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Best & Worst Days to Fly for the Holidays — Day after Thanksgiving

Traveling on dates nearby to any occasion or festival is challenging. Ideally, make a booking for yourself in advance to have a comfortable journey. Be on the safe side and prevent yourself from the hassle & stress of finding a flight.

It is suggested to make a booking for the national flight at least 2-3 months before. And if you are traveling Internationally, then book a flight 7-8 months before your departure date, as it is rightly said that “The earlier, the better.”

At the time of holidays or occasions, to get the possibility of your desired destination, seat, price, date, and time, book your flight ticket in advance.

It is smart to book your flight for Thanksgiving earlier but keep in mind that the prices of National flights will tend to fall after it is released or opened, i.e., 11 months from any specific date.

Book an International flight earlier as the prices will ascend further, but the National flight price went down after some months and then rose again when the date of your departure approached.

So keep an eye on the prices and book when it descends to the minimum fare. 

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Below are the details of the best and worst days to fly for the holidays, especially at Thanksgiving. 

Book before Halloween for Thanksgiving

For booking a Thanksgiving flight, booking by the end of August or early September is advised to get the deal you are thinking of.

Book the flight on a nominal fare in June or July. Apart from these, book before Halloween at last to have the vacancy of flight.

Your chances of booking a flight might plunge after Halloween as the price will touch the sky, and you may need to adjust your departure date and time. 

Finest and the worst days for booking a flight

As Thanksgiving every year falls on the fourth Thursday of November, it is quite easy to predict when we can get a flight at a low price for flying to a place to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

For you, we present the statistical data of the days: Days which should be neglected to depart from a place and the days which are ideal for booking your flight so that it can be easy for you to travel.

Ideal departure and return dates for Thanksgiving

Our survey shows that most people like to travel on the day of Thanksgiving dinner to attend the gathering with their family and to spend Thanksgiving night with them.

So, it is true that Millions of people fought to grab a seat on flights at this time. The expected thing is that the number of people will increase this year, so make sure to book on these dates only to attain a cheap flight ticket.

Monday, November 21
Friday, November 25 (Black Friday)
Tuesday, November 22
Monday, November 28
Thursday, November 24 (Thanksgiving Day)
Tuesday, November 29

As the above-given table shows, most people prefer to fly on Thanksgiving Day. So, the best day for departure is Monday. On the other hand, the day after Thanksgiving, i.e., Black Friday, is the best alternate option for having a short trip if you can’t find a flight for Thanksgiving day due to the crowd.

For returning, Friday or Monday is considered great as most people fly on Sunday to resume their work from Monday onwards.

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People prefer to rest and spend some leisure time with their families the day after Thanksgiving, and that’s why less crowd can be seen on this day while traveling.

Other than this, wait for one more day and return on Tuesday to obtain a cheap flight ticket.

If you want to avoid the rush and packed airport situation, don’t go home or anywhere on Wednesday (before Thanksgiving), as it is the most favorable day for everyone to fly, and there is no probability of acquiring a flight in your budget. 

It is one of the worst decisions of your life if you return on Sunday as it is the last day of the holiday and people need to continue their jobs and offices from the next working day.

If you can extend your trip or can have the option of working from home, then it is recommended from our side that you travel on Wednesday and Tuesday only. On the other hand, returning on Monday is far better than returning on Sunday.

Recovery in the number of travelers for Thanksgiving in 2022

Some previous years had fewer people who traveled, which increased after the Pandemic. It will be shown that there will be a boost in the number of tourists this year, and 37% of tourists will increase this year in terms of traveling during Thanksgiving.

All these details have been formed after a deep study of TSA (Transportation Security Administration) checkpoints which showcases a rise in the number of tourists from last year while comparing the same-day data of both years. 

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How to find a cheap flight booking for Thanksgiving

Time and destinations may vary the prices of the flights very dynamically, and sometimes some events and occasions also impact the flights’ fare price.

Apart from all these conditions, here are general tips that can be helpful enough for searching for a flight to your desired place at a budgeted price without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Always open to picking up the option of departing and arriving at the nearby airports rather than the prime one.
  • Go with the airlines which offer the cheapest flights rather than focus on any specific one.
  • Choosing a connecting flight can be a good option as it can directly affect your price. 
  • Make sure to compare flights on different platforms and set the price alert before leaving that page.
  • Search for the exclusive offers and deals that have been going on. 

Summing Up

Thanksgiving is a national event mainly celebrated in America as a day of giving thanks. It is when you find America and other areas at their peak in decoration and attraction, which is majestic and alluring.

Each house on every single street glimmers with ferry lights. Everyone at this time wants to go to their house and spend this beautiful time of Thanksgiving with their families while sitting at the dining table and enjoying the delicious turkey with some red wine. 

But sometimes, you need help in finding a flight to travel. Stay calm, as Flightaura is always present for your help. Make your booking now for Thanksgiving and get an exclusive 30% off on each flight.

Why are you waiting, then? Book now and be with your family this Thanksgiving.