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About SWISS Airlines

Swiss International Airlines, also known as Swiss Airlines, offers flights to more than 100 destinations in over 40 countries. It is one of the most famous and popular airlines in Switzerland and operates its flights from hubs in Zurich and Geneva.

Swiss Airlines cover cities in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and North and Latin America. If you are also planning a trip to one of these countries and cities, we suggest you read this blog. As in this blog, we will cover all the important aspects you as a traveler must be aware of while booking tickets through Swiss Airlines.

Swiss Airlines Flight Seats

The most important thing for booking any flight is understanding the features and benefits of different types of seat classes on a flight. Well, let’s look at the types of seats provided by Swiss Airlines.

1. Swiss Economy: What you will expect from the Economy class tickets, you will get from it. May be a little more to make a perfect trip. You can even enjoy an economy class seat while traveling a long tour flight.

Get adjustable headrests and advanced seat reservations with free wines and drinks. Blockbuster films, TV programs, and games are all waiting for you.

2. Swiss Business Class: Travel in comfort class tickets to provide you with the experience of heaven in the sky. Pamper yourself with a click of turning the seat to a roomy flatbed along with the integrated massage function.

An adjustable screen with a great selection of magazines provides enjoyable Flight Entertainment. Traveling kits and priority check-in are all provided to give you special treatment.

3. Swiss First: A first-class passenger ticket with great comfort. The Swiss first class will give you the pleasure of enjoying the refined ambiance, personalized services, and best-in-class products on the flight.

Armchairs, convertible flatbed seats, private sphere, along with the best quality food with a taste of Switzerland accompanied with fine wines. Apart from that, you will get access to watch the latest games and movies available to provide the best flight experience.

Swiss Airlines Baggage Rules and Information

We all love to take a lot of bags and items while traveling to a new country. But at the moment, you must remember the baggage rules and policy to pass the check-in process without any hurdles. 

1. Hand Baggage

You can bring one small handy bag through which you can keep all the essential documents with ease to access them easily. The bag’s dimensions must be less than 55 X 40 X 23 cm. Economy Class travelers are allowed to bring a maximum of 1 bag, whereas business and first class travelers can bring up to 2 bags. 

2. Checked Baggage Policy

Here is the checked baggage weightage policy of Swiss International Airlines.


No of bags Weight of Each Bag

Total Max Weight

Economy Class 1 23 kg 23
Business Class 2 32 kg 64
First Class 3 32 kg 96

The size of the baggage in terms of the total size (width + Height + depth) cannot exceed more than 158 cm. Overweight or oversized bags will be counted under excess baggage, and if the traveler’s number of bags exceeds the limit, there will be a charge for each additional item.

Swiss Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy

Let’s look at the cancellation and refund policy of Swiss airlines. 

  • If the flight has been canceled by the Swiss Airlines within two days of the departure time, the airlines will automatically pre-book another flight to the same destination with the same class tickets. 
  • If the Swiss fail to provide an alternative flight for the same day, the airlines will bear the cost of overnight accommodation.
  • If the flight gets canceled more than three days before departure, the airline will either pre-book your ticket for the same destination or be asked to contact the service team to book an alternative flight. 
  • If you want to cancel a ticket and apply for a refund, you have to fill out the refund form, and the booking will automatically be canceled.
  • For the unused services, the visitors are allowed to entitle a complete refund.
  • The refunded amount is subjected to certain rules and regulations in case of voluntary cancellation, partially used tickets, travel, or health restrictions. 
  • The refunded amount will be credited to the same mode of payment you used for making the payment. 
  • Remember, the nonrefundable fare tickets will only get the airport taxes refunded.

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Swiss Airlines are known for providing a great experience at the best fares. Above, we have listed the complete information about Swiss Airlines that can give you a complete overview for planning the next trip.

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