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How to Change or Cancel a Kayak Airlines Flight?

Does Kayak Permit Flight Change? What is the Kayak Flight Change Fee? How to change my Kayak Flight? All these kinds of queries arise due to last-minute plan changes in passengers for which they need to know to refer to the flight change policy. Thus here, we have listed all these related queries along with all the important details regarding Kayak Flight Change Policy.

What is the Flight Change Policy of the Kayak?

First, Kayak is a metasearch engine that generates a search result for travel-related travel from multiple sources based on your location. Any request made on any kind of booking will totally depend on the flight policies mandated by the Airlines themselves.

However, special terms and conditions will be applicable on a ticket booked through Kaya:

  • Flight booking made through any of the Kayak sources will charge an additional fee of USD 100 to process flight change along with an additional flight change based on the airline in which you have made reservations.
  • The USD 100 processing fee is applicable on Standard booking, and further, in case a service bundle has been booked; then it will be reduced to USD 50 and free of cost in case the passenger has a Plus Plan ticket booked through Kayak.

Kayak Flight Change Policy

As per the basic flight change policy, the passengers have the following options:

  • Can select the next flight option available/offered to them by the airlines.
  • Can choose a convenient flight without any additional cost.
  • In case a new flight is not available for them, then they can ask for a refund.
  • In case there is no alternate option available for the passengers, then they can ask for a refund or refer to other alternate options like travel credits that can be utilized to make future bookings.
  • It is mandatory to request any kind of changes before the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • Many airlines have some strict mandates regarding the passenger’s no-show, in which the absence of passengers without any information or notification will lead the airlines to forfeit their tickets.
  • Flight change might vary depending on the passenger’s fare type and the airlines in which they have made bookings. For this, they need to connect with the Airlines themselves.
  • The service fee or the processing fee charged by the Kayak will be non-refundable for the passengers.

Kayak Flight Change Fee

While requesting a flight change, an additional fee of USD 100 will be applicable to any normal booking. However, if the booking has been made with a service bundle, then the flight change will be reduced between USD 25-50. Also, for a plus plan ticket, there will be no flight change fee. Further additional charges might be applicable in case the booking has been made through a travel agency or service provider.
It is to be noted by the passengers that the Standard or Plus Plan ticket will be non-refundable

How to Change Your Flight Bookings Made through Kayak

Flight change requests can be made either on Kayak or the airlines through which you have made reservations:

  • In order to change the flight through the Kayak, you need to open the Booking page available on the search engine website.
  • However, you can just simply go through the Airline’s website and request for the same. The basic process to make flight changes for any airline is listed below:
  • On the homepage of any airline, you can find the option to manage your trips/bookings.
  • You need to provide the basic details related to your flight, which includes the following:
  • Confirmation Code
  • Ticket Number
  • Last Name
  • Email ID
  • Credit Card
  • Enter the information that is required.
  • Once you have access to your flight details, you can find the option for flight change.
  • Follow the further instructions to complete the flight change process.
  • In case you are unable to make flight changes, then you need to connect with Kayak Customer Care.

What is the Kayak Flight Cancellation Policy

Sometimes, when the passengers are unable to make changes to their flight, they can opt for flight cancellation. Terms and conditions regarding the cancellation will depend on the airline, and you need to pay an additional fee while requesting the same through Kayak. Basic cancellation terms for any airlines have been listed below:

  • Eligibility to cancel any flight tickets will depend on the guidelines mandated by the Airlines in which you have made reservations.
  • Cancellations made within 24 hours will be free of cost with full refund. Also, the same needs to be requested at least seven days before the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • Cancellations made by the passengers need to be done within the deadline of 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • Request for refund needs to be done within a period of ticket validity, which can be either 24 hours.
  • In the case of refundable tickets in which you are requesting cancellation for a partially unused ticket, the refundable amount is calculated for the unused portion only.
  • Non-refundable tickets or the ones that do not qualify the criteria for refund will be offered travel credits.
  • In case you have purchased additional services from a third party, you need to cancel them separately from the third party.
  • For the flight that has been canceled by the Airlines themselves, passengers will be offered alternative flight arrangements. Also, they have the option to opt for a refund.
  • Additional fees will be applicable while making cancellations through Kayak or making any of the requests through the search engine regarding flight changes in your ticket.

The following deductions can be made while making a flight cancellation:

  • Cancellation fee if charged by the airline.
  • Other charges include administrative fees, support packages, and other tips.

Kayak Cancellation Policy for 24-hours

Kayak Cancellation Policy for 24-hours will be as per the basic guidelines mandated by the Airlines in which you have made bookings. Some common terms and conditions regarding requests made within 24 hours of flight bookings are listed below:

  • Any Ticket can be canceled within 24 hours without any additional fee, along with a full refund of the amount in the original form of payment. However, canceling a basic economy ticket through Kayak might cost an additional fee of USD 50.
  • Once the 24-hour grace period has passed, flight cancellation might charge an additional fee based on the fare type.
  • For most airlines, flight changes made within 24 hours do not charge any additional cost. Only the fare difference will be applicable. After the 24-hour period, flight changes will depend on the airline in which you have made reservations and the fare type under which you have made reservations.

Kayak Refund Policy

Kayak Refund Policy

In case there is a fare difference during the flight, or you are switching to a lower class flight, then the amount will be refunded as per the travel policies of different airlines. For the refundable fares, they are credited to the passenger in the original form of payment.
For any airline, it might take between 7-20 days, depending on the mode of payment, i.e., credit card or cash payment.

Kayak Customer Support

The official channel of Kayak provides assistance to the passenger, which might help them in making their flight reservation. Also, you can submit your feedback regarding the services that you have used on the Kayak platform.
In case of any travel-related issues while booking the flight, you can refer to the FAQ section of the Kayak, where you find common issues regarding trip books for airlines.

Refer to Flightaura in case of any flight ticket changes

While making a change request on your flight, you need to know the travel policies of that airline like cancellations, flight changes, name changes, and many others. For that, you can refer to the blog section of the Flightaura, where we provide all the information regarding different guidelines for various airlines. Although Kayak is an excellent platform for making travel reservations, you can also refer to the Flgihtaura, where we do not charge any additional fee for making modifications to any ticket booked through us.

Summing It Up

Kayak is a search engine that provides a unique platform for passengers through which they can compare various available flights from different airlines and confirm their reservations instantly. Any changes required to be made in the tickets need to be done from the airline sources in which you have made reservations. You can also request flight modification through Kayak, for which an additional fee might be applicable in order to request the same. Processing fees as per the Kayak Refund Policy can go from USD 25-100 or free of cost based on the travel type or fare type you have.