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About China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited was founded on 25th June 1988 with its headquarter in the China Eastern Airlines Building at the grounds of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport in Changning District Shanghai. It is association one of the Big Three airlines of the People’s Republic of China operating on international, domestic and regional routes.

Hongqiao Airport is China Eastern’s primary hub with the secondary hubs in Beijing Daxing, Kunming and Xian along with the larger Shanghai Pudong International Airport. China Eastern Airlines is China’s second-largest carrier by traveller numbers after China Southern Airlines.

China Eastern and its subsidiary Shanghai Airlines has become the fourteenth of SkyTeam on 21st June 2011. The major company of China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited is China Eastern Air Holding Company. 

History of China Eastern Flights

China Eastern Airlines was established on 25th June 1988 under the Civil Aviation Administration of China Huadong Administration. China Eastern has taken over the unprofitable China General Aviation and has also become the country’s first airline to offer shares on the international market.

It has founded China Cargo Airlines in association with COSCO. It has finished up the takeover of Great Wall Airlines in March 2001. China Yunnan Airlines and China Northwest Airlines has merged into China Eastern Airlines in 2003.

The company slogan is World Class Hospitality with Eastern Charm. The Chinese government has a lot of ownership share in China Eastern Airlines up to 62% share while few shares are publicly held up to 33%. The media has broken the news of a possible sale of up to 20% of its share to foreign investors including Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Japan Airlines.

Once China Eastern Airlines received approval from the State Council of China, it was declared on 2nd September 2007. Singapore Airlines and Temasek Holdings had jointly acquired shares of China Eastern Airlines. Investors have signed a final agreement to purchase a joined 24% stake in China Eastern Airlines.

Singapore Airlines had owned 16% and Tamasek Holdings has a 9% share in the airline. Air China’s parental company with state-owned China National Aviation Corporation has declared in January 2008 providing 32% more than Singapore Airlines stake for the 24% stake in China Eastern that had proposed a complicating deal with Singapore and Tamasek Airlines.

However, minority shareholders had declined the offer done by Singapore Airlines. It had been thought that due to the massive effort done by Air China to purchase the 24% stake. 

Destinations of China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines has a strong presence on routes Asia, Australia and North America. The airline observes to destroy the domestic market potential as it had frequently increased the flight operations to international destinations.

It has started its operations in New York City from Shanghai making it the largest non-stop route for the airline. China Eastern Airlines had established direct flights from Shanghai to Prague, Amsterdam, Madrid and St. Petersburg.  

Subsidiaries of China Eastern Airlines 

  • China Cargo Airlines

China Cargo Airlines is China’s first all-cargo airline dedicated to freight services using China Eastern Airlines route structure. The cargo airline is operated with the same logo as China Eastern Airlines.

  • China United Airlines

China United Airlines is a low-cost air carrier operating from Beijing Daxing International Airport. This airline has become the subsidiary of China Eastern in 2010 as an outcome of acquisitions.

  • OTT Airlines

OTT Airlines is a subsidiary established in February 2020 to function domestically produced aircraft like the Comac C919 and Comac ARJ21 in the Yangtze Delta region. 

China Eastern Airlines Services

China Eastern Airlines provides first, premium, business and economy classes. 

  • First Class

China Eastern Airlines provides a first-class on all Boeing 777s. A first-class seat has come with a flatbed, direct aisle access and a sliding door. The plane also arrives with a bar of travellers to serve themselves snacks and socialize with others.

 Business Class

Business Class arrives in various versions. Business-class seats are reclined with 2-2 configurations with China’s Eastern body fleet. 

  • Premium Class

Premium economy is available on all Boeing B787 and Airbus A350 aeroplanes. 

  • Economy Class

China Eastern Airlines provides complimentary meal service and choose A330s, B777s, A350s, and B787s have full seatback entertainment.

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China Eastern Airlines Contact Support

You can contact China Eastern Airlines at 855-58-95530 for your travel, flight, services, booking details, etc. China Eastern Airlines experts are convenient and capable to assist you in resolving all your queries related to flights. You can also call, email or live chat with its professional experts. 

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