6 Things to Know About the American Thanksgiving

6 Things to Know About the American Thanksgiving Flightaura

Thanksgiving is an American federal holiday, celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of November everywhere by the same name. It is celebrated as the beginning of the winter-fall season festivals like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. 

This major festival revolves around the theme of giving thanks to anyone for anything you believe is utterly significant for you. People eagerly wait for their festivals and start preparing or planning for celebrations a month before, and surely they all are waiting and commencing the planning to celebrate Thanksgiving 2022. 

The day of giving thanks is the most enjoyable time at that specific place as joy and happiness hang in the air, everyone can feel it, and people are desperately waiting to meet their friends or family members to have thanksgiving dinner. 

It is that fiesta that brightens everyone’s house, and it appears like the whole place is glittering in the middle of the clouds due to snow everywhere. 

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Following given are the six things that everyone should know about Thanksgiving.

The Custom of the President pardoning Turkey

The time of Thanksgiving is very harsh for Turkey. The President of the United States of America gets two turkeys in the morning as a gift, and their life gets pardoned. It is one of the funniest traditions in the United States.

Every year at the time of Thanksgiving, they performed this ritual and spared the life of a turkey which was ultimately sent to Mount Vernon, Virginia, to spend the rest of its life in peace.

This place is the former estate of the first President of the United States, George Washington. 

President John F. Kennedy performed this ritual on 19 November 1963 and stated, “let’s keep him going.” After that time, it is a ritual done by every President of the United States every year at Thanksgiving.

The tradition is almost 400 years old

Thanksgiving is believed to have importance related to the ancient historical event related to American History. It can be traced back to 1621 and is related to the place now called Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

At that time, English colonists invited the Wampanoag Indians (Native Americans belonging to the Northeastern woodlands) to have Dinner with them to celebrate their first harvest, which became possible only due to the help of these people.

Some people don’t believe in this story, while for others it is an event that gets marked in the History of America.

After that, people didn’t celebrate it as a norm and didn’t celebrate food-filled customs until 1863, when Abraham Lincoln became the President of the United States and announced to celebrate National Thanksgiving Day every year on the fourth Thursday of every November. 

Dinner with family and friends (especially Turkey and Pie)

At the time of Dinner, everyone gathers at the dining table and sits there comfortably in the dining room, which is decorated with the blooming colors of celebration like red, Orange, and brown.

The main highlight of this traditional dinner custom is Turkey, served with mashed potatoes and yam while stuffed with celery, herbs, onions, and bread cubes before roasting it. Many other food items served are common in Massachusetts, like Cranberry.

Celebrating Thanksgiving as a tradition, most people also serve some of the ethnic ritual dishes: curries, Couscous, and plates of pasta. Without beer or wine, the Dinner wouldn’t get completed, so the presence of these eateries is mandatory.

Undoubtedly, the Charm of the night in that Thanksgiving dessert is dessert. Without a dessert, the food is not complete. The host served the freshly made apple or pumpkin pie topped with fruits and whipped cream. 

If you want a delicious Thanksgiving dinner while witnessing the city’s glistening, visiting a restaurant is a great option. Most of the restaurants on that day make a special Thanksgiving dinner menu that can be enjoyed with families and friends while saving yourself from the headache of preparing Dinner.

Thanksgiving is more than a dinner

On the morning of Thanksgiving, many people participate in a Marathon hosted by a charity called Turkey trots. Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is the iconic parade that happened in New York City on the day of Thanksgiving. Many people like to participate in it, whereas others like to watch it on Television from the comfort of their homes. 

Football is another major aspect of Thanksgiving, like Dinner. People spend leisurely time watching the NFL (National Football league) while lying on their couch at home holding a beer. 

After the Thanksgiving meal, they play many games and do many special things like the Wishbone. The Wishbone is a bone that is joined and makes a V shape. It is found in the chest of Turkey. So after eating the meal, they cleaned the remaining meat off the bone and got it.

Two people hold the bone from two different sides and then make a wish. After making a wish, they pulled out the bone from both sides, and whoever got the larger bone would get their wish come true.

Everyone shops until their bags got filled (Black Friday and Cyber Monday)

After rolling on Thursday night and enjoying Thanksgiving, people get ready for the next day, which is often regarded as Black Friday. This day in America is the official day when the shopping season starts.

People get wild for stepping into the ring, where everything is sold at a heavily discounted price. Most shopping malls and places don’t wait for the next day, and they start their sales on Thanksgiving evening.

People gather in huge numbers and make a line outside the malls, waiting there for the morning for the gates to be opened so that they can grab steep discounts on various items. Everyone becomes so crazy that they go from one store to another in search of getting the best offers.

For those who don’t like crowds, Thanksgiving gives them another chance to get whatever they want, as Cyber Monday is there. Cyber Monday is an Online shopping carnival that deals with vertiginous discounts and attracts people worldwide. 

Traveling on Thanksgiving is quite Knotty

Tens of thousands of people all over the country leave their places and travel to meet their families and friends so that they can have Thanksgiving dinner together.

They travel by flight, railways, and roads, so, generally, there can be the issue of delay in your flight or train and traffic on the road, making it quite a task to reach the place you are leaving.

Three days, i.e., Day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving itself, and the day after Thanksgiving are the busiest days on which many people travel.

A piece of advice is that traveling on Thanksgiving is much easier than traveling on the day around this festival. 

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Summing up

Thanksgiving is a festival for which people wait so long to celebrate and be with their families or friends so they can experience an unforgettable night.

They want to be together at the dining table while eating the golden roasted Turkey with a glass of wine and having a pie after that meal to complete it.

For relishing this festival with your family, book your flight ticket now to get the best deal on the ticket price and have the opportunity to attain the 30 percent flat discount on your flight ticket. 

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