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Delta Airlines Refund Policy – Can I Get My Money Back?

Have you ever cancelled your flight due to an unexpected twist in your plan? If that’s the case, you must know about the Delta Airlines Refund Policy. If you fall under the right category, you might get a full refund. To know whether you are eligible for the refund, know the terms and conditions of Delta’s refund policy.

Terms & Conditions of Delta Airlines Refund Policy

One thing that you must know before asking for a refund is that every airline has its own rules and regulations when it comes down to Delta Airways Refund Policy. Here, keep an eye out for these things;-
You have at least 24 hours to cancel your tickets if you book your tickets from the official website of Delta. You can cancel your ticket and get a full refund without questions during this period.

However, there is yet another scenario where you can get a full refund: when the airline cancels the flight due to any technical malfunction or bad weather.

The passengers will be eligible for a full refund if there have to be any changes in their schedule or if their flight has been delayed.

In another case, you will be entitled to a full refund if you transfer from business class to economy. However, in this particular case, you will receive the fare difference.

Additionally, if you buy a refundable ticket, you will be entitled to a full refund. Therefore, you can only get a refund if you do not use your ticket. If you use a portion of your purchased ticket, you will get a refund for the unused portion of the ticket.

Good news for those who have paid their baggage fee, you will be given a full refund if your baggage has been lost, delayed, or damaged.

Different Scenarios Where You Will be Eligible For a Refund

(i) If You Happen to Cancel Your Flight

There are many cases where you can get a full refund, especially if your flight has been canceled or you have cancelled your flight. In this case, you will be eligible for a full refund of your fare price. However, as per Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy, if the airline is responsible for your flight cancellation, then the airline will try to find you an alternative flight. If it fails, it will transfer your ticket value to the eCredit, which you can use for your future travel.

Moreover, if the passenger requests a refund, they will be provided with the refund in the next seven working days, and that too in the original payment format.

(ii) Cancelling a Delta Basic Economy Ticket

If you decide to cancel your Delta basic economy ticket, you must wait to change your basic economy ticket after April 2021. However, if you cancel your flight after the date, you may lose the value of your ticket. In this case, try to avoid buying a basic economy ticket.

(iii) The Infamous Case of Refundable & Non-Refundable Tickets

The refundable ticket ensures that you will get your refund in no time. Whereas, the case is quite different with Non-refundable tickets, as the airline does not issue refunds easily. It can only happen in some cases, including sudden family death.
In cases like this, the airline will provide you with an e-credit that you can use later on for your future travel.

What is the Easiest Way to Get Delta Refund?

As per the Delta Airlines Refund Policy, if you fall back under the eligibility criteria, then you can request a refund by simply going over the official website of Delta Airlines. Once you are done with that, then make sure to follow the on-screen steps.
If this is not feasible for you, you can find another pair of methods that requires you to request a refund via email. You can email the airline and request a refund; along with that, make sure to attach your Delta Airlines ticket number, your flight information, your personal details, and your reason for flight cancellation.

How Can I Check My Delta Refund Request Status?

Delta Refund Request Status

The easiest way to check your refund status is by navigating through the official website of Delta. To track your refund status, all you have to do is enter your ticket number, last name, and refund request number.
Once you fill them in, you can check your refund status and find out when you will get it back.

How Long is the Procedure for Getting my Refund back from Delta airlines?

If you are eligible for a refund, the airline will provide the refund in the next seven business days. However, the refund will be credited to the same payment method you used for your ticket reservation.
Can I Refund For the unused Portion after flight cancellation?
Delta airline provides a refund as long as you are done cancelling your ticket in the next 24 hours. In this case, you do not have to pay any extra fees for flight cancellation, and the chances of getting a full refund from the airline are at their peak
It is advised to know and understand the terms and conditions of Delta Refund policy before requesting one. Once you are done reading all the fine print, you can complete the delta refund request form.
As we have said earlier, the refund policy may differ due to fare type and different ticket type. Let’s discuss the difference between non-refundable and refundable tickets.

Delta Refund Policy For Refundable Tickets

Per the Refund Policy, you can request a refund, especially if you have a refundable ticket. The procedure is as easy as it seems. All you have to do is go to the official website of Delta Airlines, and then you can cancel your flight and get a refund in the next seven working days.

Refund Policy For Non-Refundable Flights

If you have a non-refundable ticket, you would have to pay a cancellation fee starting from $200. Instead of a refund, the airline will provide e-credit for the remaining unused value of your ticket.

However, you must keep basic economy tickets the same.
If your flight is delayed, Delta Airlines will either hook you up on the next alternative flight or convert your ticket price into e-credit, which you can use for future reference.

Lastly, to ask for a full refund, make sure to request a refund. The airline will ask you to fill Delta Refund Request form, and once you are done with that, wait for your refund. The refund will most likely return to your original payment method in seven working days.

Is it possible to ask the airline for a refund if they offer E-Credit?

The airline sometimes offers refunds in the form of e-credits. But you can always ask the airline for a full refund instead of e-credit. But, more than e-credit is required. You can use the e-credit for future travel reference. However, to request a refund, remember to cancel your flight 24 hours before your scheduled date. If you do so, you are not required to pay any cancellation fee.
Remember that you will get your refund back in the original format of your previous payment. Usually, the refund takes at least seven to ten working days.
Remember to check your Delta account for e-credit.

Is There Any Way That I Can Get a Refund For the E-Credit?

Well, sorry to break your heart, but you cannot get a refund for your e-credits. If you want, then you can try speaking to the customer service of Delta Airlines, and they will assist you regarding this ongoing issue. If you want to get a refund instead of E-credit, then there are many things that you can keep in mind;-

  • To get a full refund, follow the number one rule, which is always to cancel your flight 24 hours before your scheduled departure to get a full refund. This rule applies to all tickets, fare types, and refundable & non-refundable tickets.
  • Opt for the refundable tickets if you know a plan change is possible. This way, you can get a full refund and cancel your flight without paying any cancellation fees.
  • But, in the case of non-refundable tickets, you can only get e-credits, and that too only in case of flight delay by the airline itself. If you are a non-refundable ticket holder, you are not eligible for a flight refund.

It’s a Wrap-Up

If you cancel your flight within 24 hours, you are eligible for a refund or you can request for one. But, before requesting a refund, understand all the key points of Delta Airlines Refund Policy. The Delta refund policy is quite straightforward yet flexible. We have explained all the points and terms of service you must know if you file a refund request form. Lastly, for more queries, visit our official website or contact us via customer service.