers with an economy ticket need to pay a flight change fee of USD 50.
  • Other fare types for which the free service of same-day changes is available include Classic Plus ticket holders and Summit Level Members.

Frontier Airlines Change Flight Fee

Depending on the fare type, various types of fees are applicable to the passengers, from no charges to USD 199. The major factor on the basis of which your flight change fee will be calculated is the number of days remaining from the flight’s scheduled departure. Fee details regarding Frontier Airlines flight change are listed below:

  • Flight change will be free of cost for any booking made before 90 days of the flight departure.
  • Changes in flight made within the period of 14-89 days prior to the flight departure is applicable to a fee of USD 49.
  • For any changes in the flight plan requested within less than 13, the fee will be USD 99.

Other Charges Applicable while making flight changes are the fare difference between your current flight and the selected flight.

Change Flight Frontier Airlines Cost Free

Passengers can opt to make changes without any cost by subscribing to the service called “The Works” at the time of reservation. The Works service provides various amenities through which they can make any kind of modification to their flight tickets. Other benefits of subscribing to “The Works” amenity of Frontier Airlines include:

No Flight Change Fee

  • Free carry-on and checked Baggage, irrespective of the type of fare you have made.
  • Can easily make cancellations free of cost even after 24 hours of the bookings.
  • Passengers who have subscribed to “The Works” can be benefitted from the option of “Best Seat Available.”

How to Make Flight Change in the Frontier Airlines Ticket

As already mentioned above, passengers can easily make changes to their Frontier Airlines flight tickets. Flight changes can be made either online or by connecting with the customer service helpline.

Frontier Airline Flight Change Online

  • In order to request for flight change, you need to visit the official website of Frontier Airlines, where you have to sign in with your credentials.
  • Navigate the section “my trip/check-in,” after which you need to provide your flight credentials, like the ticket number and the passenger details.
  • After that, your flight details will be displayed on the screen, where you have to locate the option for flight change titled ”change flight.” Click on the option.
  • Afterward, click on the option “itinerary changes.”
  • Make the required changes as per your preferences by providing the new information and then hit the “Change” button.
  • Once you have clicked the “Change” button, you can look for the available flight along with the prices.
  • You need to pay the fare difference. In case the flight is cheaper, then the amount will be refunded to you in the form of travel credits.
  • Passengers will receive a notification after the flight change has been confirmed.

Make Changes in Your Frontier Airlines Flight Through Offline Means

Passengers can also change their frontier airline details through offline means process, which has been discussed below:

Call the Customer Care Helpline to Make Flight Changes

  • You need to call the Frontier Airlines helpline number. After that, follow the given steps:
  • Connect with the customer service official and convey your query about the flight change.
  • Make sure that you have all the documents ready by yourself that will be required. That will include your ticket number and your first and last name.
  • Provide all the details regarding the changes you need to make, like a new date or the destination.
  • After that, the operator will provide you with the details of the available flight on that date along with their fare.
  • Select the suitable flight as per your requirements and make the required payment in case of any fare difference.
  • Once the changes are made to your flight, then you will receive a notification in your mail or on the phone.

The last option to make a change in your Frontier Airlines flight is that you visit the airport and submit for flight change on the ticket counter of the frontier airlines. Provide the details of the required changes. Pay the required fare difference.

Flight Cancellation Option for the Passengers

Instead of going through the hectic option of Frontier Airlines flight Change, passengers can also opt for canceling their flight within the given time to avoid additional costs and then proceed further to book a new flight. While canceling a flight, passengers are eligible for a full refund even in case of a non-refundable flight, where the amount will be transferred to them in the form of travel credit. These credits can be utilized further to make a new booking. To cancel your Frontier Airlines Flight, follow the given steps:

  • On the official websites of the airlines, refer to the section “My Trip” section. There, you need to provide your flight details (confirmation number and the passenger’s first & last name.
  • Once the flight booking details appear on the screen, you can look for the option to modify/cancel the flight.
  • Select the option to cancel your Frontier Airlines Reservation.
  • After that, you will receive a mail and message regarding the confirmation of your cancellation.

Passengers also have the option to make their cancellations through offline means like connecting with the Frontier Helpline number or visiting the airport.

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On an Ending Note

In the above discussion, we have listed all the information regarding the Frontier Airlines Flight changes policy. It is advisable to the passengers that they make their flight within 24 hours of the booking. After 24 hours, an additional fee will be applicable. Now, if you need any further assistance or information or have any issues regarding your flight bookings, connect with us through the helpline number given below. You can also use the live chat option to get immediate assistance for your query.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The fee applicable on changing a Frontier Airlines flight depends on the time when you have requested the flight change. For the flight change requested within 24 hours of booking, no fee will be applicable. After that, the fee will increase as the flight departure date comes near. Flight change fee for Frontier varies from USD 100-400.

Various means are available for passengers to make changes to their Frontwest Airlines tickets. Based on your preferences, either you can visit the airport at the frontier airlines Helpdesk counter, or you can request to modify your flight details from the official website.

Once the check-in has been done, passengers will not be allowed to change their flight.

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