Air New Zealand Airline Check-in Policy

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Air New Zealand Check-in Policy

An Overview of Air New Zealand Check in Policy

Before making the reservation, the passenger should know all the details, such as the Air New Zealand Check-in Policy. This article covers everything you need to cover the Air New Zealand check in policy. However, it asks passengers to reach the airport two hours before the scheduled departure time for domestic flights. Whereas for international flights, passengers must arrive at the airport three hours before the confirmed departure.

Highlighted Points of Air New Zealand Check in Policy

The deadline for the check-in is usually printed on your e-ticket and in the Air New Zealand mobile application or ticket provided by your travel agency. There are some rules and regulations that one must consider to avoid any trouble:-

  • The passengers are required to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before their international flight. Whereas, for all the flights from/to the US, the passengers must be checked two hours before the scheduled departure.
  • As for the domestic flight, the passengers need to be checked in 30 minutes before the departure of your flight, per the Air New Zealand Check-in Policy. However, if you check in later, you will be asked to move to the next flight. But, if you are traveling without your checked baggage, you can navigate straight to the gate to check in by scanning your barcode on your electronic ticket or through the mobile app.
  • The timing may differ, if a domestic flight departs from an international terminal or the itinerary if it involves a connection to an international flight. For this, passengers need to arrive at the airport sixty minutes before the departure of the domestic flight.

Different Ways to Check in For Air New Zealand

  • Check-in Online
  • Airport Check-in
  • Check-in at the counter

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1. Online Check-in Procedure

Online check-in is available for all the operated flights within twenty-four hours before the flight departure. But, if you travel with your checked luggage, you must still tag and drop your bags before the Bag drop closing time.

However, online check-in is unavailable for some passengers. This includes passengers who request special services, unaccompanied minors, passengers with paper tickets, Booking more than nine passengers, or bookings for international multi-city bookings according to the Air New Zealand check-in.

Also, passengers must use the link in your travel email to check in online, or you can recover your online bookings. These are the items that will come in handy during the time of online check-in:-

  • Booking Reference Number
  • Passports of all the passengers
  • Membership number of the frequent flyer program.

Check Out these Below-Listed Steps Once You Start Check-in Online:-

  • First, choose passengers to check in and then enter your frequent flyer membership services.
  • Then, you can choose to upgrade on eligible flights.
  • Passengers can also manage and add bags & complete their baggage declaration.
  • Choose your seats for all the passengers who are checking in.
  • Now, you can also pay for any upgrades and any extra bags you may have.
  • As for all those passengers who are checking in, they must enter their passport details and other entry and transit requirements required by the destination country.

As soon as you complete the online check-in, then they will allot you a boarding pass, for which you have to follow the following options:-

  • You will receive an email for printing your boarding pass.
  • Also, passengers can get their boarding pass through Air New Zealand Mobile application.
  • Or you can pick up your boarding pass at the airport from its dedicated online check-in counter.

In some cases, the boarding pass will not be issued online. Don’t sweat; in this case, if it ever happens to you, your pass will be issued at the online check-in counter of the airport.

2. KIOSK Check-in

The KIOSK check-in service is available in the airports of Christchurch, Auckland, and Wellington for domestic flights. However, these domestic terminals are self-service and come with a check-in KIOSK, a bag drop area for passengers to drop their bags, and a self-boarding scanner.

For international flights, passengers can check in using the Air New Zealand self-service KIOSKs. Then, the passengers have to scan the readable passport. Also, if you arrive at the airport past your check-in time, you must travel on the next flight.


If you are traveling on a flight operated by another airline, you must check in with the operating company.

Requirements for Check-in

According to the Air New Zealand Check-in Policy, passengers must carry out proof of identity as they must present during the check-in. Other than that, passengers must keep these things handy; driver’s license, passport, credit card, birth certificate, Airpoints or the Koru card, or any community services card suitable for all identification purposes.  As for the International travel, you must have a valid passport and an applicable visa.

Go through these Steps to Check in At the Airport:-

  • To start, you must go to the airport counter and locate the KIOSK machine in your check-in area.
  • Now, you can touch your KIOSK screen to begin the check-in procedure.
  • Then, enter your e-ticket number as well as your last name.
  • Next, you can review your flight details and then confirm your check-in.
  • Make sure to get a printout of your boarding pass.

3. Check-in At the Ticket Counter

  • Navigate to your airport and search for the Air New Zealand ticket counter.
  • Then, you can present your New Zealand booking confirmation to the agent at the counter.
  • Once the agent has verified your booking, they will confirm your check-in request.
  • After that, the agent will issue your boarding pass.

4. Air New Zealand Mobile Check-in

To do Air New Zealand Mobile check-in, don’t do anything much except follow the below-highlighted steps one by one:

  • Get access to the mobile application of Air New Zealand Airlines with the help of your mobile phone. 
  • Proceed further with the alternative of Mobile Check-in from the options present in the menu.
  • Then, enter the passenger’s last name and the flight e-ticket number of Air New Zealand Airlines. 
  • After this, go with the instructions that keep coming up on the screen. 
  • When the procedure ends, download your New Zealand Air Boarding pass, or save it on your phone for future usage. 

Online check-in time for different kinds of flights

The online check-in time for the flights differs based on the kind of flight. Look below to get accurate information regarding this matter. 

  • Timing for Online domestic check-in is around 24 hours to 30 minutes. 
  • Timing for Online International Check-in is around 24 hours to 90 minutes or 120 minutes, based exactly on the departure airport. 


Knowing everything about the check-in process is necessary to have a travel experience you can remember for your whole life. If you are traveling with Air New Zealand Airlines, this article will greatly help you. All minutiae details about Air New Zealand Check in policy are specified here. In case of any other concern that doesn’t get covered through this article, then call us without any hesitation. Call +1-833-714-2120 or write a mail at, and our team will get connected to you within some time.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In a matter of checking in online for all International flights, the timing is about 24 hours to 90 minutes before the flight’s fixed departure time. And in special cases, when you have your flight from or to the United States, you need to check in at least 2 hours before departure. 

When traveling within New Zealand, a credit card, koru card, driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, or Community Services card is regarded as your ID card. On the contrary, while traveling on an International flight, only a valid passport or visa is considered an ID Card.

Yes, it is permitted for all of you to do the check-in while having checked baggage. On the day of traveling, you should download the bag tags at the self-service kiosk center and the airport counter. Then, attach those tags to your bags and drop them at the Bag Drop counter to complete the process. 

Multiple factors exist because the online check-in isn’t working for Air New Zealand Airlines. These reasons are technical difficulties, inaccurate information or details, and restrictions on certain flights. 

Yes, it is certainly possible to get your boarding pass for the Air New Zealand Airlines flight through their website. After the completion of the online check-in process, you now have to pick the seat on the flight and then have to print the boarding pass. 

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