Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain. It is Spain’s second most populated city, comprising a population of 1.6 million within its administrative limits. At the same time, its urban area stretches beyond the administrative city limits, including a population of around 4.7 million people. Barcelona is considered a seventh-most populous urban area in the European Union. After Paris, London, Madrid, the Ruhr area, Berlin, and Milan. Being the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea, this beautiful city is located on the coast right between the mouths of the rivers Llobregat and Besòs. The mesmerizing city is surrounded by the West and the Serra de Collserola mountain range, the tallest peak of which is 512 meters (1,680 ft) high.

Discovered as a Roman city in the Middle Ages, Barcelona has continued to become an important city in the Crown of Aragon as an economical and administrative center of this Crown and the capital of the Principality of Catalonia. Besieged ample of times during its history, Barcelona has a rich cultural heritage and is today an important cultural center and a major tourist destination.

The most well-known and popular areas of interest are the architectural works of Antoni Gaudí and LluísDomènech I Montaner, which have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The headquarters of the Union for the Mediterranean is also located here. The city is also famous for hosting the 1992 Summer Olympics as well as world-class conferences, expositions, and many international sport tournaments.

Barcelona is considered to be one of the world’s leading tourist, economic, trade fair, and cultural centers. It has massive influences in commerce, entertainment, education, media, fashion, science, and arts. With a major contribution in all these booming sectors, Barcelona has elevated its status as one of the world’s major global cities. It is also one of the major cultural and economic centers in Southwestern Europe.

Apart from its global outreach and appreciation, tourists gravitate towards this city because of various other reasons mentioned below:

  1. Barcelona is Different

Over the past decade, Spain has attracted huge crowds is because of its very rich and diverse culture. Each region and segment have its own traditions that make it unique and allow it to stand out. Barcelona is one such city with a mixture of different cultures and diversity. Barcelona is filled with Catalan culture and people. Following different traditions and cultures, Catalan habits are deep-rooted, and locals feel proud of them. Catalans have their own language that led to the development of their own literature, traditions, art, movies, theatre plays, music bands, clowns, and much more. If you also want to have a taste of rich Catalan culture, then visiting Barcelona is a must.

  1. Barcelona’s Colourful Ramblas

Vibrant and full of life, Las Ramblas is one of the longest and most famous main streets in Europe. Stuffed with colorful shops, cute cafes, and lots of trees, this boulevard brings out the most aesthetically pleasing pictures. Among the restaurants, there are flower stalls, kiosks with souvenirs, and ice cream. In Ramblas, you can also witness the ancient markets of the city where you can taste authentic local foods. Being one of the important tourist spots, don’t miss out on Ramblas when in Barcelona.

  1. Witness the Traditional Castellar’s

Castellar’s are a part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. In layman’s language, Castellar’s consists of activities of making impressive human towers, where each person climbs on the back of another and so on, forming human towers of up to 10 floors. When visiting Barcelona, you can see such competitions take place live. The goal is whoever makes the highest human towers wins the competition.

  1. Captivating View of Beach and Mountain At the Same Time

There is a hand full of destinations in which you can witness beaches and mountains combined in a harmonious way. Barcelona is one such place where you cannot miss out on any of the two. You could do a mountain hiking route that could end up in the sea.

  1. Enthusiasm for Sports

Sports is one of the booming activities seen in Barcelona. There are many professional sports schools where children combine sports and education in a productive way. As a tourist, you have the opportunity to enjoy many sports competitions live such as hockey, basketball, golf, handball, tennis, gymnastics and much more.

Football is one of the prevalent sports of Barcelona. According to FIFA, two of the five best teams of all time are from Spain: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. If you are a sports fan, you must visit this sports paradise city.

Final Words!

Barcelona is one of the biggest tourist spots in the world. With mesmerizing art and culture, it has some of the unique local foods and traditional markets to visit. The amalgamation of history with modern-day sports can only be seen in Barcelona. Do come to this amazing place once in your lifetime. Book a flight tickets today with

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