Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Delta Airlines Pet Policy

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Dogs, Cats, and other pets may or may not be allowed for a few flights and destinations. However, if you have tickets with Delta airlines and are willing to travel with your pet, achieve a complete knowledge of Delta Airlines’ pet policy and advanced rules and regulations. Passengers obtain a Delta Pet First Service that moves through Delta pet policy’s terms and conditions.

Delta Airlines Pet Policy – Rules & Regulations

Passengers must be available before `the health certificates and documents of the pet for transporting them from one place to other.

No health certificates and documents are needed for a pets tour in the Airlines cabin, but the certificate may be required after you reach the destination.

The pet’s kennel should be spacious and sufficient to stand, sit and move around comfortably without touching the kennel’s top.

Amphibians, Reptiles, and Fishes are only permitted to travel as cargo and not taken in the aircraft or as checked baggage.

Delta Airlines is responsible for pets’ safety and comfort. Passengers can put their pets in the airlines’ cabin as checked baggage or cargo shipments. They must be assured of their pet’s safety with Delta Airlines.

You get the first-come-first-serve service with Delta Airlines. So, reserve a spot for your pet as early as possible because Delta Airlines per flight permits two pets for the first class, two pets for the business class, and 4 for the aircraft’s main cabin. For any query, travellers can call the Delta pet support number +1-844-673-0381 to book a space for their pets.

Delta Flying with Pets in Cabin Policy

If your pet meets the Delta flying cabin policy criteria, you must provide an approved pet carrier. A waterproof pet’s carrier must have sufficient space to move around and stand in the carrier without touching the top’s head. The carrier should be locked appropriately with a lock of strong metal.

Allowed pets

Pets like small birds, cats, and dogs are permitted on flights within Canada, Puerto Rico, Us Virgin Islands, and the United States but not for Hawaii. No pets are permitted in the Business Class cabin, First Class, or Business Elite of the international flights. This condition applies to some domestic flights.

Age criteria

Every pet should be at least ten weeks old to be taken for travel in the cabin within the United States. The pet’s age must be at least sixteen weeks old for international United States flights. The pet’s age must be at least fifteen weeks old for the flights to the European Union.

Restricted routes

No pets can travel in the cabin for Dakar, Hong Kong, Barbados, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa, Jamaica, Hawaii, Dubai, Australia, and Iceland routes.

Only Service animals can travel in flights to/from Hong Kong, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Delta Cabin Sizes or Dimensions Requirement for Pets Carrier

Cabin size or dimensions requirement for pet carriers depends on the different flights’ destinations. The permission is for one pet per passenger unless the passenger carries a mother dog or cat with the puppies or kittens. Travellers can keep two pets together in a cage if they are of the same size, species, and pets’ age should be between ten weeks to six months old. The carrier must be sufficient space for the two pets to fit in and move around without their head touching the top. The carrier carrying two pets will be charged for one only.

Delta Checked Pet Policy

Pets are not permitted to check-in outside the check-in platform; the travellers must check in with the pets from the passenger counter. They will also have to pay the pet fee and charges during the check-in time. The pet carrier will be taken as a piece of carry-on luggage.

Delta Airlines Service and Emotional Support Animals:

Delta Airlines allows its customers or passengers to travel along with their emotional support animals(ESA) and psychiatric service animals in the flight’s cabin without paying any charge per Air Carrier Access Act. The disabled travellers can take along their service animals in the cabin without any fee or charge while travelling with Delta airlines. Service animals’ travel information must be provided at least 48 hours before the originally scheduled flight.

Delta airlines don’t permit any puppies or kittens below four months of age as service or emotional support animals from 18th December 2018.

Travellers must submit the following documents and forms before the 48 hours of departure like veterinary health and immunization certificates, training certification, Authorization letters from a mental health specialist or a licensed doctor.

The Pet owners must sign a written confirmation on the pet training form while self-authorizing their emotional or service support animal’s proper and pleasant behaviour.

Delta Airlines permits only one service or emotional support animal per passenger in the cabin.

Delta Pet Cargo Policy

No pets will be taken to travel as checked baggage, but there is an exception for the US Military on active transfer orders per the delta pet cargo policy. Pets with a large size can travel as checked baggage must book cargo shipping with the aircraft excluding the B-767-300, CRJ 200-700-900, 170-175, ERU 145A-330-200, and 300ER.

The Defense Personnel must provide a notice at least before the 48 hours of originally scheduled departure. Pets like dogs and cats other than restricted breeds are allowed to visit domestic and international flights. But the pets like rabbits, household birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, and marmots are permitted to travel only on a domestic flight.

Delta pet cargo service is provided for South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Canada, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Latin America, and the United States. The international cargo shipment is registered through an IPATA agent.

Permitted Service Animals in Delta Airlines

Warm-blooded mammals and birds category pets are permitted for cargo shipment with Delta Airlines. No unhealthy and restricted animals will be given entry for the cargo shipment with Delta Airlines.

Dogs or Cats Age criteria

All pets should be older than ten weeks with appropriate vaccination for domestic flights, outdated

Delta Airlines Pet Cargo Reservations:

All cargo reservations must be made between 3 to 14 days before the originally scheduled departure. No sudden bookings will be welcomed by Delta Airlines.

The international cargo booking should be made through an international pet and animal transportation association’s members. Passengers can contact Delta airlines for more information regarding international cargo booking.

Contact the Delta Airlines pet cargo phone number +1-844-673-0381 to book a cargo space for your pet.

Documents and Certificates Required

Passengers should present before the health certificate of the pets within the ten days of the real reservation of all vaccination certificates and other necessary documents required by the destination country.

Entry Point

The entry point will depend according to the cargo office’s destination. Every pet is required to complete the check-in process at least 3 hours before the original departure time. No diseased pets are permitted to travel in the cargo shipment.

Banned Aircrafts

Delta airlines never permit live animals on the Airbus 330-200 and Boeing 767 aircraft. No unique conditions apply to this rule.

Restricted Dog Breeds in delta airlines

Delta Airlines never transport the listed breeds of dog or any crossbreed like Affenpinscher, Snub-Nosed (Brachycephalic) Breed dogs, American Bulldog, English Toy Spaniel(King Charles), Cane Corso, Dogue De Bordeaux, Shih Tzu, Pekinese, Lhasa Apso, Japanese Chin, Mastiff, Pit Bull, and Pug.

Snub-nosed cat breeds are also restricted to travel with Delta Airlines – Exotic, Persian, Himalayan, and Burmese.

Temperature Preventions

Delta Airlines doesn’t transport any warm-blooded animals as cargo. If the current or forecasted temperature is below ten degrees or above 80 degrees, pets will not be accepted as cargo. No restrictions will be recognized against the temperature standards. Travellers must provide the acclimation certificate for all the live animals travelling while the temperature is below 45 degrees F.

Unique Restrictions

Delta airlines won’t permit any diseased pets to be shipped as cargo.

Delta airlines will not transport live animals as cargo under the Delta DASH criteria.

Delta Airlines Cargo Dimensions or sizes requirement for Pet Carrier

From 1st March 2019, Delta airlines’ cargo department does not allow any pet carrier over the size of 24 inches (61 cm) long. The period for this prevention is not defined. Still, the exception of service animals, emotional support animals, and military reservations is accepted.

Two pets of the same species and size can fly in a single carrier with Delta Airlines if both pets’ age is below six months and their weight is not more than 30 pounds each. The pets must have enough space to stand and move around comfortably in the carrier. Pets can’t touch their heads at the top of the carrier.

The carrier locks must be made of strong metal hardware. Delta airlines only allow carriers that have plastic or metal threaded nuts and bolts at both ends of the carrier to ensure security. The complete structure of the carrier must be strong enough.
Delta Pet Fee
The charges for pet transportation depend on the method used in the cabin or as cargo. The fees are separate for both the pet transportation methods. The airlines never offer the facility of shipping pets as a piece of checked baggage. Go through the below instructions carefully to know the Delta pet fee structure.

Delta Airlines Cabin Cost or Fee for Pets

Cats, dogs, birds, and other pets can travel along with the passenger in the cabin. The one-way fee collected at the time of check-in for different destinations will be

The Virgin Islands – USD or CAD 300

The U.S./Canada – USDor CAD 185

Outside the United States – USD or CAD 250

Brazil – USD 85

Puerto Rico – USD or CAD 150

Delta Airlines Pet Cargo Cost or Fee

Once your pet qualifies with the requirements and standards to travel with the Delta cargo, the passenger gets a USDA and ITA regulations compliant carrier.

The freight bookings and reservations with Delta airlines should be made at least 14 days before the original departure date. A two-hour connection is required for the pets to be transferred safely from the aircraft. Travellers can make bookings for domestic cargo through the official website or mobile app of the Delta airline or by calling on the delta pet cargo phone number+1-844-673-0381. As stated above, passengers need to contact an IPATA member for international cargo reservations and bookings.

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