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Changing Your Name on British Airways: A Step-by-Step Guide for Hassle-Free Modifications

Changing the name is the next big problem that people face nowadays. Having the wrong name on the flight ticket can make you stuck in any issue when checking because your name doesn’t match the name on your passport. So, to sort these situations out and to prevent the emergence of such a situation, British Airways introduced its British Airways Name Change Policy. Per this policy, you can change your name without any hiccup, but you need to remain under the limitations laid by this policy.

Before jumping on to the main core of this name change policy of British Airways, let’s discuss a bit about the meaning of this policy.

A Short Explanation of

The name change Policy of British Airways is another way to ensure the correctness of the name on flight tickets. Remember that this policy only applies on all flights by British Airways. To claim to alter the name on British Airways, you must submit the legal documents passed by the government supporting the same claim.

British Airways Name Correction Policy

According to this policy, all the passengers can correct their mistakes in the spelling of the name no matter what part of the name it is. This policy lets you correct your first, middle, and last name.

Terms and conditions of the name change policy of British Airways

British Airways’ name change also carries some terms and conditions that may restrict the passengers from taking advantage of the policy. In most cases in British Airways, you can modify your name for free of cost to correct the minor spelling error in the name.

Following are the terms and conditions specified under the name change policy of British Airways:

  • All the passengers only have the right to change the name to some character.

  • The passengers don’t have the authority to shift the ticket in someone else’s name.

  • Regarding marriage or divorce, you can modify your name with complete freedom, but you must attach some legal documentation supporting the same.

  • You can only apply for the name change in British Airways 5 to 6 hours before the scheduled departure.

  • If your booking includes the executive travel points of any member of British Airways, you can’t benefit from the name change option.

  • E-tickets may not get altered when you change the name in API.

  • There is the availability of the option to change your name directly by the airline’s website, but then when you make the reservation from their website.

  • If you booked from a broker, you have to contact the broker as well to make the changes in your name in case of any mistakes.

  • Alteration in the date of birth and gender is not included under the policy of name change policy of British Airways.

  • When you have to alter more than 3 letters, you have to contact the airline for the same.

  • The airline can ask for legal documents supporting your request for the name change, so you need to prepare for the same.

  • All travelers must renew their flight ticket because, after the request to alter the name, you’ll be allotted a new seat, maybe in the same or any other available class.

  • In many instances, it is a possibility that you didn’t receive a seat in a similar class, then the airlines will give you a seat in any of the upper classes. It is true that fare difference also gets applied.

Note: All the passengers must ensure that their name on the flight ticket is identical to the name on the passport or in any other identification proof.

Ways to change the name on the British Airways

British Airways’ name change policy allows everyone to change their name in several ways, and it doesn’t limit anyone to altering their name on the flight ticket by one means only. So they laid down multiple ways to choose their preferred one at their convenience. The following ways are explained in detail through which you can easily change your name while traveling with British Airways.

First way: Change the name through the website of British Airways

Execute the steps below one by one to lead to the end, i.e., changing your name on the flight ticket to British Airways.

  • Start the process by opening up the website of British Airways on your desired browser.

  • Click on the “Manage” button on the website homepage.

  • On the next page that appears on the window, you need to enter the six-digit booking reference number and the passenger’s last name to get to the page of all of your bookings.

  • The link to the name correction appears on the top of the same page, so locate it and click on it.

  • According to the British Airways name change policy, you can only change the name by up to three letters. These three means, in total, not the changes individually to each of the first, middle, and last names.

  • When you finish correcting the name, click on the “Confirm” button to proceed further.

  • Your window will pop up with the new page where you have to pay the airlines the name change fee laid down by the name change policy of British Airways.

  • Ultimately, your flight reservation will be returned for re-issuance, and you’ll receive the confirmation message when it is finished. You must check for this message on your registered email ID or mobile number.

Second way: Name alteration through the phone to the British Airways

It is the ideal method for those who think that changing the name on the phone doesn’t work out that’s why they call the airlines to directly talk to the officials of British Airways. You just have to dial the number of British Airways by fetching it from the website. The steps of the procedure are stated below so please go through them for once.

  • Call the airline and wait in line to connect with one of the British Airways customer service team officials.

  • Keep all the details handy related to your booking. After getting connected, the customer care executive will ask you about the passenger’s last name and the booking confirmation number.

  • You need to tell them about the changes you need and in which name of the booking. You must also submit one of the legal identification proofs to verify that it’s you.

  • When they trust that it’s you, the same person, then they ask you to pay the name-changing fee that comes on the top according to the name-change policy of British Airways. If any fare difference comes up, you have also become liable to pay the same.

  • Once you complete the payment, then the airline will proceed with the process of changing the name. You’ll get a message afterward when the process is completed on your verified mobile number or the email ID you registered.

Third way: Modification in the name by tools for third-party travel agents only

To know how can all the travel agents refer to these tools to change the name of the passenger on the flight ticket, see below:

  • Reach out to the website of British Airways and login into your account.

  • Search for the tab “Partner Login” and enter your travel agency credentials to get into your account.

  • Reach the section of “My Bookings”. Fill in your booking ID in the blank space that appears to run the British Airways Name changing requests.

  • Enter your User ID and password, and then explore the “manage booking” option to modify your name.

  • On the next page, fill in the six-digit booking confirmation number and name to reach your bookings.

  • Get the format in which the details are there in the booking.

  • Update the information that you want to change in the excel file. Check it twice before uploading it and make sure no issue will be there now.

  • After entering it carefully, save it all and recover your PNR to check whether the information on the ticket appears correctly or not.

Fee for changing the name on British Airways

Per the British Airways name change policy, the fee to change the name is $150 if you do it within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. To alter the name in British Airways, it is necessary to submit any government-approved identification cards. Based on this, you can change any part of your name, like in first, middle, or last name. When you change the name on the flight ticket, a new PNR is generated, and you will receive the next seat in the same or any higher class available. In the emerging fare difference, you need to pay that also.

After 24 hours, the fee for modifying the name on British Airways will become $250. After paying this small amount as the fees, you are only allowed to change the name up to three letters combined in first, middle, and last name.

Final Words

British Airways’ name change policy is unlike any other policy that burdens the passenger. In comparison, it is a simple and easy policy with some rules. By following the rules, you can easily change your name in a few minutes by submitting the fee. Through this policy’s availability, you can ensure that your name on the flight tickets is right and similar to what exists in your passport. If you didn’t understand any clause of this policy, Call +1-833-714-2120 and have the aid at your fingertips by our professionals.