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Guide to JetBlue Business Class: Even More Space Seats

JetBlue took the airline industry by storm when it first debuted in 1999 with an even-handed model where all the other planes only feature economy seats. Since then, JetBlue has successfully grown into the 7th largest airline in North America, which carries over 35 million passengers a year to over 100 cities on more than 900 flights daily. When you book a JetBlue Business Class, it is usually an upgrade from economy class but not quite the first class. But it is more likely a business class to rescue.

While JetBlue Business Class does not offer a designated business class, the airline offers multiple standard benefits that you would expect from any other business class seat. It also includes more spacious seats alongside extra legroom, not to mention priority boarding.

Everything to Know About JetBlue Business Class Extra Seats

JetBlue Business Class Blue extra seats is a new fare option JetBlue airways provides. It is ideal for passengers willing to travel with more flexibility and speed. Even though it is the most expensive fare type, the airline also offers Economy class, and it is nowhere near as expensive as the JetBlue Mint and offers multiple benefits.

Purchasing a JetBlue Blue Extra Seat will get several benefits:

  • Early Boarding Pass
  • Free Advanced Seating
  • Full Change Flexibility
  • More Speed

Since the JetBlue Business Class Blue Extra is a part of the airline’s Economy Class, you will do the standard economy JetBlue Seat Selection upon purchasing this fare option. The Blue Extra seats provide a seat pitch (legroom) ranging between 32” to 34”, depending on the aircraft

The Blue Extra’s seat width ranges between 17.8” to 18.4”.

How Much Does A JetBlue Blue Extra Cost?

The cost of a JetBlue Blue Extra ticket depends entirely on the flight mode. When you compare it to other airline fare types, JetBlue Blue Extra is way more expensive than the Blue Basic, Blue, and Blue Plus but cheaper than a JetBlue Mint Ticket.

To better understand the cost, we have checked the recent prices for one of the more popular routes of JetBlue Business Class Airways – New York (JFK) to Santiago (STI). A Way trip to this route will cost you around $212 for Blue Extra, $187 for Blue, and $187 for blue basic, respectively.

JetBlue Checked Baggage Allowance

All the checked bags must adhere to a max weight of 50 Pounds, whereas the Mint Class customers can have a max weight of 70 Pounds for the routes between the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Also, the bags must adhere to the max linear dimensions per bag up to 62 linear inches (158 cm). Passengers can also book up to 2 bags in advance up to 24 hours before departure and the subsequent bags can only be added at the airport.

Is it Possible to Prepay For the Baggage?

JetBlue Business class allows its passengers to prepay for their luggage online or via the mobile app, where the bags can be added for $5 cheaper than the advertised fees.

Here’s how you can prepay:

  1. Log in to your Booking via the “Manage your Flight” area of the JetBlue main website.
  2. Install and Log in to the JetBlue App
  3. Cheaper fees are also applicable by adding the baggage used by an airport kiosk

Additional & Excess Baggage Fees

For Extra Piece (up to 3 Pieces):- $200 to the UK & $150 for other destinations as per the rule

  • Overweight Fee (From 51 to 99 Pounds):- $150
  • Oversized Baggage Fee ( From 63 to 80 Inches):- $150

Note: You can refer to JetBlue’s Policies for any Baggage-related queries or special baggage requirements such as; sporting equipment & musical instruments etc.

Other Fees & Add-ons

The amount of the added fees can be seen in the fare chart mentioned above. For your convenience, we have listed the additional add-ons in the list mentioned down below:-

  • For Even More Space Seats: Starting at $10 each way
  • With Even More Speed & Expedited Security: Starting from $10 onwards
  • Seat Selection: From $4 to $25 each way
  • Cancellation Fee: Free ($100 or $200 for the basic blue fare depending solely on the route
  • Same-day Change Fee: $75 (Waived for the Mosaic Members
  • Administrator Fee for Bookings or Changes by Phone: $25
  • Unaccompanied Minor: $150
  • Pet Free: Up to $125

Here’s How You Can Avoid Paying Extra Amount For JetBlue Business Class Fees & Expenses

It is where the JetBlue Plus Card comes into play. It has multiple benefits, including earning you up to 6x points per dollar spent on JetBlue purchases. But, if you are looking forward to avoiding paying a hefty amount, this card gets you these plus points

  • Up to 50% savings on eligible in-flight purchases such as food and cocktails
  • Get your First checked bag free for the primary cardholder and up to 3 companions on the specific reservation when booked using the JetBlue Plus Card

Also, if you fly on JetBlue daily, these savings will add up!

Observational Verdict

In short, it is kinda difficult to beat JetBlue Airways when looking forward to an enjoyable low-cost airline experience.

Also, JetBlue includes quite a few standards in flight economy perks and offers an impressive “Business Class” product with its mint experience. In addition, it has a fairly decent frequent flyer program that is made for optimal user interaction.

That said, JetBlue Business Class yet again proves its worth with high consumer ratings, plenty of positive reviews, and countless awards.