Turkish Airline Change Flight Policy

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Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy

Everything You Need to Know About Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy

Taking a flight and flying to our desired destinations has become a part of our lives. But, sometimes, life does not go according to plan, and you must change your plans. If you are flying with Turkish Airlines, you must get familiar with the Turkish Airlines Change Flight Policy. Passengers can easily change their flights with Turkish airways while saving extra money.

Turkish Airline Change Flight Policy

Prominent Features of Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy 

  • As per Turkish Airlines Change Flight Policy, if the flight tickets are not purchased from the official website, ticket counter, or the official application. Then, the passengers must pay the whole amount as your change fee and reissue their flight ticket from the official centers.
  • The Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy determines that the passengers who have made their flight changes within the time limit will not be charged for the change fee. The Refundable-ticket holders can benefit from the zero-change-fee scheme.
  • Flyers can make changes to their tickets 24 hours before departure. If the changes have been made right before the departure, then the airline will also charge you for the entire ticket price as the flight change fee.

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Turkish Airlines 24 Hours Change Flight Policy

If the passengers are looking forward to changing their tickets, they need to be aware of the Turkish Airlines’ rules & regulations related to Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy:

  • The Airline gives its passengers up to 24 hours before the flight’s departure to change their flight.
  • The Passengers will not be charged for changing their flights if they do it within 24 hours of booking.
  • If the flyers decide to change their flight after 24 hours, there will be no extra fees.
  • There is also a way for passengers to modify their flight without paying the fees if it’s delayed or rescheduled by more than 3 hours.

Different Ways to Change Turkish Flights

There are multiple ways by which one can change their Turkish Airlines Ticket, such as:

1. Change Flight Via Online Portals

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Turkish Airlines and then
  • complete your account authentication procedure by using your email & password.
  • Click on the Manage Trip option and enter the required dialog box.
  • Check your details, press the Find Trip button, and choose your trip from the drop-down list.
  • Now, passengers can make necessary changes according to your requirement.
  • The System will provide some of the best available options.
  • Next, the passengers have to pay for the Turkish Airlines change fees. And once your payment is processed, you will get the confirmation mail on your registered email id.

2. Make Flight Changes Through Offline Methods

Besides the online method, there are other methods to change your flight too, such as:

A. By Visiting Airport Counters
  • Navigate to the Airport Counter and give your confirmation code & passenger name.
  • After that, you can share all of the required details and ask for the available agent to proceed with the change request.
  • Now, the agent will review your request and modify your ticket as available.
  • Once the agent has confirmed the availability, the passengers have to pay for the Turkish Airlines change fee, and then they will get the newly issued ticket instantly.
B. Through KIOSK Tower
  • To begin, go to the Airport Turkish Airlines KIOSK Tower.
  • Once you have arrived at the airport, then you can follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Fill in the confirmation code as well as Passenger’s name.
  • Pay Turkish Airlines to change the fee and print the new ticket instantly
C. Via Turkish Airlines Customer Service
  • Firstly, dial the change flight customer name and select your required language.
  • Now, you can follow the command and connect to the available agent.
  • The customer care agent will ask you for a confirmation code, Passenger Name & Flight Number.
  • Provide all the details, and the agent will review your input, and then you can process your flight change request.
  • Next, the agent will check for any available flights and ask you to pay for the Turkish Airlines Change Fee. After the payment, you will get the new e-ticket in your email immediately.

Turkish Airways Flight Change Fees 

According to the Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy, the Turkish flight change fee is based on three simple factors, such as the type of fare, the timing of the change, and the route:

For International Route

  • The passengers must pay 200 to 400 dollars as the Turkish Airlines change fee for the long-route flights per the change ticket policy for Turkish airlines international flights.
  • In most cases, the airway will charge you 20% to 30% of the total fare as the change fees.
  • The passengers must pay 70% of the ticket fare as an Airline change fee for making changes on the same day as the departure.

For Domestic Route 

  • Turkish Airlines has acknowledged the change flight fee for the short-route flights too. From now on, flyers must pay around $60 to $120 as flight change fees.
  • If your departure date falls within the period of covid, then there will be no total transition charges. Meaning the passengers can make changes in the scheduled journey free of cost or can be free from the airline change fee.
  • To make modifications on the same day of departure, the passengers must pay for the entire ticket price according to the Turkish Airlines Change Flight Policy.
  • However, if the airline cancels your flight, you can make changes without paying the fee.

Turkish Airlines Flight Date Change Policy

  • Turkish Airlines Flight Date Change Policy clearly states that the passenger cannot change their flight date on the same day of the departure. However, Passengers can change their scheduled flight by paying the Turkish Airlines change fee. However, Passengers should change their flight date within the time limit.
  • However, the Airline has divided the flight change arrangement into small segments. For instance, a passenger who changes the departure date would pay a change fee of $200 to 350 for international routes. However, the fee may differ depending on your destination.
  • Per the Turkish Airlines Flight Date Change Policy, a passenger who does not purchase a seat at the time of the booking cannot use the Turkish Airways change seat selection function.


That’s the wrap for this informative guide. This guide contains all the key information about Turkish Airlines Change Flight Policy. If you have any more questions about policies, flight changes, name changes, or cancellations, you can visit our official website and contact our customer care service for related queries.

If you need assistance regarding Turkish Airlines Change Flight Policy or have any questions, you can contact FlightAura’s customer service team at +1-833-714-2120 for further assistance.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

According to the Turkish Flight change policy, the airline usually does not any fee from passengers who have purchased a flexible fare. However, you do have to pay a fee if you happen to change your destination path along with the date & timing. On the other hand, for other tickets, the cost may depend on their ticket type, destination, route and etc.

The easiest way to change my flight with the turkish airlines is via using online or offline method or you can use the mobile application from where you can book your tickets from Turkish airlines. However, you can also make changes in your flight from a ticket center or a self-service Kiosk from the airport.

According to the Turkish airlines Flight change policy, a passenger would have to pay a certain amount to change their flight with the Flexible Fare (Business or Economy class). However, in other cases the flight change will depend on what type of ticket you have, destination as well as your flight route.

The Passengers can change their flight schedule on the Turkish airlines through phone, website of Turkish airlines. Apart from this, you can also directly go to the airline’s ticket office or change your flight schedule through travel agency.

Yes, according to the Turkish airlines Flight Change Policy, a passenger can change their return flight date easily. However, there are chances that one may have to pay a certain fee to be able to change their flight which depends on ticket type, destination and flight route.

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