American Airlines Pet Policy

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American Airlines Pet Policy

To Know about the American Airlines Pet Policy, you can go through the article to know the in depth details.

American Airlines has been transferring pets for the past 50 years, and if this is your first time flying with them, then you are in experienced hands. With that being said, the Airline also has a help desk for its pet owners, which is available around the clock. While some pet travel rules are quite the same among all the Airlines, certain details can differ from one to the next. In short, if you travel with your Pet on American Airlines, you should know about the American Airlines Pet Policy.

Everything You Should Know About American Airlines Pet Policy

American airlines make travel easier for passengers by permitting some pets in the cabin or letting the passengers transport them as cargo. The Airline will let you bring your Pet with you depending on its size & weight, but you cannot bring it along with checked baggage. According to the American Airlines Pet Policypets can fly domestically in all classes.

Furthermore, dogs are not allowed in any foreign flight classes. In the American Airlines Pet Travel Policyyou will get to know specific details regarding the pets and their carrier sizes, fees, and other details. However, dogs, both carry-on & checked, including trained assistance dogs, are not permitted to enter the United States from nations with a high risk of dog rabies per the temporary restriction from the CDC. 

American Airlines Pet Policy in Cabin

The Passengers are allowed to transport one kennel according to the American Airlines carry-on pet carry-on policy only if they can meet the following conditions: 

  1. The amount for bringing a pet along with you is your responsibility.

  2. Your Pet will spend the rest of its journey in the kennel and under your seat. However, the flyer can bring a pet carrier and one personal item on the board, but you are not allowed to bring a carry-on bag.

  3. American Airlines cargo is the only option if your furry friend is too big to fly in the cabin. Remember that the Airway only accepts checked dogs from active-duty members of the U.S. military & foreign service personnel traveling on official business, and pet carriers must comply with the kennel requirements for checked pets. Per the American Airlines Pet Policy, passengers may only travel if they fulfill these conditions, restrictions, and fees.

  4. To get through the Kennel guidelines of American Airlines’ carry-on pet policy for checked pets, you can visit the official website for more details.

Pet Travel Requirements For American Airlines in-Cabin Pet Policy
  1. The pets can fly as carry-on luggage or through American Airlines cargo, depending on their breed & size. Only cats & dogs that completely fit under the size, age, and location requirements are allowed as carry-on pets.

  2. American Airlines only allows checked dogs for active duty U.S. Military and the U.S. state department foreign service members flying on official business at the ticket desk.

  3. If they match the criteria and are, fully-trained assistance animals are permitted to fly in the cabin for free. With these conditions & restrictions, American Airlines Pet travel becomes easier for passengers.

Pets Allowed to Travel in Cabin  

Every Airline has rules and regulations, allowing only a few pets to travel in a cabin. Moreover, the Airline has some rules & regulations that you must be aware of. Per American Airlines Pet Policy:

  • The Pets are welcome on most flights that last up to 12 hours or from/to a particular location within the 48 contiguous United States, The U.S., Canada, Alaska, and many more.

  • Only dogs & cats are permitted to fly according to the American Airlines Pet in cabin policy.

  • Also, Pet in cabin policy must have a health certificate or certificate stating that they are fully vaccinated.

  • The Pets are not allowed to travel in cargo when the temperature is over 85 degrees.

American Airlines Pet Carrier Limitations 

The biggest thing you should know about the American Airlines Pet Policy regarding the kennels and the carriers is that your carry-on carrier should be at most 48x33x22 CM. However, it does not matter if your kennel is hard or soft-sided as long as it fits these restrictions. 

American Airlines has a policy stating that the weight of the carrier and the Pet cannot go beyond 25 pounds, but you do not have not to worry if yours is a few pounds over. Most importantly, your Pet should be comfortable inside the carrier and have enough space to sit, lay down, or turn around. However, the pets must remain under their carrier under the seat in front of the passenger.

Almost seven carries are allowed on American Flights, and five are allowed on American eagle flights. Typically, there is room for only one kennel in the business & first class, so you must reserve your Pet’s space before the flight.

American Airlines Restrictions For Service Animals

Service animals are trained to perform life functions for individuals with disabilities, including services for those who are deaf, blind, have seizures, or have mobility impairments. Passengers can have as many service animals as needed, and there is no limit on the number that can be boarded at once.

On American Airlines, service animals can be dogs, cats, or miniature horses; traveling with them does not cost the owner any money. Unlike emotional support animals, service animals can travel to any destination, and American airlines do not require any advanced notice for service animals.

American Airlines does not ask passengers traveling with a service animal to submit any forms to verify their status. Still, it does reserve the right to question the owners to determine the classification of the service animal. However, it is also required to travel with your Pet’s vaccination record and will require you to submit an animal sanitation form on much longer flights.

Fees For Flying With Pets Onboard

Traveling with pets on American Airlines can cost around $125 per kennel. Remember that the air also charges per kennel and if you have two small pets comfortably fitting in the same kennel. Then you have to pay for the pet fee only one time. But you must ensure both pets have space to lie down and move around. Also, if you fly with a trained and registered service animal on American airlines, there will be no charges.

Hacks For Travelling With Your Pets on American Airlines

Here are some quick tips and DIY hacks for smooth travel with your Pet:

  1. The first thing you need to know when flying with your Pet on American Airlines is to prepare for your flight. Before your flight, you must ensure your kennel is within the size requirements and your Pet is comfortable inside. Make sure to reserve your dog’s spot before the departure on the plane and check to see if your destination is pet-friendly.

  2. It does not matter how long your flight is; you should always allow your Pet to use the washroom before check-in. Cause you can always get up and use the bathroom during the flight, but your Pet will be stuck in their carrier for the entire flight. Almost all the airports have pet relief areas past the security checkpoint, so you can visit it at least twice before the flight.

  3. Many Airways have limitations on some breeds of animals as they prohibit them from flying with them for their safety. As most pets cannot survive being in the air.


That was it about the American Airlines Pet Policy. We have covered everything you need to know about the pet policy before boarding and the rules & regulations of the Airline itself. Hence, visit our official website if you have more queries or want to know about more policies, such as American Airlines Name Change Policy. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

There is room for only Cats & dogs, but there is room for emotional support animals, in which you can bring miniature horses as your service animal.

Only one kennel per person is allowed on American flights.

While American airlines do not require a health certificate for your Pet to travel domestically, they might ask for a health document in some countries. You should consult your veterinarian and the Department of Agriculture to ensure your animal complies with all requirements. You can contact American airlines about health documentation, a must for all pets traveling to Hawaii and other international destinations. 

If your little furry friend meets all the requirements for traveling in the cabin or as checked baggage, they can travel as cargo. For more information, you can contact American Airlines cargo for more information on this topic.

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