Pegasus Airline Flight Change Policy

Enter the Mentioned Details Below to Change Pegasus Booked Flight

Pegasus Airlines is an excellent choice for travelers because of its excellent services and one of the finest policies. Among all policies, the Pegasus Airline flight Change Policy is the finest and provides passengers with the freedom to make necessary adjustments until the available windows. The changes had to be made within the specified time frame, otherwise, the airline would forfeit the whole ticket value as a no-show, or Pegasus Airlines change flight fees.

How Can I Change My Flight on Pegasus Airlines?

To change your flight with Pegasus Airlines, you must follow the below-listed guidelines;- 

(i) Change Your Flight Using Online Method

  • Start by visiting the main website of Pegasus Airlines. 
  • Now, go to the home page and click on the login page. 
  • Then, add in your number as well as your password. 
  • Once you have reviewed your details, click on the Login option. 
  • Afterwards, please tap on the Manage My Booking button. 
  • Next, enter your PNR number as well as your name. 
  • Press on the Next option and choose your other trip. 
  • Click the Flight Change option and then fill out the flight change form. 
  • Also, remember to fill out all the details and hit the Submit option.
  • Pay for the latest flight when you are done, depending on the fare difference. 
  • Ultimately, you will get an email on your registered email ID. 

(ii) Flight Change Using Phone Call

Here’s what you need to follow to complete the procedure;- 

  • First of all, contact Pegasus customer service at their phone number. 
  • Next, choose your desired language. 
  • Also, select a reason to call the airline. For instance, Flight change. 
  • Enter your flight details such as ticket number, confirmation number, first and last name, etc. 
  • The customer care agent will now fill out the flight change form to initiate the procedure. 
  • Make sure to review all of your details and then submit the form. 
  • Afterward, the agent will check if you are eligible or not. 
  • Pay for the flight difference using the same payment method that you have used before. 
  • Lastly, when you are done with payment, you can make changes according to your requirements. 

Pegasus Flight Change Fee

The flight change may differ depending on fare type, ticket, and destination departure. For now, here is the complete breakdown of the flight change fee:- 

Flight For all the Scheduled International Flights 

Flight Change

Time To Departure

Promo G/P Fare Classes

Promo U/T Fare Classes

Standard Fare Classes

For all the International Scheduled Flights

Change your flight within 2 hours

Tickets are non-refundable

You would have to pay $38.53 (Non-refundable)

At least pay $71.55


All the International (Connecting Flights)

Flight Change

Time To Departure

Promotion Q/I Fare Classes

Promotion E/W Fare Classes

Standard F/A/J/C Fare Classes

For all International – International Connecting Flights

More than 72 hours
Between 72-2 hours
Less than 2 hours

Tickets are Non-refundable

At least pay $50 transaction charges

Tickets are Non-refundable

Pay $80 as transaction fees
$85 as transaction fees

Fee For International (Domestic Connecting Flight)

For those who want to make changes in their flight itinerary in any fare class, then you would have to pay the Pegasus Airlines flight change fee. According to the flight change policy, passengers must pay at least 30% of their fare difference if they change it 72 hours before their scheduled departure. 

Also, you would have to pay half of your original ticket price to change your ticket 24 hours after your final boarding. 

Continue reading the following suggestions to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey:

  • The Pegasus change flight rules state that passengers are not permitted to make changes within 24 hours prior to departure.
  • Changes to contact details are allowed once per passenger. They need to make changes within the allotted period.
  • The Pegasus Airlines change flight date policy states that the airline will not accept date change requests on the same day of departure.
  • As per the Pegasus Airlines change flight policy, the passenger can change their scheduled flight only if the requested flight is available.
  • The airline provides seat changes to each passenger by charging a Pegasus flight booking fee based on the booking type and class of ticket.
  • No changes are permitted if the booking or change request is made through unofficial portals.
  • Passengers are allowed to make changes to the scheduled flights only with valid tickets.
  • According to the Pegasus flight change policy, the changes needed to be made within the allotted period.
  • The airline will not charge any fees if the changes are requested due to covid.
  • According to the Pegasus Airlines flight change policy, passengers are allowed to change flight dates with valid tickets. The changes needed to be made within the allotted period.
  • The Pegasus change flight policy states that free change is allowed on domestic and international flights booked between 27th August 2020 to 31st December 2021.

Concluding Thoughts

There are many situations where one may have to change their flight for several reasons, such as a work emergency, sudden death in the family, etc. If you are planning your flight, be sure to do it within 24 hours to avoid paying any fee to the airline. Thus, for more information, make sure to visit the main website of Pegasus Airlines. For immediate response, you can get in touch with the airline by calling them on their phone number.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

As per the Pegasus flight change policy, if you have bought your ticket from the main website of Pegasus airlines or via using the mobile application, then you can reach out to the customer service of Pegasus to change your flight date. For those, who have purchased their ticket through a third-party website can call the travel agency and inquire them about the possible changes in your Flight date.

As per the Pegasus flight change policy, the flight change fee may differ depending on several factors such as departure date, destination, flight date & Timings and etc. However, if you have a domestic flight then you are expected to pay between $180 to $300 dollars. But, if you want to change your flight date & time on an international flight then you would have to pay at least $300 to $450 dollars.

With the help of the above-mentioned information, you can change your flight date with the Pegasus airline. For any assistance, you can reach out to the live agent and ask them related questions regarding your flight.

As per the Pegasus airlines flight change policy, a passenger can change their scheduled flight in several ways such as online or offline ways. If you have chosen the online method, then you will be able to change your flight through main website or via using the mobile application. As a matter of fact, those who want to change their flight using offline way can change it using phone number, airport counter as well as sales centers.

Yes, you can make modifications in your flight itinerary for free of cost. For this, you would have to change your flight at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight with the Pegasus airlines.

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