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New Travel Rules of Air Canada Monkeypox Safety Measures & Travel Restrictions

Passengers traveling through Air Canada should know about Air Canada Monkeypox Safety Measures and follow the updated guidelines in order to prevent the spread of the Monkey Virus and keep themselves safe. Considering the current scenario where a number of unusual cases have been detected in different countries with no direct contact with the source, i.e., Central and West Africa. This is the current indication that the virus has been spread to a larger scale, and different measures need to be taken in order to prevent people from this deadly infection. The most common means for any infections to spread from one greater region to another is through traveling passengers.

Also, without traveling, there is no other to complete the daily chores of various working professionals. Thus, it depends on the passengers where they can follow the guidelines in order to avoid contamination and save more and more people from its effects. So, here we are going to discuss guidelines set by Air Canada along with all the safety measures in order to keep yourself safe from Monkey Pox. Read the article further to get more details regarding Monkey and various possibilities to protect yourself from it.

What is Monkey Pox, and Why Is It Such a Serious Concern?

Monkey Pox is a viral infection that can spread from one human to human or from animal to human. Common symptoms include fever, muscle pain, and fatigue. Visible symptoms, which are a clear indicator of MonkeypoxMonkeypox are rashes that are visible after a period of 3-17 days. Rashes ultimately turn into blisters that ultimately burst with scabs over a period of 10 days. The virus has been referred to as MonkeypoxMonkeypox as these are the main host or the reservoir of this infection.

Should We be Worried About Monkey Pox

The disease is a serious concern as the spread chances are very high. Monkeypox can spread from one person to another through just a touch only. The available diagnostic method is through PCR testing, where the lesion of the virus DNA is detected.

The 2022-2023 pox outbreak is the current viral outbreak that originated in western and central Africa and then spread to major parts of the world. With first detected in London with a travel history from Africa, there are more than 85000 confirmed cases within more than 110 countries.

Mokeypox: Treatment and Prevention

Patients with mild symptoms of Monkeypox. Monkeypox can recover within a time of 2-4 weeks. As of now, no specific treatment is available to cure MonkeypoxMonkeypox; however, in case of severe illness, the antiviral drug tecovirimat is suggested. Patients require proper support, and medication is required for fever and pain control. During their recovery period, they need to be provided proper nutrition, should be well hydrated, and should be kept in isolation from the whole house in order to reduce the chances of the disease spreading from one person to another.

Considering the prevention of this disease, the vaccine MVA-BN vaccine that was originally developed for smallpox can be considered to be taken by a person with a risk of high exposure to this disease. Apart from that, another standard precaution has been suggested by major public health organizations. People living in areas with a high chance of contamination need to avoid contact with any kind of animal, sick mammal, rodents, marsupials, and many others who might be infected with the MonkeypoxMonkeypox. Major causes where the spread of the virus is most severe are listed below:

  • During sexual contact.
  • Living in a house with a monkeypox patient.
  • While providing a patient with monkeypox disease.
  • By touching or in any type of contact with the infected person.

Monkey Pox and Travel Policy in Air Canada

As the official sources of Air Canada have mentioned, MonkeypoxMonkeypox has been recognized as Level 2 Travel health. Under this Level-2 travel health, there is an increased risk to certain groups of travelers like pregnant women, people visiting friends, relatives, and campers. As mentioned on the official website of Air Canada, various health precautions can be taken by travelers:

  • Passengers need to delay their travel until the risk of MonkeypoxMonkeypox is at its lowest. This is especially recommended for pregnant women.
  • Based on their chances of getting infected, vaccines are recommended to people of some groups.
  • Various activities like camping, traveling on holidays, or other activities needed to be avoided.
  • Passengers are advised to use their personal protective equipment to stay protected from the disease.

Monkey Pox and travel health notices by Air Canada for people in Africa

In the region of Africa, there is a high alert for the monkeypox virus, and the disease has been categorized as a Level-1 travel health risk for people going from/to Africa. Various guidelines needed to follow under level-1 travel health notice:

  • People need to avoid contact with animals of any kind, especially insect bites, as this is currently the major carrier of MonkeypoxMonkeypox.
  • People living in Africa or had traveled to Africa recently need to be updated regarding any information related to monkeypox vaccines. This can be considered a precautionary measure for the disease.

Plan a Safe and Comfortable Trip with Air Canada Airlines

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About Air Canada

Air Canada Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Canada regarding fleet size and the number of passengers carried away. It offers the customers the utmost level of comfort, technology, and innovation. Currently, Air Canada is offering direct passenger services to almost 220 destinations on over six continents.

Here is the list of the types of cabin seats that Air Canada is providing to their customers. 

Economy Class Seats:

Experience the comfort level in a dedicated cabin, premium meal services, best amenities, and priority services. These airline services are available for all the airline’s flights.

Premium Economy Class Seats: 

A larger and comfortable seat with ample legroom space comes with a great recliner, hot towel services, and a welcome drink. Enjoy the personally touched screen entertainment system with movies, TV programs, audiobooks, and much more for entertaining your trip.

Business Class Seats: 

A Seat for travelers to savor the luxurious amenities and comfort of the International business class. Relax and enjoy the trip with utmost privacy and personal space, with convertible business class seats to a fully laid bed, with a massage function. These business class seats are available on the European, Asian, Pacific, and South American routes.

Air Canada Airlines Baggage Information

If traveling through Air Canada Airlines, you can bring up to one standard bag and one personal bag, whose dimensions are as follows.

Note: The maximum dimensions of the bag include the size of wheels and handles. 

In addition to these bags, you can bring your coat, a small purse, or any other item needed for infant care. The weight of the max must be less than 23 lb or kg.

Apart from these, those bags weighing 50 to 70 lb (23 to 32 kg) will be accepted as overweight, whereas those weighing between 63 to 115 inches (160 to 292 cm) will be counted as oversized.

Updated Baggage Fees Structure

Basic Fare Charges:

  • For 1st bag: CAD/ USD 45.00
  • For the 2nd bag: CAD/ USD 65.00

Standard/ Flex/ Comfort Fare Charges:

  • For 1st bag: No charges
  • For the 2nd bag: CAD/ USD 65.00

Air Canada Airlines Customer Care Team

If you wish to talk with a live agent from the Air Canada Airlines team, here is the completed detailed information about the customer care team.

For Flight Information and Reservations: 

For getting information related to the Flights and Reservations of the Air Canada airlines, customers can call the customer care team. This number is available within Canada and US for 24*7*365 days.

For Delayed and damaged Baggage:

If you want to get information about your delayed or damaged baggage, you can speak with the live agent.

For Air Canada Customer Relations:

If you have any concerns related to the travel or want to provide feedback, then you can write a mail to their team. Click here to send them a mail along with your query.

How to Get a Refund for the Air Canada Airlines Ticket?

If you want to cancel the Air Canada Airline Ticket, then let’s look at the Cancellation policy. Full information about the policy can help you avail of the complete refund of the ticket price.
You will be able to cancel the flight tickets in the following circumstances. When you are canceling the entire booking of the tickets.

  • Canceling the flight at least two hours before the departure time.
  • When you are canceling the Aeroplane flight Reward Booking.
  • When you have booked the tickets from the Air Canada Official website or application.

Refundable Policy: 

If you cancel the booking of your flight tickets within 24 hours of purchasing, you will get the full refund of the payment, or you can also cancel the payment transaction. If you cancel the ticket after 24 hours of purchasing, the refundable amount depends on the type of fare you purchased.

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Summing It Up

In the above discussion, we have listed all the updates from Air Canada regarding the Monkeypox Virus infection and what they can do to avoid its spreading. Also, considering a mandatory duty to create awareness for any particular disease, we have provided basic information regarding monkey poxes, like symptoms, incubation period, treatment, and prevention measures. Now, in case you need any further assistance, you can connect with us through our customer service number, where we provide all the travel-related info for different airlines. You can also connect with us instantly through the live chat option available on our website.

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