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Westjet Airline Check-in Policy: Everything You Need to Know | Complete Guide

The Westjet Check-in Policy is quite straightforward for passengers to wrap their heads around. Once you make the reservation, you must know the check-in timings and options available to make your travel smooth and safe. In this blog, we will mention everything that you need to know about the WestJet Airline Check In policy.

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What Are the Options that Westjet Airlines Provides For Its Passengers?

As we have said, there are several ways by which one can check-in, and Westjet Airline offers multiple check-in options for its passengers. Check out these below-listed options:-

  • Online Check-in:- Passengers can check in for their Westjet flight online by simply visiting their WestJet website or its application. However, the Westjet online check-in is available 24 hours up to 60 minutes before its scheduled departure time from the flight.
  • Mobile Check-in:- Passengers can also request check-in via the Westjet mobile check-in app, which permits the user to check in and helps them choose their desired seat and receive their boarding pass on their mobile device.
  • KIOSK Check-in:- Westjet also offers airport KIOSK at most of the airports, and this KIOSK allows passengers to check in, choose their seats, and print out their boarding passes.
  • Counter Check-in:- Another way to request Westjet flight check-in in person is through the airport counter. This option is handy if you have any special requests or require help with travel arrangements. The available Westjet check-in options can vary depending on the airport and type of flight. However, you must check out the specific details of your flight on the Westjet website or the mobile application.

The Details about Westjet Airline Check-in Timings

According to the Westjet Check-in Policy, the check-in and boarding times may differ depending on the flight and the airport. However, it is advised that the passenger should arrive at the airport two hours before the scheduled departure for the domestic flights. As for international flights, the passenger should arrive three hours before leaving.

Therefore, the check-in time may differ depending on the flight and the airport. For this, we have made a list of the timings that passengers need to follow before their scheduled departure:-

check-in time - Table

All those passengers who arrive at the airport late will not be granted to board the flight. However, in this case, travelers may qualify for the same-day change under special circumstances:-

  • In many cases, the baggage will only be accepted three hours before the scheduled timings of the aircraft departure. Also, baggage check-in is only allowed up until the check-in deadline.
  • However, most of the airports have a cutoff time for international check-in of 60 minutes, while Calgary (YYC), Edmonton (YEG), Toronto (YYZ), and Vancouver (YVR) have a cutoff time of 75 minutes (YVR).
  • Also, with the Boeing 787 air carrier, the gate closing time is 15 minutes.
  • Passengers need to check the security wait times for flights leaving Canadian airports to ensure enough time to reach their gates and board their flights.

Check-in Time for Special Requests/Cases

According to the Westjet check-in policy, passengers who have special requests should know to follow the given rules:-

  • Passengers who require a wheelchair should get through the thirty- minutes ahead of the Westjet flight check-in deadlines.
  • Those passengers who have Oversized or overweight baggage must check in thirty minutes before the check-in deadline.
  • The Westjet unaccompanied minor passengers need to check in with a west jet  representative right before ninety minutes before the departure.
  • For travelers who have purchased an extra seat must check in with an airline’s representative per the Westjet check-in policy.
  • However, a minimum of ninety minutes before the departure time is required for those passengers who are available for the WestJet pet travel and carrying pets as their checked baggage.

What Are the Methods to Check-in For a WestJet Flight?

Passengers can check in for their Westjet flight using multiple options per the Westjet check-in policy, such as;

1. Online Check-in

  • First, visit the official website of Westjet Airlines.
  • Then, click on the check-in button and enter your reservation information, including your confirmation or e-ticket number, last name, departure city, etc.
  • Next, press the check-in tab to start the check-in procedure.
  • Now, follow the steps to choose seats, add baggage, or offer any necessary personal information.
  • After that, review your check-in information to see if everything is correct.
  • Hit on the Check-in button to complete the procedure.
  • Also, if you have a printed boarding pass, you can print it out or save it to your mobile phone for easy access at the airport.
  • For any queries and issues, contact Westjet customer service for assistance.
  • Now, you must arrive at the airport on time and present your boarding pass and identification to the WestJet staff to start your journey.

2. Mobile Check-in

Per the Wesjet Check-in policy, passengers must install the Wesjet mobile check-in application. Once you have downloaded the app, follow these instructions:-

  • Launch the app on your mobile device and log in to your Westjet account. Passengers can also create a new one if they don’t have one.
  • From the home screen menu, choose the Check-in button.
  • Enter your booking confirmation number, last name, and departure city, and then click the Continue button.
  • Make sure to review your flight details and confirm your seat selection, or you can make as many changes as possible.
  • Also, if you have any baggage to check, you can choose the number of bags you will have to check and then pay for it accordingly.
  • If you have any special requests, then now is the time to make those choices and ask for a meal preference or any assistive devices.
  • Once you have reviewed all the information and made the necessary modifications, click the check-in option to complete the procedure.
  • After check-in, passengers can access their mobile boarding pass, which they can save to their devices or add to their digital wallets.
  • Make sure to arrive at the airport with your mobile boarding pass and any necessary travel documents and proceed with the security and the check-in gate.

3. Self-Service Check-in KIOSKs

The Passengers can use the self-service check-in KIOSKs to complete the Westjet Airline check-in request for their flight. Follow these steps at the airport to get your boarding pass:-

  • First of all, locate the self-service KIOSK at the airport terminal.
  • Then, choose the Westjet airline and use the touch screen to enter your booking reference number, passport ID/details, and other required information.
  • Specify whether you have checked your baggage, and then follow the steps to print out the baggage tags and attach them to your bags.
  • Make sure to confirm your flight details, review your seat selection, and print out your boarding pass.
  • Then, recover your boarding pass from the printer and present it at the KIOSK.
  • Also, if you have checked your luggage, you can drop your bags at the drop counter to deposit them. Other than that, you can also proceed directly to the security checkpoint.

4. Check-in at the Westjet Counter

If the passenger prefers to check in with a WestJet agent, they must visit the WestJet counter at the airport. However, the agent will ask you to confirm your booking confirmation number or ID. And you also have to verify your details. Then you will be able to print your boarding pass as per the WestJet Airline Check-in Policy:-

However, the check-in procedure at the Westjet counter at the airport involves the following instructions:-

  • The passengers must arrive at the airport at least two hours before the scheduled departure time to allow enough time to check in and navigate through security.
  • Next, locate the Westjet Airline check-in counter at the airport terminal, and you will find this information on the airport map or directory.
  • Contact the Westjet representative at the counter and provide them with your travel details, such as your flight number, departure city, and destination.
  • Then, you will be asked to provide valid government-issued photo identification, such as a passport or driver‘s license.
  • Now, the airline will ask you to provide your flight confirmation number, which can be found on your itinerary or the booking confirmation.
  • Also, if you have checked baggage, you must check it at the counter. However, the WestJet representative will weigh down your baggage and then tag it with a tag for identification.
  • Once your check-in procedure is complete, the WestJet representative will print your boarding pass. And the boarding pass will include your seat number, boarding time, and gate number.
  • Lastly, you can proceed to the gate to board your flight.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Mobile Boarding Pass For WestJet

According to the Westjet Airline check-in policy, passengers have to follow the below-mentioned instructions:-

  • Get started by downloading the Westjet application to your mobile device.
  • Once you have installed it, launch the application on your device.
  • Now, enter your booking confirmation number or flight information to access your details.
  • Make sure to follow the steps carefully to check in for your flight and choose the option to get the mobile boarding pass.
  • Next, the app will showcase your boarding pass. And you can either download it or take a screenshot to show it at the airport

How to Ask For Baggage Check-in At the Airport?

  • You must check out the Westjet Baggage Policy to confirm that you comply with the airline’s rules and restrictions.
  • Go to the airport’s check-in counter after at the airport. However, passengers can find this information on the airport’s website or the following signs.
  • Passengers can also join the check-in queue. Remember to keep your passport or identification and flight information handy.
  • Show your baggage to the airline representative for check-in, and they will do the rest. This includes weighing your baggage, verifying your identification, and printing your boarding pass.
  • Next, the airline will tag your baggage bag for identification purposes. This tag will include all the information about your destination and your flight.

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