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United Airlines Baggage Fees: Everything You Need to Know

United Airlines is one of the third-largest airlines operating globally with a large network of both domestic and international flights. With this large number of passengers, the main query which is asked by the maximum number of people is the United Airlines Baggage Fees Policy.

Thus, here, we are going to provide you with all the important info regarding baggage policy of the United Airlines which will clear various doubts like free permitted baggage, additional charges on baggage, number of bags allowed to carry and charges on overweight and oversize bags. 

Baggage Fees Policy Of United Airlines in Brief

United Airlines permits the passengers to take one carry-on bag and personal items for free on an international flight. However, policies differ while travelling on domestic flights where you are applicable for charges while taking a carry-on bag.

Additional charges can also apply if your baggage in any way exceeds the maximum limit of weight and size. Various parameters like linear size and weight should be kept under mind while you are booking a flight if you want to save your baggage allowance. United Airlines Baggage policies are listed below:

United Airlines Baggage Fees Policy for Personal Items

As per the baggage policy of United Airlines, you can carry one personal item free of charges while travelling on both domestic and international flights.

Personal items include a backpack, laptop bag or a shoulder bag. Maximum size of personal item permitted to carry within flight is 9in*10in*17in. These specifications are made in such a way that a bag will fit under the seat which is in front of you. 

Carry-on Baggage Policy in United Airlines

You are permitted to take carry-on baggage along without any additional fee. The dimension of your baggage should not exceed 9in*10in*17in. Apart from carry-on bags and personal belongings, following items can be taken by the passenger for free:

  • Umbrella
  • Jacket or Coat
  • Book or any other item which you can read.
  • Wheelchair, cans, crutches or any mobility device.
  • Child safety harness or a stroller.
  • Child care includes (diaper bag and a breast pump).
  • Food or other items which you have brought at the airport.

In case of basic economy flight, you will be charged with additional fee for carry-on bags unless you are travelling to South America, across the pacific or Atlantic.

Passengers are advised to prepay for carry-on bags while booking tickets otherwise there will be an additional fee of 25 USD. 

Various items which are mandatory to take in carry-on items and personal belongings as per United Baggage Policy

  • Any devices using lithium batteries should be transferred to carry on or personal bags and the batteries should be removed. Electronics items such as phone, tablets should be kept switched off while travelling on a plane or should be used at non-cellular services.
  • Medication, Vapes, e-cigarettes, keys, and all other essential items in your personal bags.

United Airlines Baggage Policy for Checked-in Goods

Passengers can carry 2 checked-in bags while travelling for which they will be charged at a standard rate. The dimensions of the bags should be under 62 linear inches and the weight should not be more than 23 kg in order to avoid any additional charges. Standard charges for first and second checked-in bags are listed below:

Baggage Type 

1st Bag

2nd Bag
Prepaid Charges

30 USD

40 USD

Standard Charges at the Airport

35 USD

45 USD

Weight Limit 50 lbs (23 kg) 50 lbs (23 kg)


62 (linear inches)

62 (linear inches).

In case you are carrying more than 2 checked-in baggage then you need to pay 150 USD Additional charges as per United Airlines Baggage policy.

Baggage Policy in case of Oversize and Overweight Bags

In case your baggage is overweight or oversize you need to pay following additional charges:

Oversize (63-115 inches)

200 USD extra 

Overweight (51-70 lbs)

100 USD extra

Overweight (71-100 lbs)

200 USD extra

The maximum size limit for any baggage is 115 linear inches and the maximum weight limit is 100 lbs(45 kg). Any baggage which exceeds these specifications will not be accepted as checked baggage. 

United Airlines Baggage Policy for Military Personnel

Any active duty military personnel is benefited to carry free checked-in bags depending on the type of trip they are making.

Baggage policy of United Airlines for military personnel are listed below:

Type of Trip Number of Baggage without any service charge
Personal Travel 3 bags
Military dependent with travel order 2 bags
Official business 5 bags

Dependents of the active military personnel can also avail these benefits if they are travelling on the same reservations or alone if they are travelling on official orders in the case they need to provide proof of the official orders. 

United Airlines Baggage Policy for Special Items

Special items include those which require special care or extra handling. Baggage policy of United Airlines for special items are discussed below:

  • Wheelchair or other Mobility devices: Passengers can freely check wheelchair in addition to checked baggage. Assistive devices are walkers, canes and crutches. In case passengers have a manual non-folding or powered wheelchair, it needs to be transported to the cargo area. 
  • Sport Equipment: All the sport items are accepted as checked baggage. In the case of a bicycle, you need to pack it in such a way that it acquires less space and is transported easily. 
  • Dangerous Goods: Some of the goods which are household can become dangerous or risky to take at 35000 feet. Some of the items are not allowed on board while some have restrictions.

Various dangerous good are listed below:

Goods which are not allowed on-board Items that have restrictions
Camping equipment that contains fuels

Pepper Sprays, tear gas or defence sprays.

Explosives like gunpowder, fireworks, flares or crackers. 

Shock absorbers


Smart bags with non-removable batteries


Dry Ice

Liquid Nitrogen or Dry Shippers


Gasoline powered equipment

Household Items

Life Jackets

Lighter, matches and e-cigarettes

Mobility Devices

Scuba Tanks

Smart Bags

Stun Guns

  • Protective Bags: Passengers are provided with protective bags like car seat/child stroller, ski bag, ski boot bag. These bags are provided free of cost and for that you need to be a ticketed customer. 

How to Reduce Bagging Charges

Passengers can minimize their baggage allowance through premier services through which they can carry more than 2 checked-in baggage and the weight limit is also 70 lbs.

Wrapping it Up

From the above information provided, we hope that we have cleared all your queries regarding United Airlines Baggage Policy. In case you have any other doubts, you can reach us through mail (info@flightaura.com) where we will revert you in the minimum time possible.