Air Canada Pet Policy

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Air Canada Pet Policy: Everything You Need to Know Before Flying with Your Pet

Whenever you book a flight, it is important that you first check out the Airline’s pet policy, especially if you are traveling with your furry friend. According to the Air Canada Pet Policy, the airline offers in-cabin service on most flights operated by Air Canada. However, pets are not permitted in the Premium Economy and the cabin when flying to Hawaii & United States of America. 

Air Canada Pet Policy For In-Cabin

Most Air Canada flights offer in-cabin service. However, the Boeing 787-8 (788) and Boeing 787-9 (789) aircraft do not allow pets in their Premium Economy Class. On the flight to/from Hawaii or the United Kingdom, pets are also not permitted in the cabin. 

However, passengers may need an approved airline carrier to be able to travel in a cabin if they own a small dog & cat. It’s just that your pet must fit into the standard pet carrier, as per the Air Canada Pet Policy. The carrier must include these qualities: it must be waterproof, have enough space for your pets to stand and turn around and be completely fastened, and have enough ventilation. 

Pets permitted In-Cabin: This airline also serves Pets. According to the Air Canada Pet Policy, small dogs & cats are permitted to fly in-cabin. Each passenger can carry one pet. When a passenger with a dog & cat allergy is on board, the airline restricts the animal from flying without HEPA filters. If your dog is a service animal, the airline prioritizes the pet.

Age Requirements For Pets:- To travel in the cabin the pet must be 12 weeks old to be able to travel in the cabin. According to the Air Canada Pet Policy, there are some routes in which you are forbidden to travel with your pet, such as Australia, Barbados, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Africa, and the united kingdom are few of those place where you cannot bring your pet with you.

Pet Carrier Requirements:- The dimensions of your pet carrier may vary based on the route or destination you are flying to. As we have said, each passenger can bring one pet. But the carriers need to be stronger, have a waterproof bottom, and enable your pet to stand up and turn around in the carrier freely.

  • Maximum carrier size for the hard side should be; 23x40x21.5CM
  • Carrier size for the soft side must be around; 27x40x55 CM

Pet’s Travel Confirmation: Pet Owners must inform Air Canada within 24 hours of making their Pet Travel reservation if they are flying with a pet. However, your pet should only count toward your carry-on allowance if you are an adult passenger.

Passengers should check in on Time:- Passengers should be at the airport for at least 30 minutes before the departure and check in with an Air Canada Ticket. Whenever you travel internationally, you must submit the documents that are being asked for by the country.

Pets Travel Charge:- The airline charges $150 for pets to travel in-cabin, or if they are traveling to/from the USA, the charge would be around $100. Also, these charges are for only one-way traveling for both domestic & international travel.

Air Canada Checked Baggage Policy

According to Air Canada Pet Policy, cats and dogs can travel in the aircraft. And checked baggage’s total weight does not exceed the weight of the checked baggage does not exceed 100 lbs, and then the only airline permits pets to travel as checked baggage. Therefore, each passenger can carry up to two pets by paying separately. 

If your pet is too big and can’t fit under the seat, and you have another animal as your pet besides cats and dogs, or your flight is too long. In this case, the Air Canada Airline may transport your pet in the plane’s cargo area, which is subject to the company’s limitations. The temperature and the pressure in the cargo area are somewhat similar to those in the passenger cabin. 

Air Canada Baggage Policy

Air Canada Pet Carrier Limitations

According to the Air Canada Pet Policy, the pet carrier should travel in their carrier. However, the carrier should not be larger than 21x38x43 CM. Also, only small & miniature dogs & cats are allowed in their cabins with lie-flat beds. The soft-sided carrier is required, and its size should not exceed; 28x21x41 CM

All the carriers should be soft-sided, leak-proof, and well-ventilated. Your Pet should be able to turn around and sleep comfortably inside its carrier, and the carrier must not exceed 292 CM. Moreover, the carrier must be hard-sided, leak-proof, and large enough for your pets to conveniently stand, turn around, or lie down.

Air Canada Emotional Support Animal Policy

Passengers who have physical & mental disabilities are allowed to travel with their service animals and emotional support animals, in resect to the Air Canada Flight. Only an emotional support animal such as a dog is allowed to fly. However, dependent travelers must show the relevant documentation to the airline to determine the requirement. 

A document will get issued by the licensed medical practitioner stating that the passenger is under his & her care has been diagnosed with an emotional or mental disability as defined by the DSM-IV and requires the dog for the flight journey or at the destination.

Also, in the case of an service animal, an identification card or other written documents stating that the particular pet has been trained as a service animal and their requirement to accompany the passenger on the flight journey or at the destination.

Air Canada Cancellation Policy


It is always hard to say goodbye to your furry friends, when you plan a trip. But, if you want to travel with your furry-friend, then it is important that you check-out the airline’s pet policy for further information and smooth travel. 

The Air Canada Pet Policy is quite straightforward in that matter. Thus, if want to know more about content like this or want to know more about other policies such as; Air Canada Name Correction Policy. Then you can check-out our official website for much such content. 

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