Why is Allegiant Phone Number Busy Always? 

Reason why Allegiant Air Phone Number Busy

The Allegiant Airlines happens to be one of the best and low-fare air carriers. It is known for its excellent service and 24*7 available customer service. However, a passenger can call the airline and get through them for assistance regarding their flight-related issues. All you have to do is call the airline on their Allegiant Air phone number, +1(702) 505-8888 if you require urgent help. But, sometimes, the phone line may seem busy, or you need help getting through to the officials. Well, this is what we will talk about in this guide.

Main Reasons for Allegiant Phone Number Being Busy

The calling option is the immediate way to connect with Allegiant Air because of its ability to get instant solutions to your queries. However, most passengers face issues while connecting with the airlines, and the issue is the phone line being busy. There can be multiple reasons for the phone line being busy, such as

(1) Calling During Peak Time

The main reason for the number being busy can be due to calling during peak times. Usually, if you call the airline during the day, most lines will be busy. For starters, you can call the Allegiant Phone numbers (702) 505-8888. During the middle of the day, the agents get thousands of calls, making it difficult for them to get through to you. If you want to avoid being in these situations, then make sure to call customer service at their best time, which happens to be between midnight & early morning.

(2) Insufficient Amount of Agents

For starters, Allegiant Airlines has specific operating routes. Each route has a call centre to connect with available customer service. If you call the call center on short notice, the airlines will place your call in the queue. This makes it even more difficult to connect properly with Allegiant Air. However, in this case, a passenger can try to get connected after some time to ask for assistance.

(3) Technical Glitch

There is a high possibility of a technical glitch whenever you speak with Allegiant Air customer service. For this, a person might have to navigate their way to the answering machine. However, if it’s due to a technical glitch, then you will be able to know about it as the airline will notify you regarding it.

(4) High Demand

Another reason Allegiant’s phone number is busy is calling during peak times. If you are travelling during the peak season, then your call might be put on hold. Many passengers call the airline non-stop, making it difficult for the agents to answer each call. That is why it is important to call the airline again to resolve your ongoing issue with them.

(5) Calling During Hours of Operation

When dialing the phone number, make sure to call the airlines during their hours of operation. Also, most businesses have specific hours for accepting/receiving phone calls, so be aware.

(6) Scheduled Maintenance

There are times when phones seem to undergo their scheduled maintenance, which can temporarily make them unreachable.

(7) Specific Events

Another reason the Allegiant phone number is busy is events like natural disasters, global pandemics, or any disruption with traveling that can lead to this issue. Also, it makes it hard for customers to get through to customer service.

(8) Dial the Correct Number

While calling the airline, make sure you call the airline using their correct phone number. Keep in mind that the phone number might differ depending on your region.

How to Avoid Busy Phone Calls on Allegiant Airlines?

If you ever find yourself in situations like this, there are multiple ways by which one can avoid a busy phone with Allegiant Airlines. All you have to do is take a look at the below-mentioned points;-

  • Call the airline during the early morning
  • Also you can apporach the issue using another method, such as an email
  • Choose your options wisely
  • Select your division number
  • Make sure to opt for the alternate methods


In conclusion, there can be multiple reasons for the Allegiant phone number to be busy. This guide describes every reason why your recent calls have been put on hold. It can be due to an excessive number of calls or some other reason. However, if you find yourself in such a situation, then it is advised to opt for other methods such as emailing, live chat, or connecting through social media.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A passenger can start by calling the airline on their customer care number, 1702-505-8888. Therefore, passengers can go through customer service, which is available 24*7. After connecting with the agent, you can explain your ongoing issues to them and ask them for a solution.

The best way to get priority access is by logging into your Manage Travel or downloading the Allegiant application. You can download the app through the App Store or Play Store. However, you can add a seat or bag or upgrade to Priority access. Check-in is advised at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure.

Passengers can get a full refund on their flight tickets if they cancel them within the given period. According to the cancellation, passengers must revoke their tickets within 24 hours & seven days before their scheduled departure. Once you are done with the cancellation, you can proceed with the refund procedure, which may take seven to ten days to get credited.

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