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Your Travel Guide To 2022 FIFA World Cup In Qatar

Watching a live FIFA World Cup match is still a dream for many football lovers. The FIFA fans will still be wondering how to Travel to Qatar to watch the live performance of their favorite players.

If you are also among those planning to visit Qatar for the first time to watch the FIFA World cup 2022, then you are in the right place. In this blog, we will give you complete information that will help you in planning your Qatar trip.

Stadiums for FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

There are Eight Stadiums in Qatar where the FIFA world cup will be conducted. Here is the complete list of the stadiums on the FIFA world cup 2022 schedule.

Entry Requirements for FIFA World Cup Qatar

Each country has a minimum set of requirements that the visitors must follow, and Qatar also has some standard requirements. If you are planning to visit Qatar from 1st November 2022 to 23rd January 2023, then it’s mandatory to have an approved Hayya card, regardless of whether you will attend the world cup match.

An Hayya Card is a form of Fan ID, which is required to get an entry to the country and for attending the world, cup live match during the world cup tournament duration. The major benefit of this card is that the visitors will get free access to public transport only on match days. For the latest information about the Hayya card, visit its official website  https://hayya.qatar2022.qa/.

How to Get FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Tickets

Now, let’s move on to understand the procedure of getting FIFA world cup 2022 match tickets.

FIFA fans can purchase World cup 2022 match tickets from the Official Website of FIFA. For that, fans have to register an account on FIFA’s ticket portal. Already two rounds of ticket sales have been conducted, and almost 8,00,000 tickets have been sold so far. Most of the tickets have been purchased by fans from Qatar, the United States, England, Mexico, and United Arab Emirates.

Those fans who have missed the initial sales phase of tickets still have the option to get a FIFA match ticket through the third sales phase, which will be conducted later this year.

Restrictions on Qatar Travel

If you Plan to Travel to Qatar, you must know that the Government of Qatar does not require prior visa arrangements for visitors traveling on a U.S. tourist passport. Although to get a free visa waiver, you must have:

  • A passport with a validity of a minimum of 6 months.
  • A pre-confirmed return ticket.

Suppose your medical condition allows you to bring medicine to Qatar. In that case, you must carry the original medical prescription and ensure the medicine is in the original packaging.

IFA World Cup 2022 Tickets Pricing

So, here is the price chart list of all the matches of the FIFA world cup 2022.

Places to Visit in Qatar 2022

Apart from watching the FIFA world cup matches, you can also enjoy the beauty of Qatar. There are plenty of areas which you can visit to add beautiful memories to your journey. So, a few examples of the best places to visit in Qatar are as follows.

Souq Waqif
Souq Waqif - World Cup
Souq Waqif – World Cup

The Souq Waqif is a century-old traditional market located in closeness of Wadi Musheireb. Initially a gathering place for the Bedouins people where they could trade various things, primarily livestock, now it has become the hub for the sellers where they can trade garments, spices, handicrafts, and other souvenirs. The meaning of the word “Souq Waqif” is the standing marketplace which, architecturally speaking, is a stand-alone building dating back to the early 20th century. The building is situated in the center of Doha and is one of the main tourist attractions for the people.
Apart from the market, visitors here can enjoy various acrobatics, theatrical and musical performances. Another major tourist attraction in the Souq is the Al-Rayyan Theatre which has a seating capacity of around 980 people. Not only the basic things, but the Souq Waqif also has a distinct pet area where customers can find different kinds of domestic dogs, rabbits, turtles, birds, rabbits, and cats. One major pet which makes the Souq Waqif pet market unique is the Falcon market along with the Falcon Hospital. Within the pet area of Souq Waqif, there is a separate reserve for falcon handling where visitors have all the equipment needed for bird handling, like GPS guidance and landing pads.

Any marketplace will be incomplete without a food point. The same can be found in the Souq Waqif, where you can enjoy some of the best world-renowned dishes of Doha, like Karak Tea, Shay al Shamoos, Al Jasra, and Bander Aden. One of the famous sweet shop presents in Souq Waqif is the Al Aker Sweets which everyone must needs to visit. Some of the major places which reflect the history and culture of Doha located in Souq Waqif are:

  1. All-Koot Fort
  2. Craft Center
  3. Souq Waqif Art Center
  4. Souq Waqif Falcon Hospital.
  5. Pigeon Square and Gardens

Last but not least, the current most famous attraction at Souq Waqif, which you need to see, is the Golden Thumb Statue that was built to mark the success in Qatar’s History i.e., hosting the FIFA World Cup. Visiting the traditional market in Souq Waqif will definitely add to making your trip to Qatar more memorable.

Museum of Islamic Art
Museum of Islamic Art
Museum of Islamic Art

Another major place that you need to visit in Qatar during the FIFA world cup is the Museum of Islamic Arts. Located at the end of Doha Corniche, the museum is inspired by ancient Islamic architecture with a little pinch of modern design in the form of geometric patterns. The Museum of Islamic Art reflects Islamic culture and arts in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf over the course of 14 centuries. Specially renovations have been made in order to make Qatar the perfect host for the FIFA world cup 2022. Various notable things are showcased in the Museum of Islamic Arts dating from the 7th to 20th century, all of which represent Islamic art in some way.

On the adjacent side of the museum, you can find a waterfront space that has dozens of cafes and a separate children’s play area. Some notable things to view on the waterfront are the steel sculpture designed especially for MIA by the American sculptor Richard Serra. Among these sculptures, the most notable one is the 7, an 80-foot tall sculpture, the tallest Sierra ever built till now. Some of the major art pieces of the collection include the following:

  1. Sitara of Kaba
  2. The Shahnameh
  3. Five Quran Manuscripts
  4. Falcon finial
  5. Sura al-Baqarah
  6. Manuscripts of Ramayan in Urdu
  7. Anatolia or Westen Iran War Mask
  8. Fountain Head
  9. Portrait of various historical leaders
  10. Palepai
  11. Astrolabe
  12. Sitara of the Ka‘ba

The MIA also serves as a platform where different teachers, students, and other visitors get connected to each other and can explore more about Islamic culture. Apart from that, the Museum of Islamic has hosted many world-famous exhibitions over the course of years like FerozKoh, Mughal, and Safavid Albums, Yayoi Kusama, A Falcon’s Eye, Baghdad: Eye’s Delight, Yayoi Kusama, City of Mirage. All the collections available at the Museum of Islamic Arts can be easily viewed on the online portal of the Museum.

National Museum of Qatar
National Museum of Qatar - FIFA World Cup
National Museum of Qatar – FIFA World Cup

The National Museum of Qatar is a concoction of Qatar’s history; it’s culture, and art, which it represented in the form of various galleries, exhibitions, and many other cultural events. Visitors of all kinds, irrespective of their age, can come and enjoy their stay. Located at a distance of only 15 minutes from the Hamad International Airport, the nearest metro to this museum is National Museum, Gold Line.
The NMoQ has been built recently with the unique architecture designed by the French Architect Jean Novel. In order to host various cultural events, the museum comprises of an Auditorium which can seat up to 200 people at once. A total of 11 galleries are located inside the Qatar Museum, which also comprises the Old Palace, the main building of the National Museum has been built. Another major attraction of this place is the Park which is open 24 hours. Notable places in the park at the National Museum of Qatar are listed below:

  1. Heritage Garden
  2. Cave of Wonders
  3. Nakilat Adventure Ship
  4. Qatar Totalenergies Playground
Major things which can be highlights of your visits to the National Museum of Qatar are listed below:
  • Pearl Carpet of Baroda: A part of the permanent collection of the National Museum of Qatar, it is a 104-inch long carpet that is 68 inches wide. The carpet was ordered to be made by the Maharaja of Baroda, Khande Rao Gaekwad, as an intended gift to adorn the Prophet’s Tomb of Medina. It was first publicly shown to the people in the year 1903 at the Delhi Durbar. The second appearance was made in the year 1985 at the Metropolitan Museum, after which it was auctioned and bought for USD 5.5 million by an anonymous buyer. The carpet is decorated with precious jewels like Pearls, Diamonds, Rubies, and emeralds.
  • Al Zubarah Quran: The Quran is the first copy of the one credited to the city of Al Zubarah, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This manuscript has been written on a large-scale paper that has been turned brown due to ageing. The whole book is made up of double paper, which is bound together by a thread. Each and every volume of the manuscript has been by leather as an attempt at preservation. Each leather cover is decorated with beautiful floral and geometric patterns.
Katara Cultural Village
Katara Cultural Village
Katara Cultural Village

Another major place in Doha, which is another cultural as well as commercial point, is the Katara Cultural Village. Located between the West Bay and The Pearl, the place comprises of an opera house, a multi-purpose conference hall, Katara Beach, and a market. The major tourist attraction is the open amphitheatre located at the heart of Katara. This open theatre is spread over an area of 3275 sq m. Built-in a Greek-style architecture, the theatre reflects Islamic influences across various locations inside it. The amphitheatre has a capacity for 5000 people who can enjoy the show happening with the view of the sea on one side and the view of Katara on the other.

After the amphitheatre comes the 21-high Street, which every visitor in Qatar goes to. Here they can then visit the  Galleries Lafayette, Murano Glass Katara, Al-fresco, and many others. Coming back to the cultural spots, visitors can enjoy the Katara Art Centre, which comprises different arts and disciplinary endeavours. Along with Art Centre, various other art galleries, exhibition areas, museums, and performance arenas are located nearby, which any visitor can find very amusing. The presence of different art centres and various galleries make this place a Heaven for any artist.

Tourists and Visitors with interest in space exploration or astronomy can visit the Al Thuraya Planetarium; This place can accommodate 200 people at once under a full-dome digital system to take a journey around the universe, exploring its different mysteries. Exploring all these space mysteries, visitors can also get to know how astronomy has influenced Qatar’s History and tradition. Visitors in the Katara can enjoy various free activities (advance registration required). In case your timing is favourable, then you can also enjoy various cultural events and other exhibitions held during the course of the year.

Completing the missing part of any tourist part are various eateries where you can enjoy various dishes from different parts of the world. Notable eateries are Lawazar, Levant, Mamig, Khan Farouk, Saffron Lounge, and many others. Major tourist spots located in Katara Village are:

  1. Katara Mosque
  2. Gold Mosque
  3. Amphitheatre
  4. 21-high Street
  5. Katara Hills
The Pearl Qatar
The Pearl Qatar
The Pearl Qatar

The next tourist attraction in Qatar is this man-made wonder that everybody called as “The Pearl” island. The artificial island is still under the process of completion, which is currently open to visitors and is the home to some of the finest cafes and stylish restaurants. The Pearl is located near the West Bay, Doha’s business centre, the place perfectly matches the description of what we call “Arabia Riviera.” The island comprises of major tourist attractions along with friendly squares, plazas, along with wide landscaped gardens. Major hotspots for tourist located in The Pearl includes:

  • Qanat Quartier: The Qanat Quartier is a private community located inside the heart of The Pearl, which is a mixture of Venetian culture along with the Arabian aroma. The place comprises low-rise buildings submerged in water, which provides it visitors with a Venetian experience.
  • Porto Arabia: Porto Arabia is the latest luxury estate destination comprising around 37 domes with different designs and surface finishes. The domes are fabricated and textured in such a way that they can maintain their finishing for decades without any maintenance, even with harsh climatic conditions.
  • Medina Centrale: Another major location that visitors can go to is the square town which is inspired by the charms of the Mediterranean. The town comprises 538 residential units, including more than 100 shops. There the place comprises world recognized cinema known as the NOVO cinema, which can accommodate around 6000 people. Considering fashion is the main priority of the residents there, more than 50 F&B stores are open for the people.
  • Giardino Gardens: This is the exclusive villa community located right in the heart of Pearl Island where residents can have a lifetime experience. A total of 80 Villas are located inside the gardens with around 4-6 bedrooms having awesome and spacious interiors. Another common facilities for the residents includes clubhouse, tennis court, basketball court and a squash court.
The Corniche:
The Corniche
The Corniche

The Corniche or more popularly known as Corniche Road, is an eight km-long road which is available on the side of the Doha Bay that provides visitors with an awesome view. Major spots which can be located by the visitors while riding around the corniche are the followings:

  • Al-Dafna Park: It is one of the most beautiful places locates in Doha, Qatar, where visitors can enjoy the waters (boat ride), enjoy the skyline view, or have a memorable time with their friends and partner. The most favorable time to visit this place is December.
  • Qatar National Theatre: Another form of entertainment is the Qatar National Theatre, where visitors can enjoy various plays, concerts, and many film screenings.
  • Al Bidda Park: Another place for relaxation in Qatar is the Al Bidda which comprises a playground, skateboards, biking paths, and many others. For the adults, there are fitness facilities and ground areas for basketball, tennis, volleyball, and other sports. All these things make Al Bidda Park the perfect resting spot where you can bring your family along with your pet and enjoy it.
  • Lulu Island: It is a tiny man-made island located within walking distance of the Corniche. Starting from the Abu Dhabi breakwater, it terminates at Mina Zayed port. Lulu Island is open to the public and consists of various coffee shops for the users. Apart from that, there are two artificial lakes in Lulu Island along with a track for camel and horse riding. Earlier landmarks at the Corniche, Qatar that were demolished further are Volcano Fountain, Abu Dhabi clock tower, and many others.

Apart from that, any single spot within the 8 km road provides an awesome to the major building of the places like Doha Tower, Burj Doha, and many others. All these places can make your stay memorable, especially during the time of FIFA 2022.

How to Travel to Qatar?

After understanding every aspect of Qatar and FIFA world cup 2022, the next thing is to book the flight tickets. A flight is the most important part of any trip, and getting the best flight at the cheapest rates is quite difficult. Although, we are here to help you in that situation. We at Flight Aura are known for premium airline tickets at the best pricing. You can visit our website to complete details about your next Qatar trip. From best deals to packages and flights, we are here to make your new Qatar trip beautiful and rememberable!