Japan Airlines Flight Change Policy

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Some emergency arises for everyone sometimes when they have a plan to travel with their flight booking. Then, the ultimate alternative they left with was to make some alterations to their flight booking. Understanding that such conditions may arrive with anyone, Japan Airlines introduced their Japan Airlines Change Flight policy. It enables every user to make their travel plan per their needs for a seamless experience while using our services.

So, read this article describing Japan Airlines Change Flight policy and know how Japan Airlines puts flexibility first place for all passengers.

Brief of Japan Airlines Change Flight Policy

Japan Airlines Change of Flight policy depends on several reasons: fare types, way of booking, destination, and many more. When you step outside the risk-free period the airlines put on, you become liable to pay the charges for altering your flight booking. Know more about the policy by paying attention mentioned below:

  • According to the 24-hour cancelation policy, you are free to modify your reservation as per your need without paying a single cent for the same.
  • You can change flights, dates, destinations, seats, and meals.

Highlights of Japan Airlines Change Flight

Look at the pointers given below as they can make you well aware of the Japan Airline change flight policy. These all are the major highlights of this policy:

  • All the passengers will be liable to pay the change fees if they request any change outside the 24-hour window.
  • For all the passengers who have an International ticket, the JAL Change flight fee turns out to be that amount that is some part of your ticket fare.
  • Japan Airlines Change flight policy applied only to those tickets booked using the official platform of Japan Airlines.
  • The privilege of making changes in your flight booking is provided to everyone, and they can do it one hour before the scheduled departure of the flight. But you don’t have the right to change the routes of your flight under this policy.
  • Even if you are traveling inside the boundary of Japan, you are also not permitted to make alterations to your flight route.
  • Every change or amendment you want to make to your flight booking must be completed 20 minutes before the fixed departure of the flights.
  • According to Change Flight Japan Airlines policy, you don’t have the authority to change your name or any other information, as these changes are strictly banned under this policy. In such a case, you must cancel your scheduled trip and proceed with a new flight reservation with the right details.
  • Passengers holding the TOKUBIN Advance purchase Fare, SAKITOKU Advance purchase Fare, Senior Citizen Stand-by Fare, Transit Fare, and Sky Mate Stand-By Fare tickets don’t have the right to change the flight ticket. They can do so only when they raise a request to change the flight date; the airlines will cut down the whole ticket cost.

Know about JAL Airlines International Flight change

Certain sets of conditions are present under this policy, and to have a clear concept, you need to go through all the pointers stated below.

• The JAL International Flight Change Policy only applies to those airlines which depart from Japan to other parts of the world.
• Airlines allow everyone to change their flight booking in the same segment. Passengers can perform various changes in their flight booking and don’t need to bother with the Japan Airlines Change flight fees.
• Japan Airlines will reschedule your trip in case when your flight departs late or gets canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. These are earthquakes, tsunamis, Snowfall, pandemics, and government-laid rules or restrictions. There exist some other uncontrollable or unpredictable conditions as well.
• Ensure that your tickets start with the token number, i.e. 131, to be eligible under this policy.
• It is mandatory to reach out to the Mileage Team of the airlines in advance in need to perform alterations to the Award tickets.

Multiple Procedures in Japan Airlines Flight Change

Under this Japan Airlines Flight Change policy, various methods can easily modify your flight booking.

First Method: Alteration of Website through Online means

  • Open up the browser and pay a visit to the official website of Japan Airlines.
  • Head to the “Manage My Booking” Section and click on it.
  • On the next page, you can see two options, i.e., Domestic or International Flights, from which you must select one.
  • If you are a JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) member, log in to your account and look for your booking.
  • All the non-members need to add this information like First name, last name, departing date, flight confirmation number, and booking number.
  • Fill in the required information, like the booking reference number and the passenger’s last name.
  • After entering this information, you can witness your reservation details in front of you. Look for the option to make changes or cancel the flight booking.
  • Then, progress the instructions that keep coming up on the screen to make modifications to your flight booking, like dates, basic information, and any other itinerary details.
  • Pay the fees or charges arising for the services you took from airlines.
  • Review the changes you want to make to confirm it, and then make the payment if any exist.

Second Method: Modification by calling the airlines

Seek assistance when you want to alter your flight booking by calling the customer care team of Japan Airlines. So, follow the given steps individually without skipping any in the middle.

  • Fetch the contact information from the official website of Japan Airlines and then call on the given number to get connected with them.
  • Follow the voice command that keeps coming up on the screen to talk to the representative of that concerned department.
  • Provide them with all the necessary information to reach the booking page. It includes the booking reference number along with the passenger’s last name by whom you made the flight booking.
  • Tell them elaborately about your wish to make changes to your flight booking, like what kind of modification you expect to make.
  • Listen to their guidance or instructions as they need to verify before completing the process.
  • Finally, confirm the changes or cancelation before ending the call with the airline’s executive.

Third Method: Amendment by paying a visit to the airport

Visit the airport to make changes to your flight booking, and for that, follow the instructions so that the process will get completed smoothly without any flaws.

  • Explore to spot the nearest JAL Group domestic counter in the city or at the nearest airport from where you have your flight. You can easily find this piece of information on the official website of Japan Airlines.
  • Check the working hours so that your motive will get served when you pay a visit.
  • Tell them directly that you want to amend or cancel your flight booking.
  • Let them know each detail they need to proceed with the process. It mainly comprises booking confirmation numbers and basic identification details about the passenger.
  • Explain your request to the member of the team of Japan Airlines and listen to their instructions carefully.
  • Provide them with any more detail they need and check whether they need to submit some of the significant documents to complete the process.
  • Lastly, examine all the changes one more time, whether you perform those in the right manner or not.
  • When the process gets completed from their end, you’ll receive a confirmation message of the same on your registered mobile number or at your email ID.

JAL Flight Change Fee

Japan Airlines will levy JAL change flight fees as service fees for issuing new tickets after the alteration and rescheduling of the previous tickets. Refer to the table given below for an understanding of the fee structure of Japan Airlines.

Way of flight reservation Location or place Ticket issuance site or place Price for forming new tickets after the changes in the ticket
By JAL Website Complete region Not present
By JAL Reservation center Japan Japan JPY 5500 (comprising Japan consumption tax)
North America The United States of America $ 50
Canada CAD 50
The United kingdom GBP 40
Switzerland CHF 45
Asia or Oceanic Australia AUD 60
Guam USD 50
Philippines USD 50
Vietnam USD 50
Malaysia MYR 200
Thailand THB 1,500

Prime Points of Japan Airlines Change Flight Policy

  • Japan Airlines provides all of their passengers the privilege to make changes in their flight booking before the scheduled flight departure.
  • Save yourself from paying out the Japan Airlines Change flight fee by raising the request to amend flight booking within 24 hours from the booking time.
  • When you miss this period to make the changes, you become liable to pay some extra money as a penalty.
  • Various ways are present under the policy to alter your flight booking. You can proceed with any method, i.e., online, offline, and through the airport.
  • According to Japan Airlines’ change flight policy, you can modify your seat, date or time of the flight, destinations, selection of meals, and many more things.
  • Please make sure to proceed with the method only that you used in making your flight booking.
  • Suppose you booked your flight with any third-party agents; then, you need to contact that person to make changes to your flight booking.

Bottom Line..!

Japan Airlines Change flight policy existed to provide all passengers with convenience, flexibility, and outstanding customer service. By this, they are ensuring you travel without facing any troubles or problems. You all have the right to make your flight booking suited to your needs and preferences. No need to worry about anything, as we are just a call away. Connect with us by calling +1-833-714-2120 or mail us at info@flightaura.com. Our team is ready to provide you with any assistance you need.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You can go further to modify your seat selection in Japan Airlines by:
Online: Website or mobile application
Offline: By Japan Airlines Customer care number, airport helpdesk, and by visiting the sales office.

The airlines don’t charge any money on some particular routes as JAL flight change fees. And generally, Japan Airlines Flight Change fees will get applied based on fare category, booking mode, way of changing, and many other factors.

If you made changes by calling the customer care team of Japan Airlines, then you will receive an SMS of the confirmation rather than an email. So, when performing any kind of modification in your flight booking, make sure to ask for a notification message of your flight details on your registered mobile number.

If you are a JMB member, you can proceed further by paying using your credit card or JAL points.

To receive more clarity and clarification about the conditions of Japan Airlines Change Flight Policy, you can call freely to our customer care team or can write us at our official mail ID. Our team will revert you with an apt response.

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