Southwest Check-in Policy 

Southwest Airlines Check-in Policy

An Overview of Check-in for Southwest Airline’s Flights

Southwest Airlines is one of the finest airlines in which people prefer to travel. Undoubtedly, it is regarded as a passenger-friendly airline because of its minimum pricing, top-notch services, and flexible policies. Whenever a person makes their flight booking, the next thing that pops up in their mind is searching for the check-in process. So, for your convenience, we are explaining the Southwest Airlines Check-in policy in detail. Please take a look and invest some time in this write-up so that you wouldn’t face any trouble in the future.

How to Perform the Southwest Airlines Check-in?

The check facility of Southwest Airlines starts 48 hours before the Scheduled departure and ends 2 hours left in the flight departure. If you are unaware of the methods to check in at Southwest Airlines, follow the given methods.

Dial Toll Free Number: +1-833-714-2120

Southwest Airlines Check-in online

Southwest Airlines check-in permits every passenger with the facilities to check their baggage in advance, select the meal, and choose the desired flight seat. All International travelers are exempted from this opportunity. And it doesn’t matter that you did your check-in in Southwest Airlines online; you can cancel your booking up to 2 hours before the Scheduled departure.

Follow the Laid-Down Steps to Check in at Southwest Airlines Without any Interruption.

  • Visit your browser and then search for the official website of Southwest Airlines. Click on the main URL to reach their homepage.
  • Fill in the passenger information, i.e., passenger name, PNR Confirmation, and other basic details to complete the check-in process.
  • Then, click on the check-in button to do the procedure.
  • After this, settle down the Southwest Seat check-in request to conclude the procedure.
  • In the end, your boarding pass will be available online. You have both choices, i.e., either you can print the boarding pass right now or can go with the option of having a softcopy after some time. You can save it for now by sending it to your Mail ID.

Check-in Southwest Airline by Kiosk Centre

Kiosk Machine is generally available almost all across the United States. Using this, passengers can easily check in and get the boarding pass. This facility is present for all domestic and International travelers. If you have some baggage to check in, you need to contact the Southwest Airlines team at the counter before performing the check-in through the Kiosk. A detailed flow of the process is explained here in the form of steps, so go through it once.

  • First, locate where this kiosk machine of Southwest Airlines is present, and you can have this information by paying a visit to the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Fill in the details on your identification card with a photo in it. You must use the same ID card you used when making the booking, along with the PNR confirmation number.
  • Through the Kiosk machine, you also have the privilege of picking your seat on the flight. If you didn’t do that, the airlines automatically assign a seat.
  • At last, have a copy of the boarding pass from the Kiosk machine as it is significant at the time of traveling.

Check-in by Mobile App in Southwest Airlines

The mobile application of Southwest Airlines is available on the play store. It not only permits you to check-in for your flight, but you can also pick a seat for yourself and have an eye on the information regarding the timetable. The boarding pass will become available for you when you finish the check-in process.

Southwest Airlines Check-in Process by Reaching to Airport

The Airport Check-in process in the case of Southwest Airlines is that a passenger has to come to the airport and then must submit the baggage in the hands of the airline staff. In return for this, they will give you a boarding pass. To perform the check-in task by this mode, all the passengers are advised to reach the airport 2 hours before the fixed departure.

Curbside Check-in Southwest Airlines

This specific facility is present at some of the selected airports only in the United States. By this, you can do the check-in by holding the hand luggage. Southwest Airlines offers the facility of Curbside facility are present 24*7 and 365 days a year. And it is present at some of the selected International Airports all over the US.

Southwest Early Bird Check-in

All passengers can do the automatic check-in on Southwest Airlines by using the Southwest Airlines Early Bird Check-in. For this, every single person needs to pay $50. By this, you can be in a better boarding position and possess the overhead bins.

According to the Southwest Airlines Check-in Policy, the service of Early-bird can get purchases at the price range from $50 to $100 one way for one passenger. Some of the characteristics of this are as follows:

  • Automatic check-in Southwest Airlines.
  • Better boarding position
  • Become the first person to receive access to the overhead bins.

Timing for the Southwest Check-in

All the passengers who are flying with Southwest Airlines have to complete their check-in to make their claim on the seat that they want by entering the six-digit PNR number. You can do the Check-in through the Southwest Airlines website, as it starts 48 hours before the scheduled departure and closes 10 minutes before the flight’s departure. After check-in, you can move further by using the mobile app or website to get the boarding pass you can share with your email ID directly. You can then download it before the travel as needed when you are heading towards stepping inside the flight.

  • In a matter of 30 minutes before the scheduled departure: It is recommended that everyone reach the area 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. It will save you from any kind of hassle that can emerge.
  • In a matter of 10 minutes before the Schedules departure: All the passengers must get their boarding pass and be present in front of the boarding area at least 10 minutes before the fixed departure time of the flight. If this wouldn’t happen, the airlines hold the right to cancel their reservation, and the passengers don’t have the right to apply for a refund.
  • In case of not having the plan to travel by passenger: According to the Southwest Airlines Check-in policy, passengers are permitted to cancel their booking 10 minutes before the scheduled departure if they wish not to travel in their flight segment. If the person wouldn’t cancel the booking, then he/she will count under the “No Show” segment and lose their chance of receiving the Wanna Get Away Fund.

Things that you Must do Before Proceeding for Check-in

The option performing Southwest Airlines Check-in option is present 24 hours before the Scheduled departure. But before you proceed further with the procedure of check-in, you should take care of the following mentioned things:

  • Firstly, visit the Southwest Airlines help center to check whether you are qualified to do the check-in at Southwest Airlines.
  • All passengers must inspect the airport authority guidelines and other necessary information to verify when they have to be present to check in.
  • The mobile app of Southwest Airlines is a digital assistance for you that will permit all the passengers to check in, review flight status, and process the check-out.

Southwest Airlines Check-in Fees

There are no check-in fees levied by Southwest Airlines. The check-in process is quite simple and easy on both types of procedures. In particular, if you do the check-in offline mode, you might have to pay some extra amount to attain all the extra services. You must pay to add extra baggage to your basket, select the desired seat, and many more. To have your boarding pass in your hand, there is no need to pay anything while traveling with Southwest Airlines.

Bottom Line..!

Every aspect of Southwest Airlines Check-in policy is highlighted here. By reading this article, you will become aware of the check-in policy of Southwest Airlines, which will save you from facing any kind of problem when you are heading toward taking your flight. In a matter of not understanding anything or seeking any kind of further assistance, you can contact our customer care team, and they will take care of your concern. You can contact us by calling at +1-833-714-2120 or mail us at

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