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How do I talk to someone on Hawaiian Airlines?

Flying has become a necessity rather than a splendor. Sometimes, many of us face issues while making reservations or searching for a desired flight. You must know how to talk to a live person on Hawaiian Airlines if you want to reserve your flight with Hawaiian Airlines.

Speaking of Hawaiian Airlines is one of the most operating Airlines in the U.S. Its customer service team is always upfront to help customers with the Hawaiian flight reservation, management, and cancellation.

In short, if you are thinking about the best way to get in touch with Hawaiian Airlines’ live agents, you will be able to get all the answers in this blog.

Main Reasons For Contacting Hawaiian Airlines Live Person

Once you have reserved your flight with Hawaiian Airlines, there may be a lot of issues you might be facing, and you need the live agent’s assistance. Here are some of the main reasons why passengers want to contact Hawaiian Airways:

  1. Passengers want to cancel their flight
  2. Or Flyers want to get a refund for the canceled flight
  3. In case passengers want to change their flight
  4. Travelers may want to know about the Airlines’ Policies
  5. Or you wish to register a complaint regarding the services

However, there are multiple reasons for passengers to get in touch with Hawaiian Airlines; all of the reasons mentioned above are some of the main reasons for flyers to contact the airways.

Top Ways to Contact Hawaiian Airlines

If you are wondering how to talk to someone at Hawaiian Airlines, you can contact the Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service Contact Number 1-833-714-2120. But wait, there are multiple ways via which you can easily contact Hawaiian Airlines, and we will be covering them in the next section:

Step-by-Step Procedure to Contact Hawaiian Airlines

Sometimes, there comes a situation when Hawaiian Airlines Customer service is occupied handling all the queries and solutions for them. In this situation, passengers can contact the Airlines in different ways, such as:

  1. Dialing Airlines Customer Care Number
  2. Reaching out to Hawaiian Airlines via Live Chat
  3. By Texting
  4. Or By Sending Emails to the Airline
  5. Through Social Media Platforms

1. Speak to a Live Agent Through a Phone Call

Execute these below-listed steps to contact Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service Team:

  • Firstly, Dial Hawaiian Airlines’ Phone Number if you want to talk about Flight issues or other issues with the live agent.
  • Once dialing the number, you must listen to the IVR options carefully.
  • Then, right-click on the select your preferred language to speak to the live agent at Hawaiian.
  • Next, listen carefully to the automated voice system to choose the correct number on the keypad to select the category of your issue.
  • After you successfully contact them, you can address your queries.
  • Ultimately, the agent will provide you with the best answers and solutions for your queries.

Calling Hawaiian Airlines’ customer care service team is one of the quickest ways to contact the Airline, and it is advisable that if you want to contact the Airline, then calling would be the best option.

2. Get in Touch With Live Agent Through Official Website

You may need help contacting the live agent at Hawaiian because the Airline gets so many calls throughout the day. In this case, you can chat with the live person via the official site.

Here, ensure to follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to Hawaiian Airlines’ official website.
  2. Then, you can move toward the Contact US option and click on the Chat with US tab.
  3. Lastly, you will notice a chat box popping near the query box.

3. Contact Customer Service Agent Via Email

Consumers can also send emails if they have made any types of complaints. Furthermore, if you are willing to send feedback or appreciate the airline, you can speak to Hawaiian Airlines by email. Go through these below-listed steps:

  • To start, Navigate to the official site of Hawaiian Airlines.
  • After that, click on the Contact US option and choose the email option by pressing the Send us email tab.
  • Moreover, you will see four options; Ask us a question, voice your issues, and so on.
  • You can make a request and then share a compliment, choose wisely.
  • Finally, you must enter all the related details carefully and click on the Submit option.

Hence, all the necessary has been discussed above has covered the “How do I talk to someone on Hawaiian Airlines? You must pick up your phone and contact Hawaiian Airlines for flight booking or resolve any related queries.

How Long Do I Have to Wait For My Hawaiian Flights?

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the largest and finest operators of commercial flights to and from the US state of Hawaii, ranked as the tenth-target commercial airline in the United States. Once you have made your reservation with the airline, you have to follow certain rules, and there is a set time duration that you have to wait to catch your flight on time. Every Airline has its very own policies as well as rules & regulations.

However, passengers must arrive at the airport 90 minutes before the departure if traveling to an island. It also highly depends on your destination and the guidelines of the airlines. If the passenger has opted for domestic travel with Hawaiian Airlines, then you need to be at the airport 2.5 hours before the scheduled departure of the domestic travel.

If flying internationally, it is important to arrive at the international sector 210 minutes before departure. These guidelines will guide Hawaiian Airlines’ long wait time and how it entirely depends on which sector you are traveling to.


The Hawaiian Airways live agents ensure that you may get all the answers for all of your queries that you are addressing to them. In most cases, the customer may need help understanding the instructions via chat, and the Airline representative will connect your call with the live agent.

Collect Significant Information about Hawaiian Airlines Policies:

Most Asked Searches Questions & Answers

How Do I Get in Touch with Hawaiian Airlines?

How Do I Contact Hawaiian Airlines Flight?

With its affordable services, Hawaiian Airlines is the tenth-largest commercial flight operator based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The airline flies all around the world, including Asia, Australia, French Polynesia, American Samoa, New Zealand, Hawaii, and the U.S. Mainland. Hawaiian Airlines gives its passengers one of the best travel experiences. It is the oldest American airline service provider with no fatal accidents.

With its product and service quality, i.e., food & beverages, cleanliness, seats, and behavior of both the cabin & ground staff Hawaiian Airlines is a certified 3-star airline service provider in the U.S. As per the Department of Transport of the U.S., Hawaiian Airlines is great with its on-time performance. Other than that, it is also persuaded by the consumers. According to research by Tripadvisor, Among all the domestic flights, most people love to go for Hawaiian Airlines.

On a daily basis, the airline provides almost 160 flights between Hawaiian islands and more than 240 around the globe. If you want to know more about Hawaiian Airlines, its services, miles, and ways to contact them, this blog is for you. Here we have done our research about the same. So, let’s start.

Services Provided by Hawaiian Airlines

The airlines provide many services, including seafood-inspired cuisine, in-flight shopping, and non-stop entertainment which will give you the experience of Hawaiian hospitality.

Their seats are made to give you comfort with extra legroom so that you don’t have to adjust at all. For more convenience, Hawaiian airlines have first-class or premium cabins with recliners and lie-flat seats.

The airline provides different travel programs, which consist of vacation deals, corporate travel programs, group programs, and charters, where everything is customized according to your needs.

They make things easier for you from the moment you enter the airport. You have the option to choose between online or airport kiosks for check-ins. After that lounges are available to rest and wait for the announcement.

Whether you are traveling with your pet, your kid, or someone who is disabled, they will try their best to assist you.

Why Fly with Hawaiian Airlines?

It feels more like home when you board a plane with Hawaiian Airlines. The way they welcome you is too warm and beautiful. You will have an experience of authentic Hawaiian hospitality. Apart from that, there are various other advantages of traveling with Hawaiian Airlines Flights.

1. Sanitization & Safety

Hawaiian airlines employees are trained to detect people’s illnesses, and your health is their top priority. They sanitize the whole plane, kiosks, and counter areas with disinfectant sprays, for your protection
Additionally, facemasks and the use of hand sanitizer are mandatory.

2. No Change Charge

For any reason, if you are not able to put yourself up for the flight and there is a change in plan, The Airline gives you flexibility by not charging any fee for the change.
You can book your flight ticket with confidence. There is no change charge for the main cabin and Premium cabin seats.

3. Partnerships for Social Responsibilities

Hawaii is like a home for airline people. They feel like it’s their responsibility to support local businesses. They donate to encourage local businesses and offer local products in flight. By this, they not only represent the authenticity of the place but also spotlight the business.
Apart from that, their employees volunteer for different events. Helping military families, cleaning coastline areas, and removing unwanted trees are a few examples.

4. Miles that never expires

Hawaii Airlines “Miles” is a reward offered by the airlines. You earn them based on the distance you traveled and not how much you spent. Apart from that, these miles never expire, so you redeem them any day and get a seat in the Main Cabin.
Earn them every time you fly, and redeem them for free tickets and benefits.

How to Contact Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service?

There are different options available to contact Hawaiian airline’s customer care services. Depending on your purpose to contact them, you can go with any of the options below

1. Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Bot:- If there is any baggage-related query, you can contact Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Bot.

2. Live chats:- Chat agents are available 24*7 for any general inquiries.

3. Call:- Either you can request a call on chat or take the customer care number from their website and call them. There are different numbers for different queries.

4. Email:- Another way of connection is by writing an email about your concern.

How To Make a Reservation?

Visit the website of Hawaiian airlines. Here every detail of your tickets is available. You can make your reservations, but it is complicated because their online portal is a bit slow, and even you will not get a discount. 

You can call them too and make a reservation for yourself, but then it will be more costly.

So instead of that, you can choose other options like booking your tickets with flightaura.com. Visit flightaura.com and choose your flight, collect the information about the flight, and then go for a reservation. 

Flightaura.com works as a travel agent, which provides great deals on air tickets and discounts of up to 10% on each booking. You can plan your vacation and business trips with us for an unforgettable experience.

Once you are done with the payment, you will get an electronic confirmation. Your ticket number and confirmed reserved space number will be written on that. And both of these numbers are equally important to board a Hawaiian Airlines flight.

Wrapping up!

The article explains to you, what you can do for a better flight experience with Hawaii airlines. You must have learned a few tips for a stress-free journey. Also to get cheap and better deals for your trip with Hawaii airlines, you can check our website Flightaura. If you still need any help, get in touch with us!

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