Frontier Airlines Pet Policy

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What is Frontier Airlines’ Policy on Pet Acceptance?

Many people want to travel with their pets because they can’t leave their lovable pets alone at home while they are enjoying themselves in some other place. Taking your pet with you can be easy when you have your vehicle. But when you have to travel outside to a place which is much far, and it can’t be easy to cover the distance by car, then you have to travel via flights.

So, are you worried about how you can get your pet with you on a trip or with you when you are moving to some other place? Don’t worry, and you might find yourself fortunate because some of the airlines give this opportunity to you, and out of all, Frontier Airlines is the right choice for traveling with pets.

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The Frontier Airlines’ Pet Policy allows everyone to travel with their pet or animal, but some limitations are levied on that policy. According to Frontier airline’s animal policy, you can take your pets (whether a feathered dog or a furry cat) with you.

They also extend their pet policy to other pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and some small household birds (which don’t create much noise or are not so big because then they can’t get fit in the carrier).

Frontier Airlines Pet Policy

What is Frontier Airlines’ Pet Travel Policy?

The Frontier pet policy gives you the right to fly with your pet, but under some circumstances, i.e., your pet should be eight weeks old at least to fly. The pets that are forbidden to travel in the frontier airlines are some larger birds like parrots, cockatoos, etc.; more are ferrets, amphibians, spiders, and insects (as many people have a phobia of some animals).

Frontier airlines stop transporting pets as cargo; they allow you to be with your pet in the cabin by keeping it in a pet carrier. There is no need to have a health certificate for domestic travel. But you need to be sure about the destined state you are moving whether they need any such kind of documentation or not.

If you are flying Internationally, then the policy has some more changes: Frontier airline’s pet policy only allows dogs and cats to fly with you. You need to have a health document of your pet if you are flying out of the country.

The only destinations offered by Frontier Airlines are the Dominican Republic and Mexico. You are also advised to check for extra documentation of any vaccination requirement of that particular place. There is one more condition with the health certificate that it should be of under some certain days depending on the place you are flying to:

  • Under 30 days as you enter Puerto Rico.
  • Under ten days as you enter the U.S.
  • Under 15 days as you enter the Dominican Republic
  • Under five days as you enter Mexico.

According to Frontier animal policy, you are not allowed to sit in the first and exit row while flying with your pet. Your pet should be inside the carrier whenever boarding the flight.

No deliverance of the water or any food is permissible on the flight. All pets must be harmless or odorless so they won’t become an issue for other passengers.

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Reservation in Frontier Airline Flight with your pet

The charges of the frontier airlines for bringing a pet, according to the frontier airline animal policy, are $99 for a one-way trip.

Each person is allowed to bring only one pet with them. You can add a pet at the time of your booking on the frontier airlines website, or you can add your pet to your booking any later.

The frontier’s partner operates certain flights like (Great lakes aviation) which doesn’t allow the pets to fly with their owners in the cabin is an exception in their policy.

Requirements of the Pet Carrier in Frontier Airlines

The pet carrier that you are allowed to carry with you must be under the dimensions which are (18 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 8 inches tall). It should be of that size which can be fitted under the seat in front of you so you can have a watch every time on your pet.

If you follow all the conditions regarding your pet carrier and still cannot fit your pet carrier under the seat in front of you, frontier airlines must provide you with a new seat.

Frontier airlines advise you to bring your pet carrier, which is comfortable and soft from the inside, so your pet shouldn’t face any issue in traveling. Under the Frontier baggage policy, you shall be allowed to take only a bag of personal items or a carry-on bag other than your pet carrier.

But there will be an extra charge for the carry-on bags you’ll carry with you. The bigger dogs are not allowed on the flights because they can’t fit inside that carrier.

Your pet should be inside the carrier all time, and there is no possibility that you can bring your pet out of that carrier. One thing you should remember regarding the traveling part is that “In case of any emergency, there is no service of oxygen given to the pets.”

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In summary of the Frontier Airline Pet Policy, you should know the facts stated under it if you want your tour with your loving pet to be amazing. If you want that, no issue will arise in your traveling with a pet, so make sure that you have all the documentation which might be needed.

Look out for the animals allowed to fly in the cabin stated under the frontier airline animal policy. It would be best if you took care of all the circumstances mentioned in the policy of frontier airlines to fly with your pet.

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