Rio de Janeiro

Meet with the wonders of Rio de Janeiro

Can you guess the place by these traits like the colorful environment, vibrant aura, the glowing American sun, and pleasant oceanic side? Yes, you all are right. It is all about Rio de Janeiro. This locale is an amalgamation of lush calm greenery and the Urban side with its cultural aspect or a tinch of astonishing architecture. Rio is placed between the alluring setting of mountains on one side and the ocean on the other.

People of the Rio greatly believe that this land is a gift from their Almighty, and they have to take care of it like a child, so they accept the gift and enhance the beauty of this spot like a rose. Now, it has become a place that pulls travelers worldwide.

We here try to hand-pick some of the wonders of Rio, but deep down, it is self-evident that the list will never get finished by enlisting Rio de Janeiro’s splendors. Here, the spots are highlighted that you must pay a visit if you want to feel the current presence in the aura of Rio.

So, discover these places whenever you plant your feet in Rio de Janeiro.

1. Christ The Redeemer (Cristo Redentor)

Erected between 1922 to 1931, Christ The Redeemer is the finest statue standing on a pedestal and gaining the loftiest height. It is standing on the apogee of the Corcovado and appears in the conical structure. The statue can’t be built if all the Brazilian Catholics don’t contribute financially.

Every year, many tourists will step up to the foot of the Christ, which is almost 700 m from the ground. As soon as you stand on your feet, you don’t believe in the glorious scenic view you will witness. It is so ecstatic that your heart will never get filled up. 

The idea to create this statue was put forth in the 16th century, but they had to postpone that thought as they were not equipped with ample technical support. It is necessary to have those resources and assistance because, without that, no one can imagine building an effigy that can enhance the beauty of the whole place.

The figure is big enough that even its dimensions are more than in general for the figurine standing at that height. Beneath the statue, a base exists that is 8 meters large and has a chapel inside. It is common to spot some of the weddings and acts of Baptism happening out there.

2. The Catholic Monastery of St. Benedict (São Bento)

São Bento is the epitome of how Benedictine complexes are there in Brazil. Placed above the hill, both the Church and the Monasteries are side to side. The original structure of the Church was made up in 1617, but it was without a passage between the seats. 

It gained its full enhancement in the second half of the 17th century when the inclusion of eight-side chapels occurred. Let’s not forget the interior, as it is so soothing to the eyes that it got to inhabit the heart for a moment.  

A monk named Domingos da Conceição is the man behind the jaunty carvings on the wall and the euphoric ceiling art. He also shows his ability by forming St. Benedict and Scholastica’s idols on an elevated altar. 

The monastery that is still there is active, and people pay a visit there. You can also witness the museum that existed inside the monastery and showcases Brazil’s finest bevy of artifacts related to religion.

3. Copacabana Beach

It is no less than a blessing that a country is born with a beach that is too golden in color. It stretches its area to 4 km and spreads around only one side of the town, a fascinating trait of this place. 

The main striking point of this beach is the Copacabana Palace, which came into existence in the 1920s and is currently converted and guarded as a national monument. It can attract tourists like the magnet has the characteristic of attracting iron.

When you come to this beach, you’ll find yourself colored in the aura and vibrant environment of this place. It feels so enchanting and calm to be here and do nothing because sometimes it is better not to do anything. 

Copacabana beach is so famed for the fact that it hosts too many exciting celebrations and energetic or sparkling parties. Not a big deal that you spot any popular celebrity here as they came to be part of that event.

4. Botanical Garden (Jardim Botânico)

The Botanical Garden is a beautiful setup in Rio de Janeiro with elegant Gardens, an ecological sanctuary whose significance can’t be described, and a scientific laboratory. They all are placed in the right spot, and not even a single inch looks disturbed. It is like a puzzle in which someone puts the right pieces at the right mark and forms the picture correctly. 

The breathtaking aspect is the Japanese Garden, which has charming trees like cherry trees, Bonsai, Koi ponds, and traditional or classic wooden bridges intermingled in a lovable way with the branches of the unknown trees. 

If you are looking for a secluded place away from the fuss of the streets and society, follow the path to the “Green Zone” of the city. It is so peaceful and serene here that it is adequate to enthrall the people’s souls. More than 6000 species of tropical and subtropical plant types exist here. 

A huge diversity of plants and stunning flowers is everywhere in this part. It is a UNESCO Biosphere reserve where you can walk and inhale the aromatic species widespread everywhere or take a tour through an electric vehicle.

5. Tijuca National Park 

The list wouldn’t get completed until the name of Tijuca National Park got marked in this. It is the true gem in all aspects and the largest forest area in the purlieu of Rio. It is regarded as a national treasure because it surrounds the Cristo Redentor. You can think of its significance because it covers one of the world’s new seven wonders. 

Several marvelous waterfalls are here, along with the multiple treks and hike that leads you to some unforeseen picturesque endpoint. There are various natural mini wonders in this national park in the face of astonishing mountain peaks, ancient chapels, and artificial and natural ponds with crystal clear water. 

Mostly all the trees at this place are native and become home to several kinds of animals like Capuchin Monkeys, hawks, Toucans, amazing blue butterflies, Brazilian raccoons, and other species of animals. You can find these species of animals while walking on the road of the national park and maybe on any of the hikes. 

6. Carnival (Carnaval)

When Brazil was burning with the heat of nature, everyone was chilling their hearts because an exquisite carnival was coming. The world’s most famed pre-Lenten celebration is this Carnival, which takes place in Rio de Janeiro and equally makes its name spread in Venice and New Orleans. 

This is a time of the year when the eyes of these people have glittered because they have waited so long for this moment. The carnival happened after the new year, but the craze of this event started to run in the veins of the people before Ash Wednesday. People feel so joyous and glad inside that they reach the pinnacle of excitement even four days before Ash Wednesday. 

Tens of thousands of people will gather here to witness the grandeur of this carnival. This carnival’s facets that attract people are Samba Parties, cheerful music, street parades, etc. It also occurs in other places, but the Rio one is worth watching. 

No one will ever feel they are outside of their home in Rio de Janeiro as the surprises in this city will never get finished. Every street and every mode of the season will have different tastes that will sound up by climbing upon your head. 

Wrapping it up..!

Rio de Janeiro is a place that can’t get described in words; even the words get finished, but you can’t think about the scenic beauty of this venue. It is incomparable, unimaginable, and extraordinarily mesmerizing. The city is truly infected with the virus of joy, happiness, delight, and enthusiasm that will surely infect you. 

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